Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Monday Meme: Me, Myself and I

See The Fucks I Don't Give

Strawberry is letting us off easy this week, with a few sentences to finish and some lovely art on her part. I'm going to make this equally quick and sweet - it's been a very long week.

I am… cranky

I want… a clean house.

I have… anime

I wish… for more time.

I hate… starting work tomorrow.

I fear… I'm wasting my time.

I search… for some reassurance.

I wonder… whether anyone notices.

I regret… my temper and moods.

I never… seem to grow up.

I always… seem to go in the same circles, over and over again.

I usually… don't follow through on my plans.

I dance… in my own clothes.

I sing… whenever I can.

I often… worry ineffectually.

I sometimes… wish I could be someone else.

I need… more discipline.

I cry… at almost everything.

I should… shower and go to bed.

I love… my adorable cat, Tadeus.

Blood Moon Rising

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  1. I think we all wonder if people notice and it's often surprising to find out how much they really do. Always love your pics. <3

    1. I suppose I should let my worries go, huh? Easier said than done! Insecurity is a pernicious monster. <3

  2. Wonderful post and pics! Thank you!