Saturday, July 2, 2016

Sunday Squee: Second Life's 13th Birthday

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Cake Stage: Sweet Rings

I've been spending much of the day wandering around Second Life's 13th Birthday celebration, which is open through the weekend. The stages are all organized works of art spanning one to four sims at once while the display sims are broken up into about twenty-five individual squares, each in the hands of a different builder. The effect is cacophonous, highly eclectic, and often a challenge to photograph! I love it as a measure of the sheer breadth of people and talent in Second Life - by and large this is a world made up of enthusiastic amateurs, and the birthday celebration is always a striking place to see that set side by side. It's also a good place to pick up some freebies and landmarks of things to explore in the wider Second Life universe - I already have a few landmarks and notecards for when the Birthday sims close. The cake stage has already been exploded into tiny bits, but the rest will remain in place for another couple of days before they're returned. Whether you want to try to catch it all, or just seek out the highlights, I highly recommend heading over before it all vanishes into the mists.

Welcome Area: Gull

Beguile: Mixed Worlds

Wonderous: In Gear

Astonish: Vines of Life

Spellbound: Crane Bowl

Auditorium: Masks

( All Birthday Pictures here. )

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