Sunday, July 31, 2016

How NOT to Buy a Skin

Water Dance

[Coddle Me]: hey do you got the yellow skin for female tmp body/heads?
[Coddle Me]: or is it male only

[Skin Store 1 Owner]: The female was sold out

[Coddle Me]: :(

[Skin Store 1 Owner]: it's a limited edition color

[Coddle Me]: please can i have one

[Skin Store 1 Owner]: No, I'm sorry. I may do a new version of it for the Gen2 skins, but that won't be for a while now

[Coddle Me]: ill pay extra

[Skin Store 1 Owner]: no, Sorry

[Coddle Me]: when do you sell them? cause my friend is getting the yellow male and i need the yellow female :C

[Skin Store 1 Owner]: I may do another round of it when I come out with the Gen2 version skins, but that will be a while.

[Coddle Me]: why do shops do things limited?

[Skin Store 1 Owner]: I was doing it that way because it was testing out appliers and things like that.

[Coddle Me]: so why wont you sell me one

[Skin Store 1 Owner]: limited also creates more of a demand for a product
[Skin Store 1 Owner]: because limited means it was limited to only 32 copies sold. I've sold all 32 copies already. It wouldn't be fair to those 32 people that got the limited edition if I started selling it to you, because then I would have to sell it to others that asked as well, making the item, no longer limited.

[Coddle Me]: fuck this ruined my whole night

[Skin Store 1 Owner]: I'm sorry


Honestly, this is where I personally would have noped out of the conversation with a side order of "Not my circus, not my monkeys." 'Sorry, I can't help you further. Have a nice day.' Repeat ad nauseum. Stop responding to things. [Skin Store 1 Owner] is much more patient and helpful than I am, though, and actually tries to help outside of his store despite the fact that it's absolutely bonkers that a customer would expect a store owner to recommend other stores!

[Coddle Me]: are there other shops that make yellow skins for tmp?
[Coddle Me]: i come to this shop cause no one does colors for tmp really

[Skin Store 1 Owner]: Maybe [Skin Store 2]?

[Coddle Me]: [Skin Store 2] dosnt sell skins

[Skin Store 1 Owner]: yes they do

[Coddle Me]: its that just a shitty tattoo place

This would be my extreme prejudice nope out point, personally. Insulting other people or stores is pretty much a hard limit for me - doing so in the context of dismissing my help as well is insulting to both me and to any other store owners who might be insulted. "I'm sorry I can't help you further. Have a nice day." spaced about five minutes apart if they keep talking to me would be the most I could imagine doing! But perhaps there's a reason I'm not a store owner!

[Skin Store 1 Owner]: nope. they sell skins primarily

[Coddle Me]: so your shop isn't working to get one of every color skin out?

[Skin Store 1 Owner]: I have a specific set of colors I do as standard, then any others I come up with along the way are considered special editions and rarely do them

[Coddle Me]: why limit your market so much?

[Skin Store 1 Owner]: it's not limiting the market more, keeping myself sane. I just uploaded 9 colors of a special skin set for Fantasy Fair, for example. Just the bodies alone were over 311 textures to upload

[Coddle Me]: ya but if it was in your shop once then you dont need to do any of thaty

[Skin Store 1 Owner]: Add in the almost 200 head textures to that... you can begin to see why I am going insane XD
[Skin Store 1 Owner]: oh you mean limiting the market on that one special edition skin? Because it was a tester and a special edition

[Coddle Me]: so youre saying instead of doing these things that make you go insane once you want to keep having to do it from time to time cause you make it limited
[Coddle Me]: that doesnt seem to make sense to me
[Coddle Me]: are you sure [Skin Store 2] does appliers? i can only find like nromal skins

[Skin Store 1 Owner]: Pretty sure [Skin Store 2 Owner] has started doing appliers for his skins.
[Skin Store 1 Owner]: Maybe not TMP, since they are so selective on who can make for them, but.. idk.

[Coddle Me]: thanks for the help ill see if another shop has what i need

[Skin Store 1 Owner]: Ok.
[Skin Store 1 Owner]: DO be sure to have a nice day! :D

[Coddle Me]: :(

This can be a cutting response. I think that in addition to being unable to search for skins effectively, [Coddle Me] is also impervious to subtlety.

A few minutes later....

[Coddle Me]: i have an issue
[Coddle Me]: i bought the male yellow skin
[Coddle Me]: and its orange?
[Coddle Me]: its not the color shown

Even if none of the proceeding had happened, this next part is in and of itself a demanding, unreasonable customer. Skin Demos are there for a reason. When I was picking out a skin for my main, I did Demos on every single skin that appealed and did side by side comparisons. Add to the fact that we'll shortly find out that [Coddle Me] freaked out over the packaging, and I seriously am wondering how [Coddle Me] feeds himself.

[Skin Store 1 Owner]: Did you try the demo provided?
[Skin Store 1 Owner]: It's a yellowish orange.

[Coddle Me]: damn i fucked up i guess
[Coddle Me]: this looks nothing like the image to me

[Skin Store 1 Owner]: I use the windlight CalWL, pother than that I don't touch the tinting or hues of the pictures I take for ads

[Coddle Me]: do you not sell any packaged deals? with the head and body

[Skin Store 1 Owner]: it should have the head installer in there

[Coddle Me]: im talking about your other skins i cant use this one cause it has tattoos on the face

[Skin Store 1 Owner]: Oh. well none that are yellowish. and package deals are special editions, like the Cypher skins and the Namil ones. Other than that the head appliers and body appliers are separate from the skin sets. Lets customers pick and choose what they want.

[Coddle Me]: also it shows an orange skin here on the head for tmp but not the body?

[Skin Store 1 Owner]: There is a matching F7 tone for the TMP bodies as well

[Coddle Me]: sorry its hard to tell cause even with midday on the shop is very dark

[Skin Store 1 Owner]: CalWl is the best I've found. You don't get any mesh issues with seams that way usually

[Coddle Me]: the ads on your packaging scared me lol
[Coddle Me]: it had a green face and i thought i messed up

[Skin Store 1 Owner]: XD it's just a display pic. The button or tube shows the actual color purchased, so does the name

[Coddle Me]: f7 is the "orange" right?
[Coddle Me]: its so redish

ORANGE. IS. REDDISH. You get ORANGE by adding RED to YELLOW. It is GOING to be REDDISH compared to YELLOW. 


The Heights

[Skin Store 1 Owner]: Yup

[Coddle Me]: do you sell just boob appliers?
[Coddle Me]: or do i need to get a skin for the sn skin

[Skin Store 1 Owner]: like.. LOLA?

[Coddle Me]: ya

[Skin Store 1 Owner]: Those are included with the skin sets, or you can get the Omega body applier instead which would be cheaper if that is all you want

[Coddle Me]: ok
[Coddle Me]: besides [Skin Store 2] do you know any good color skin shops?
[Coddle Me]: cause im using your orange but if i could find nice yellows id change


I repeat.


PSA for stupid people.


[Coddle Me]: the yellow [Skin Store 2] was okay for girls
[Coddle Me]: but the male was really shitty
[Coddle Me]: cause it was super buff

[Skin Store 1 Owner]: I'd suggest [Skin Store 3] but she doesn't make TMP appliers. Other than her, I can't really... oh.. could try [Skin Store 4]

[Coddle Me]: ok

[Skin Store 1 Owner]: [Skin Store 4] doesn't do male skins though
[Skin Store 1 Owner]: that I know of

This is, thankfully, the end of this little interlude. I have to admit that I despair of some people and their expectations, not to mention their knowledge of basic color theory.


My Own Reflection


Skin: Izzie's, Irene
Hair: Wasabi Pills, Dakota
Eyes: .:Soul:., Oculos
Eyelashes 1: SLink, Mesh Lashes
Eyelashes 2: Flugeln Brise, 05-A
Ears: .:Soul:., Uni
Lipstick: Pink Fuel, Metallic Lipstick
Wings: Deviance, Sidhe
Body: SLink, Body, Hands & Feet
Nails: Orc Inc, Rich Darks
Outfit: United Colors, Criss Cross Dress
Undies: Apple May Designs, Sweetheart Panties
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui, Bound Sandals

Poses: Eternal Dream
Location: Green Story
Windlight Settings: TOR, MIDDAY Baskaholic
Water Settings: Glassy

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping

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