Saturday, July 9, 2016

Sn@tch - For the Love of Vice

Sn@tch is one of the 7Seas Fishing holes left on the grid that offers bonus clothing if you have some patience. All of the pieces are available for fishing without bait, and it can be a really fun activity, a way to pick up some floating fish, and an easy way to pick up some awesome outfits.

Sn@tch - For the Love of Vice

Right now, the Sn@tch outfit Sainmhiniu is wearing up front is available for catching. Right behind me, in the teal, is someone wearing the last outfit that was catchable there - Then Paloma Danced. For Love of Vice includes five different colors of this outfit, the tights and boots, the hairbow and glasses, and omega appliers for all of the textures included. The skirt comes in standard sizes, and I've had very little problem fitting it. It's extremely newbie friendly - the basic fishing rod costs 100$L and you can catch everything with it - and the quality is very high. Also, what can be fished for changes at least twice a month, and several times a year Sn@tch does "grab bag" releases, where entire items of sets of accessories are boxed up and made catcheable.

I'm an absent fisher - the 7Seas Rods allow one to catch endlessly - and I used the Oceanography Database to limit my catches to novel fish, it automatically checks them off as I go. Sainmhiniu is often fishing in the background on a Radegast browser while I do other things, so I have a small collection of extras which end up given to friends or handed off to newbies I run into. The fish themselves are a delight; I have a full set on my main as well as almost a full set on Sainmhiniu,and love to watch them swim around me. 7Seas Fish also include some secondary games - the blueprints, for example, let you collect a few items of different levels and combine them to create a bunch of different prizes, like the Oceanography Database I mentioned above or a rezzable boat which lets one fish within it's vicinity. There is a breeding game as well, where you can combine Flame Angel fish to make children. There are rezzable items, like fish tanks, and decorations, and fish competition games and fishing contests as well. The nicest thing is how fishing holes can be customized - many of them offer custom eggs and treasures and you can find them through the 7Seas Public Fishing Hole List, which updates automatically.

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