Monday, May 25, 2009

A Beginning

I've always liked fashion, playing parts, and looking at pretty things, so perhaps it's natural that one of my main relaxations would become Second Life, a game (apparently there's loads of debate about whether it is a game or something else we don't have words for in English) without obvious goals, with no ways to keep score save those found offline, and with every option possible in terms of defining you.

Plus freebies. And hunts. And freebies. Did I mention freebies?

I'm a bit of a freebie whore. Bring on Madame Guillotine!

The side effect of being in SL and being pretty is wanting people to see, so I'm sure you can understand why a flicker addiction soon followed.

And now this blog, to talk about my mad flicker habit.

Consider it an intervention.

Description: Cartoonized female figure with butterfly wings and light blue sparkly balls on her forehead and around her neck holding a light blue sword wearing a black top and light blue Japanese style pants.
To get us started, I'm going back to the very beginning of my flicker stream, which began with images of my dolly self from Gaia Online, one of the other places I like to spend my time (though I will admit SL is eating into my Gaia time). (What, oh what, would I do without tabs, as a mostly unrelated side note. I have six open right now and keep popping up extra ones to check, while keeping SL open in the background as I stalk a lucky board. See, I told you I was addicted to freebies.) Here is the set of my Gaia avatars to date.

Cartoonized female figure dressed in black, white, and red with a black and white mask on her face and scales on either side - heart on the left and feather on the right.
You can see that my addiction to shiny pretties began early (Well, given how long I've been online, late, but in my defense, pixel dolls are a relatively late occurrence, and prim dolls even later I assure you my website was shiny back when it existed, though. As soon as they appeared, though, I was there to dress them up. And yes, I spend offline money on online things. I buy my alcohol in a grocery store and spend the difference I would have spent in a bar on items which will last me a bit longer.).

I also made comics.

Lolcat Comic

Decription: Nine panel comic. In the first square, the head of a female figure says, "I need kitties." In the second square she sees someone with three kitties - white and black longcats on either side and a halo monorail cat - and thinks, "Hmmm." On the third square, she has a hammer over the back of his head. In the fourth square he's seen with an anime anger mark and depressed shaded eyes saying, "Owie." In the fifth square, she's seen with the kitties saying, "Yay, kitties!" In the sixth square he's seen, with the anime anger marks, saying, "My kitties!" In the seventh square, she's seen, wearing the kitties, saying, "I can take you, too." In the eighth square she's shown with him floating next to her, too. In the ninth square, a new female figure is seen, saying, "Hey, my Freshy!"

Oh, and the title of the blog - Prim Dolls - is a SL reference. Prims are single objects we can rez (bring into existence) and my favorite clothes have lots of them.

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