Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday Squee: Lassitude & Ennui

The Sunday Squee is about things that make me happy and excited. From books to movies to television shows to podcasts, I'll highlight less commonly known things as a way to share what I love. If you want to join in the Sunday Squee, please link back to me, magnifying both of our joy.

What Are You Looking At?

I have been wearing Lassitude & Ennui for six years, and they have been glorious. With their delicate and creative shapes and gorgeous textures, Lassitude & Ennui turn out new and interesting accessories, shoes, and sometimes even clothing. Above you can see an example of jewelry, the theme consistent across a bunch of different pieces - crown, earrings, and a dual layered necklace. Below, you can see an example of one of their dresses with crisp textures and interesting silhouette. I love the asymmetrical skirt with a flounce paired with a halter top, all of it trimmed with slightly shiny ribbon. The entire effect is light and springy, especially with the soft texture over the rest of the dress. Below that is a pairing of outfit and boots - a gorgeous Gothic ensemble with dress and jacket separates that I paired with calf-height boots. This was one of their first outfits and it has some fantastic curves built in, with ribbon and bow accents.


Altar in the Woods

Lassitude & Ennui makes particularly fine shoes - both fitted for mesh feet, and rigged mesh boots. From the intricate curves below, to the simple in form but complex in texture boots near the bottom, their shoes are always well made and interesting in both shape and shade. Most of them are on the elegant and lovely side, but occasionally, as seen far below, they edge into the Gothic. I love the sheer variety - making them a valuable addition to any outfit looking for that little bit extra.

The Glow of Rainbows

Foot Guardians

Lassitude & Ennui has also played with making little companions to carry around and adore, like the tiny cat keeping toes above water below from the recent Gacha Guardians event (so~ cute~). The store has a small freebie selection and happens to be one of the lovelier ones on the grid, all broken pillars and nature grown wild, so swing by to check out everything on offer; I'm showing only a fraction of the beauty available!

Floating in the Depths

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