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Madpea Hunt: Property of the Princess

FInal Gate

A sorcerer, dark in spirit and craft, happened upon the Princess Enid in the forest one day. So besotted was he by her beauty and compassion he sought to keep her by his side always. To this end, one night while she slept, he crept into her bed chamber and plucked 15 hairs from her head. With each strand he pulled, he captured one of Enid's memories of her life before she met him. When Enid awoke, she found herself in a beautiful garden. She had no memory that this was not her home and when she saw the sorcerer, she had no memory that he had stolen her away in the night.

Every morning he comes to visit Enid and every evening he leaves, after spending the day basking in the glow of her kindness and love. Each evening when he leaves, he carefully replaces the lock on the garden gate. An enchanted lock he has fashioned from the strands of hair he plucked from Enid's head. A lock that has braided her lost memories together and makes it impossible for her to ever remember who she is or who might be missing her. As long as she never finds her lost memories, Enid will stay in the secret garden, locked away from her kingdom. Unable to free them from the frost that has settled over the land in her absence.

Help Princess Enid to find her memories! (MadPea Information)

This hunt object is very tiny - almost like a gleaming of light with an aura than anything easier to find, so you really need to pay attention to the clues to find them! The MadPea facebook is also helpfully giving pictures of different places where the memory is found, which I found really helped. I also recommend taking it slowly, reading the clues in their entirity, and stopping when you start fantasizing about violence. ;)

MadPea Hunt: Fallen Gods PrizeMadPea Hunt: Fallen Gods Prize
MadPea Hunt: Fallen Gods PrizeMadPea Hunt: Fallen Gods PrizeMadPea Hunt: Fallen Gods Prize
Tattoo - Frozen Yin Yang - and three eyes

1) Fallen Gods - There isn't a fireplace, but there is other things from the clue and they're key!
.: I loved my uncle. He was Father´s younger brother, very handsome, and never treated me like a child or told me I couldn´t do things because I was a princess. Mother called him the Black Sheep. I´m not sure why, maybe it was his black hair which he always so patiently let me braid. We would sit in front of the fire and I would braid his hair and he would tell me fantastic tales about his voyages across the sea.

.: Once he brought me back a special gift. Something I had never seen before. It was a box that played music. After I examined it, he took it from my hands and sat it on a table next to us. He opened it and the most beautiful haunting melody drifted through the room. The fire was dancing in the hearth casting shadows across the room as he bowed to me and offered his hand.

.: "M´lady," he said, his voice soft but strong, "may I dare hope you could honor this poor rogue with a dance?" I giggled, but immediately recaptured my reserve and replied with equal seriousness, "My dashing Captain, you have traveled far through many perilous adventures. It would be my greatest pleasure to dance with you."

.: And slipping my hand into his he swirled me around the room, our shadows dancing with the flames against the wall in a much exaggerated fury of movement that no ballroom had ever seen. When the music finally stopped we collapsed on the floor in a pile of laughter. Search for the memory @ Selidor

MadPea Hunt: The Looking Glass Prize
Wearable, flying Pennyfarthing (not resizable)

2) The Looking Glass - Your destination is far, but the clue tells you what to look for.
.: My knees crumbled out from underneath me and I fell in a heap rolling down the hill. At the bottom I came up with a nose full of toadstool. Turning over on my back I took a deep breath and mentally checked to make sure I was alright. No burning pains. That was good. I saw the sun flickering through the leaves over my head and took a deep breath catching the fresh scent of forest floor. Mother was not going to be happy. She hated that I insisted on going outside the palace gates and running through the forest.

.: "A proper princess never runs," Mother said. Getting up I shook my head banishing the thought of Mother´s disapproval from my mind. I was late. James would be here any moment and he had sent me ahead to make sure everything was ready. I patted my pocket and froze! Oh no, I had lost it. James was going to kill me. I got down and started searching through the leaves to find the bottle, it must have fallen out when I rolled down the hill. Finding it a few feet from where I had landed I was relieved to see it hadn't broken.

.: I placed the bottle on the stone table and dusted off the extra leaves my fall had thrown up. Everything looked perfect. The wine from the fairies was the final touch. I so hoped Emily would say yes, it would be wonderful to have a sister. James could be such a toad some times but if he married Emily then maybe all those years of his teasing would have been worth it. As I heard footsteps approaching over the bridge I slipped behind the trees and crossed my fingers. James hadn't actually told me not to eavesdrop so I didn't figure it was wrong to stay. Search for the memory @ Horizon Dream

MadPea Hunt: Trident Prize
Three Frozen Mistletoe Arches

3) Trident -This one made me almost quit. With two people trying to give me extra hints, I still couldn't find it because there is barely anything of the hint in its final resting places, and about a half dozen places it could be given the hint. Look at the facebook picture, forget the blocks of ice even though they're mentioned, stick to the outdoors, and ask for help even if people yell at you that its a hunt and the given hints should be enough. 

.: The autumn of my 13th year I was very ill. I lay in bed with a fever for days completely unaware of where I was or that time was passing. As my fever continued to rage I had the strangest dreams of a land of ice and snow, where white bears talked and the Queen lived in a palace made of crystal with penguin guards. Blue pixies worked all day cutting out snowflakes and stuffing them in silken sacks that Frost giants would pick up every evening to scatter across the land so every morning, fresh snow would meet the light of the rising sun and twinkle like a million diamonds.

.: When my fever finally broke and I came back from my dreams, it was with some small regret for I had never seen snow in real life and I was sad to leave my beautiful white kingdom; however, the first thing I saw out my window were trees covered with snow. I thought I was still dreaming until I saw Mother was there by my bed smiling and I knew I was awake.

.: Seeing the quizzical look on my face she leaned down and pressed a kiss to my now cool forehead and explained it was not real snow, but a covering of chipped ice left over from the huge blocks Father´s knights had hauled down from the mountains to help keep me and the many other children who had taken ill keep cool in our fevered states. I nodded and slipped back into sleep. I had snow trees and Mother and I was happy in my dreams. Search for the memory @ Nordmaar

MadPea Hunt: Vengeful Threads PrizeMadPea Hunt: Vengeful Threads Prize
Bikini and Corset-dress; Men's Outfit (not shown)

4) Vengeful Threads - This is another "look for the thing in the hint and it's pretty easy."
.: I learned to swim in the fish pond in the palace gardens. I wasn't actually intending to learn to swim when it happened. James as always was the exceedingly helpful older brother. It was one of the rare times that James and I were alone with no tutors or servants or friends in tow. Mother had sent us out to gather some flowers for an arrangement she was making and as usual we got sidetracked and instead were wading in the lily pads trying to catch a frog. We could hear what sounded like a whole chorus of frogs but couldn't actually see a single one.

.: We had kicked off our shoes and were wading in the tall grass trying to get a better view on our prey when James saw a log floating out just beyond the reeds. He told me to wait and he would swim out to it because sometimes frogs liked to sun themselves on old logs. I wanted to see too but couldn't swim so just jumped back and forth along the shore as James went out to the log and looked. He got it and pushed it back into shore. No frogs but he said that if I wanted he would take me out for a ride. I should have been suspicious. I climbed onto the log, one leg on either side dangling down into the water.

.: The day was hot and the flies were buzzing lazily through the lily pads as we pushed through the vegetation and out into the open water of the pond. I laid back on the log closing my eyes and enjoying the coolness of the water against my skin. Suddenly I felt a weight on my chest and opening my eyes was face to face with the biggest grandfather frog I had ever seen!

.: I screamed and rolled one way. The frog leaped the opposite way and suddenly I was in the water, unsure which way was up kicking and flailing until my head broke the surface of the water and I grasped at the log. And heard James laughing. Search for the memory @ Vengeful Threads

MadPea Hunt: Whatz PrizeMadPea Hunt: Whatz Prize
NPCs, Two Talking One Silent

5) Whatz - The item is at landing point level and in the named store.
.: Deep in the forest there were a set of stone ruins we liked to explore. We made it our castle and would stage elaborate battles to protect the court from advancing barbarians. We spent a lot of time clearing away leaves and brush until we had exposed a space almost as large as the palace banquet room.

.: Sometimes instead of battles, which the boys preferred, we would pretend to have great feasts with jugglers and dancing dogs, finding fun in imitating the acts of the adults with all their pomp and protocol. Our castle even had a stone faced old ruler who watched over our play and to whom we pledged our allegiance. Anyone divulging the location of our secret kingdom would be forever banished, luckily that punishment never had to be enforced. Find the memory @ Thentis

MadPea Hunt: Quixote's Dream PrizeMadPea Hunt: Quixote's Dream Prize
Twice-As-Big Avatar and Outfit (Male and Female included)
Comes with cosmetics HUD, skin tinter, etc...

6) Quixote's Dream - The Facebook Picture isn't accurate, but it's there so don't lose hope!
.: There is no better place for overhearing gossip then a comfy seat underneath the stairs. I had my own favorite spot for finding out what was going on when no one wanted me to know. Leaning back against one of the columns I would slide down it, pressing my back into the cool marble. Out of sight I would listen as people came and went down the corridor or up and down the stairs.

.: It´s how I found out that the man who used to visit Portant was no longer welcome in the palace. I heard Uncle tell Father he had seen Valko in a tavern in one of the cities by the sea. Not knowing who Uncle was he had talked freely of using dark magics to gain a certain petal that he desired. I didn't know why that was so upsetting but Father become very agitated as they walked out of hearing range. Find the memory @ Muskeg

MadPea Hunt: Sucreries De Fairy Prize
Frozen Garden and Gazebo

7) Les Sucreries de Fairy - A lot easier than expected; close to landing point.
.: We were allowed free reign of the palace and the grounds even into the town and reluctantly the forest against Mother´s wishes, but the one place Father forbade us to go was into the caves. He told us that they were a labyrinth where we could easily get lost and roam for days. Of course this just made the caves that much more intriguing and a place to be defiantly explored. I knew a secret for exploring safely and since I wasn't suppose to be in the caves, it was the perfect place to escape to without fear of being found.

.: I would tie the end of a ball of string to a rock just outside the cave and then unroll it as I followed one cave into another. It worked perfectly until my string broke without me realizing it. I was lost in the cave for 10 hours before they found me. Father´s best bloodhound tracked me down. I was never so happy to see Burton as that moment. Father was close behind and swooped my up in a bear hug. He wasn't even mad just so happy I was safe. I think it was the only time Mother wasn't mad at me either, well at least not immediately. Find the memory @ Sunfield

MadPea Hunt: An Lema Prize
Water Temple (very large)

8) Am Lema - In the store, near the landing point (and you can't get to the third staircase anyway).
.: I was so excited when I was old enough to go to my first ball. As I made my entrance down the grand staircase, a smile flickered across my lips for all the times I had defied Mother and stayed up well past when she thought I was in bed watching the dancers swirl and turn across the ballroom floor like flower petals caught on the wind. Tonight I would be one of those petals, and I would float so high it would make me dizzy.

.: Lost in a daydream I stumbled at the bottom of the stairs and almost fell. The night would have ended before it began if not for my gallant rescue by Thomas, who caught me in his arms and then held me there all evening long. Find the memory @ Alqualonde the Swanhaven

MadPea Hunt: Roawenwood Prize
Harp, with Poses

9) Roawenwood - Near the landing point, despite the size of the store.
.: Mother and Father had very different views on how to raise their children. Mother emphasized all the royal duties and always wanted us on our best behavior, but Father believed that the most important thing was to be comfortable with the people we might someday be asked to lead. As such, he encouraged James and I to run and play with the other children. We could go anywhere and you would often find us hanging from trees in the forest or galloping through the middle of the town on the way to make believe battles to save the kingdom.

.: Sometimes we would climb to the very top of the palace and take turns daring each other to walk the roof ridge between one tower and the next. Father also loved knowing James and I were productive members of the palace community. One of my favorite activities was helping with the harvest. It was long days of hard work out under the sun but I didn´t mind. Getting hot and sweaty just enhanced the pleasure of our afternoon swims. And no food tasted better then that served at the end of the day when we knew that we had helped gather it.

.: At the end of the harvest there would always be a huge celebration for everyone with tables laden full of food and beverages. The first wine I ever had was at one of the harvest celebrations and knowing I had helped collect the grapes for it made the taste even sweeter. Find the memory @ Five Blades

MadPea Hunt: Whimsy Prize
Ice Hat

10) Whimsy - Look for the store
.: Cook said lavender helps to make you sleep so she sent us out to the field to fill our baskets with lavender flowers for her to dry to use for tea on nights Father couldn't sleep. I loved this chore because the lavender was always so fragrant when we cut it. The aroma lingering in the air and sink down onto us as we lay down in the field with the sun warming our faces.

.: Laying enveloped in warmth and scent I always felt like a feather carried aloft on the wind, floating toward the clouds drifting through the sky. I believe Cook was right about the effects of lavender. I always had the sweetest dreams laying in that field. Find the memory @ Agriopis

MadPea Hunt: Dragon Magick Warez Prize
MadPea Hunt: Dragon Magick Warez PrizeMadPea Hunt: Dragon Magick Warez Prize
Two Level Tower

11) Dragon Magick Wares - Look for the store
.: I had tutors for dancing and needlepoint from Mother and for Latin and archery from Father but my favorite class was with Portant, a tutor Granny arranged to school us in different mystical practices. She said science was all well and good, but it never hurt to know how to turn lead to gold, the art of reading tea leaves, or how to commune with the spirit world. I never did learn how to turn lead to gold and my tea leaves often talked about my effect on the weather, which made no sense, but still I loved my weekly visits to Portant´s chambers in the northeast tower.

.: His rooms here full of books and exotic ingredients for his potions like eels´ teeth and goblin spit. I had seen Portant talk with Uncle many times after Uncle returned from a long sea voyage. They would exchange little bags of which I would only image what the contents were. There was another man who visited Portant as well. His name was Valko and apparently they had apprenticed together when they were younger. Once I overheard them arguing, Valko said that Portant was teaching parlor games to children when he could be manipulating the destiny of a kingdom. I never saw him after that. Find the memory @ New Kadath

MadPea Hunt: Forest Feast Prize
Floating Island with Large and Petite Swings

12) forest feast - Extremely far from the landing point; there are maps with teleport points which can help give you a direction (think fairies) so you don't end up in the cafe, the music building, and underwater like me.

.: I raced down the stairs from Portant´s chambers. I finally had it! I couldn't wait for tonight. Impatiently I waited through dinner until I could slip away and set up outside in the garden. It was a full moon tonight. Perfect for attracting fairies. I had found the fairy ring three nights before and that was when I absolutely knew I had to have the blue fire.

.: I had begged Portant for days to show me how to do it and today he had. I knew the full moon would bring the fairies out to dance. I also knew that with the blue fire burning they would be so mesmerized that maybe I would be able to get close enough to see them. I was determined as I waited for the moon to rise and start the blue flame fire in the center of the fairy ring. Granny was right. Alchemy was a great thing to learn! Find the memory @ feast

MadPea Hunt: Boudoir Prize
Frosted Antlers

13) Boudoir - Don't spend time looking for attics or chests.
.: It was a rainy day so James and I decided to explore the attic. We were going to a section over the east wing of the house that I had never been to before. James said he had something to show me and that I would never believe it unless I saw it. I of course was intrigued but skeptical because James was not always completely honest. However I was bored and tired of practicing my needlepoint which was what Mother thought rainy afternoons were made for, so we set out on an adventure.

.: Climbing the steps to the attic, James was unusually quiet. I wondered what he could have found that made him so thoughtful. Finally he started to talk. He said he had overhead Uncle talking to Portant about Aunt Marina. Something about a potion to stop dreams. James got curious. Why should Uncle want to stop his wife from dreaming. He started to actively investigate our Aunt. Uncle had brought her back on one of his voyages. Mother was appalled that they were married but Father had been happy that his brother might settle down.

.: I remembered all this and I liked Aunt Marina very well. She was kind and very beautiful but sometimes she seemed sad and I would find her staring at nothing with a far off look in her eye. James said he found out that Uncle had hidden something belonging to Marina in the attic, so he started looking for it. By this time we were standing in the middle of a large collections of trunks. James walked over to one of the largest and pulled a skeleton key out of his pocket. Opening the trunk he pointed. I peered in and stared.

.: At first I didn't know what I was looking at, it looked like a fish, but only the tail part. I looked at James and he slowly started to nod his head. Gravely he said, "Aunt Marina is a mermaid. This is her tail. As long as Uncle keeps it hidden she can´t go home." I looked at the tail again, reaching out to touch it. And that´s when James dropped the lid and started to laugh. He is such an idiot. Find the memory @ Boudoir

MadPea Hunt: Star Kindler Prize
Mask (Multiple Sizes)

14) Star Kindler Designs - Trees are the keys.
.: Growing up in the commotion of the palace was sometimes overwhelming. All I wanted was a quiet place to escape and read or draw without Mother, tutors, servants, James or even my friends watching me and correcting every in unladylike thing I did or said. As often seemed to be the case, my rescue came from nature. I was walking near the back wall of the palace gardens when a nut fell on my head. I looked up half expecting to see James somewhere throwing things at me only to find that it wasn't my brother but a very insistent squirrel. The squirrel was running back and forth along the top of the wall and then down the wall where it disappeared behind an overgrowth of ivy.

.: As I watched the squirrel reappeared at the top of the wall form the other side only to repeat the whole procedure again and then a third time. Walking over to the wall I pulled the ivy away and found a crack in the wall, quite large enough for me to slip through. I was ecstatic! Here was a way to slip out of the palace grounds without anyone finding out. Mother would think I was safely in the gardens and I could be miles away.

.: I slipped through the crack and on the other side was the most inviting tree. I had a huge trunk with a indent at the base that was perfectly positioned for sitting back against. And low branches that allowed for climbing and cradling. I was so happy with my tree that I never did slip out and run miles away. Whenever I needed peace I would just sit cradled in the boughs of my grandfather tree looking over the wall into the garden but still feeling a million miles away from all the responsibilities of being a princess. Find the memory @ Caledon Brigadoon

MadPea Hunt: MOSP Prize
MadPea Hunt: MOSP PrizeMadPea Hunt: MOSP Prize
Garden Pieces and House

15) Machinima Open Studio Project - You get a HUD at the landing point, and it comes in handy; don't worry about kittens, though.

 .: There was a gypsy caravan that at least once a year would take up residence on the palace grounds for a few days as they travelled across the kingdom. The life of a gypsy seemed very adventureous to me. Sleeping under the stars and seeing the four corners of the kingdom. It was always a curiosity when the caravan sent up camp and all the palace children would take to spying on the gypsies from the top towers where we had the best view. Though it was fine to spy from afar, we never actually ventured into the camp until the day James dared me to. I laughed and told him I´d do more then just skulk around the borders of the camp. I would march right in and visit one of their wagons.

.: He scoffed and walked away. I had no idea how I was going to accomplish this boast however I believed something would present itself. Later as I was going to find my Father I saw a young girl sitting outside the Throne Room playing with a kitten. I didn't recognize her but when she saw me she beckoned me over and smiled at me holding out her kitten for me to pet. As we talked I found out that she was the daughter of the Gypsy King who had come to talk to my father.

.: When her father appeared, she asked me if I wanted a kitten. Thus I entered into the Gypsy camp at the side of their king. Oh how I hoped James could see me from the palace tower. Isabella showed me her very own wagon and gave me a tiny white kitten with the bluest eyes I had ever seen. As we talked about all she had seen in her travels, the kittens curled up together and napped on her pillow. Find the memory @ LEA20

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