Friday, September 19, 2014

MadPea Hunt: Green Mire II - Journalist Track Guide

Image Description: A drunken man sitting in a chair and a woman in a red jacket stand on a stage over the word 'Start'.

MadPea has finally come out with the second installment of the Green Mire Mystery; the mini-quest (walkthrough) which tells you all about the disappearance of the two boys is still going on. Like their previous hunts, there is a distinct and very enjoyable storyline which goes along with the hunt - always my favorite part. Unlike previous hunts, this one has two tracks: one where you follow the skeptical Drunk Journalist, and the other where you follow the enthusiastic believer Kiki. Each track is 100$L, which is a steal for as much fun is waiting for you. Pay their figures on the Green Mile Stage, and either pick a side or try everything to see what happens. The Journalist Prizes are on their website, if that will help sway you, and you can dress up as a journalist for just 150$L more.

As with previous Guides, my commentary will be in italics and will include additional hints if I feel they are needed, and I usually reply to comments within a day or two if you get stuck. You can also ask for help in the MadPea group, but don't be surprised if people IM you with hints, as they aren't allowed in open chat.  

Having done both paths, I recommend you start with the Believer and take the Journalist track second and so I'm publishing these walkthroughs in that order.  

Drunken Journalist: Pssst, you! Yeah you, come here. *hic* Everyone's wondering what happened to those boys. *hic* I have proof that Skip Dares is alive. I have got hold of a very interesting letter, but I can't follow this lead myself because I'm a little... *burp* busy. But I'll be more than happy to share the information with you for... let's say 100L *hic*

Paying him gives you the HUD in a folder; if at any point you need a new HUD, you can simply click on him and he's send you a brand new one. 

The HUD can be "closed" down to a tiny image in the top, left corner of your screen. If you click the left page, you are taken back to an instruction screen. Click the zoom in symbol in the bottom right corner of the left page to have the "letter" read into open chat. 

Image Description: A notebook with instructions written inside of it.

I bought a letter from a drunken journalist. It states: "Dear Mrs. Dares, I first would like to offer my sympathy for the loss of your son. I can only imagine what the last ten years have been like for you. I am writing you because I can no longer hold my silence. The truth must be known. I have to tell someone before more people are hurt. Your son, Skip, is alive. As is his friend, Tony Lamill. I have proof that they are still alive and I know where they are. I'm sorry that I cannot offer you more information within this letter or even my name. It is not safe for me to do so right now. But I implore you, Mrs. Dares, someone must get to the bottom of this. I have left evidence to locating your son in the only place I know is safe. You must speak to the shop keeper at #candy. Show her this letter and she will provide you with what you need to find your son and help to stop this madness. Hurry. Time is of the essence!"

Click on the right page to teleport to the first location - at which point you will be asked for permission to be teleported to the next location. I'll also be including links below, in case you run into problems with the automatic teleporter, but once you give it permission it's a pretty seamless effect. The notebook will also "close" after each teleport to give you more screen space for hunting.

Image Description: A woman in pink inside of a pink store with things for sale behind her.

In this case it's less "hunt" and more "walk across the store."
Candy: It's terrible whatever happened to those boys. Could you imagine what their parents have gone through? In any case, I was instructed to give this to anyone asking and in possession of that letter ...Seems legit.

Once you "talk" to Candy by clicking on her, the formerly empty pages in the notebook will open and fill, text on one side and a photograph on the other. I love the journal effect, and it's used well here to offer a framework for the game.

I received a photo from Candy. It certainly appears to be Tony and Skip in the photo. They have PeaExpress logos on their uniforms. Perhaps they were working there. I need to go check out their offices and see what I can find. I've seen one at 7 Deadly s{K}ins and will check that out.

Image Description: A photo kiosk outside of a building.

Don't rush inside; wait for things to rez.
Stop Removed: I didn't see anything unusual or anyone there who could help me, but it does tell me there is another kiosk at Van's Armory for me to check out next.

I didn't see anything unusual or anyone there who could help me, but it does tell me there is another kiosk at Heathenesque for me to check out next.

Believer Track: Heathenesque

Don't get too caught up inside.
I feel like I'm on a wild goose hunt here. This one was a dead end as well. I called around and there's one more kiosk at Les Sucreries de Fairy. Fingers crossed!

Inside Notebook: PeaExpress = Skip + Tony ALIVE?

Image Description: A Man standing in front of a photo kiosk.

Kiosks lurk in the most inconvenient, out of the way places in the back.
Sean: Yeah, I recognize those boys. They both worked here. Couldn't really tell you where they are though. They haven't been in for days. No phone calls, nothing. You should check out our sign in sheet at Srs Corp. Their address should be there too.

The PeaExpress Manager confirms that Tony and Skip were working there but says they haven't been in to work in days. I'm going to check out this sign in sheet and hopefully learn a bit more.

Image Description: A clip board hanging on a wall with Skip Dares' name on it.

It's not quite Journey's End, but with a little climbing you can keep on going.
That was easy to find. They have the sign in sheet here and it has the address of  Drake Sips... It took me a few minutes to realize that it's actually an anagram of SKIP DARES! I'm about to check this address 1001 New Kadath out straight away. I feel that I'm getting close.

Image Description: A Close up of Skip Danes' house for sale.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, or teleports. This is the first of a series of fun "two step" finds, where finding the first item in the store takes you to a secondary location and gets you information.
This place was hard to find. A perfect hiding place for someone who doesn't want to be found! I wonder what's going on here. Why don't the boys just come out and tell everyone they're alive! I only found a notebook with the word MEETING circled and an address: Lakea Ireland, Woodland Park. I'm so close to that that I will just run there.

Image Description: A close up of a wallet in a crack.

Things can be tucked up in cracks, as well as down.
Missed the meeting. However, I did discover a wallet containing an ID and a receipt. The ID definitely has Skip Dares' picture but the name is false DRAKE SIPS and the address I've already investigated. The receipt suggest that Skip purchased thousands of dollars in building materials: wood, nails, paint, stuff like that. I wonder what he is planning to do with all that. I should investigate the Chores store at Roawenwood, where he purchased this stuff and question the employees as to his location.

Image Description: A man standing in front of a wood pile.

Finding the staff is a bit of a chore.
Todd: I've never seen those boys in here before. I remember the order though, you always remember an order that big. I got the name and address of the guy I sold it too. Jeffrey Windsor, he's an architect and I know him.

Jeffrey Windsor? The store owner claims he has never seen either of the boys before but remembers the order. Why would Skip have the receipt in his wallet if he wasn't the one to buy the stuff? I better to get to this Jeffrey Windsor's house and figure out what the hell is going on! He lives at 80, Industrial Port.

Inside Notebook: Jeffrey? Architect - for what?

Image Description: A close up of several brightly colored mailboxes.

When you can't find a house, check for the post box to make sure you're in the right place.
Omg I found a body! Jeffrey Windsor is dead. He's been shot in the head in his own apartment. There doesn't appear to be any signs of struggle. He must have known the shooter. There are some strange sketches next to him. I should check those out.

There is no telephoning the police in MadPea! Best to keep going before anyone sees you - and better put on your gloves before touching all those sketches, too!
Are these sketches of a space ship? I guess he needed all those supplies to build this. It looks massive. Maybe those books could give me more information about what he was working on.

Image Description: A close up of a man lying on the floor, shot in the forehead. A book and several crumpled papers are near him.

The book is a good thing to look at, too.
I looked at all books and saw this one called Path To Purity by Robert Hamilton. The inside cover has an inscription that reads: "To my loving wife, Rebecca. You are the sole reason, in this world, that my lungs draw breath. And it is for you, I do all that I do." Sounds like this guy really loved his wife. I don't know why this is any relevance to me though. Maybe there is something on his desk I should take a look at.

Really, in general, reading the clues gets you a long way.
I found an interesting check written to Jeffrey Windsor for $45,000. The check appears to be signed by a R. Hamilton. I wonder if that could be Robert Hamilton or his wife, Rebecca Hamilton. Those are the people mentioned in the book!  There's an address on the check, they've got to know what happened here. Or least what these designs are about. I will travel to Caledon to find out.

Image Description: A close up of a woman in a mask store.

Ruth likes to shop, apparently.
Ruth Hamilton: There's no one here by that name. I did find a change of address form when I moved in though. Guess they were so much of a rush they forgot to turn it in. If you're determined to find this R. Hamilton would you mind taking her mail too?

R. Hamilton.. I'm getting very curious now and also wonder what does he or she have to do with the missing boys from 10 years ago! This however was a dead end. According to this change of address form it looks like R. moved several months ago. I have the current address now and will check that out at Waterfall Bay.

Inside Notebook: R. Hamilton. Who are you? What are you to Skip and Tony?

Image Description: A woman standing by a large rock.

Rita loves to watch the view.
Rita Hamilton: R. Hamilton? You must mean Rebecca. She left a forwarding address for her mail. Guess she's been a little too lazy, or distracted, to turn in a change of address form.

Another dead end. I feel like I'm chasing ghosts. But I guess I might as well check out this last address at Kerlingarfjoll.

Inside Notebook: Moves a LOT!

Image Description: A woman standing in front of a brightly colored box with tentacles coming out of the top.

Rosie's a little... make that a LOT twisted!
Rosie Hamilton: Rebecca Hamilton does own this property but unfortunately she doesn't actually live here. I'm subletting the property from her. This is the address I send my rent checks to every month.

The Resident claims Rebecca Hamilton no longer lives at this address but has provided me with another address. She has to be there if she's collecting rent checks. I need to get over to Pitreavie before she decides to move again.

Inside Notebook: Hiding something?

Journalist Track: PitreavieImage Description: A woman standing in front of some items for sale.

Rebecca seems to aspire to the next level - very formal!
Rebecca Hamilton: The architect is dead? Oh no, it's my fault. He was working for my ex-husband. I hired him to smuggle evidence behind my ex-husband's actions. He's a sick man. Those two boys that went missing, Robert brought them into our home. Told me they were his nephews, that their parents had died. He trained the boys to fight and use weapons. It was like he was training them for war. I haven't seen or spoken to my husband for a year. I've been moving just to avoid him being able to find me. I don't know what my husband is up to. If I did, I would tell you. But I know someone who does. I was supposed to meet them tonight.

Rebecca says she hasn't seen her ex-husband or the boys for one year, but until that point she can confirm that they were alive. She has provided me with an address to a meeting she was supposed to attend with her inside source. This could be the final clue I need to find out where Tony and Skip are. Kepulauan Seribu Utara is the place where I will meet this mysterious person behind the letter.

Image Description: Woman standing among some trees.

Sarah likes to keep out of sight, where she can catch some sea breeze.
Sarah: I was the one who sent Mrs. Dares and Mrs. Hamilton the letters. I was a member of Robert Hamilton's cult, the Anunnaki. I was blind in the beginning but I quickly realized what he was. He's a monster. He's lying to his followers for his own selfish gain. I was lucky to escape but I am far from being safe. Robert would do anything to protect his secret.. I mean ANYTHING! I don't know where Robert has taken the boys but I know how you can find out. Go to the Academy of Industry and you'll find out how to get to them. They communicate in open.. hiding in plain sight! And remember, it's all always in the book!

Sarah has admitted to being the one who wrote the original letter but doesn't know where Robert or the boys are now. She has also confirmed the reason for her secrecy: her life is in danger. She has provided me with an address and promises that I will find something to locate them. I need to get to The Academy of Industry and stop whatever is going on. I have such a bad feeling about this!

Image Description: A Placard with 'Homecoming' written on it.

No, really, it's right in front of your eyes.
Sarah told me I would find the answers here but there is no way that date can be right. She told me "it's all in the book." What if it's not a date? Book two, chapter thirteen, line fifteen. She gave me "Homecoming" - book from Robert O. Hamilton and on that line there is a poem: "He settled upon mounts on high / Through trees and bogs: he watched / The narrow path to salvation / Only the purest of his children walked / He assigned the years to strip away the dust / Those that remained, another chance / Through trees and bogs: he returns to the mount / There you'll find Marutuk's path." You are a Chosen One, my child. It is as it was always meant to be. We are waiting for you at Mt. Marutuk. Join us and let's return home.

Image Description: The back of an enormous UFO. A huge hole built with plywood is in the back, with a ladder leading up to it.

The next step seems rather obvious, and there's even a fun climbing animation so you can really do it correctly.
You: My god... It's all plywood... IT'S ALL FAKE!

You: My God! They're killing themselves! That bastard, Hamilton, lied to them! He tricked them into committing suicide while he and the boys made off with all their money and possessions. Rebecca and Sarah were right, he's a monster! I've got to get to a phone and call the police. He can't get away with this!

Image Description: The view through one way glass into a UFO cockpit. A camera, chair, and telephone are in front of it.

MadPea: Congratulations! You discovered an evil cult lead by Robert O.Hamilton and the boys he kidnapped 10 years ago and brainwashed. They got away with a lot of money and seemingly - fame. They are out there somewhere.. surely planning something even bigger and more sinister. For your part this journey is done. You are rewarded for your immaculate work for finding out the truth! Click the vendors on the wall to receive your prizes. If you wish to find out what would have happened, had you chosen the other side... you can play that by purchasing another HUD. Thank you for playing!

Image Description: Two pillars with prizes on books on them, placed amongst other piles of enormous books.

The awesome thing at this point is that you can see each of the prizes on the pillar you click to get it - making for pitch perfect presents. I always play this game more for the story than the prizes, but being able to easily  curate my prizes up front is a bonus I wasn't expecting - and one that my groaning inventory is grateful for.

All in all, I had a ball with this story and on this hunt. I loved the changing things we looked for, that everything wasn't a tiny envelope tucked behind a toilet in an equally tiny room. The use of human figures was really fun, as was the times when stops had two steps - it really varied the gameplay nicely and kept me engaged. It was also completely awesome to see the whole story from another perspective - while the Believer track ended up distinctly cultish, seeing the work behind it and the lives lost or mangled by the perpetrators was sobering and interesting all at once. I particularly liked how you ended up in the same UFO, just on the other side of the glass.

If you want to see the few pictures not included in this guide, here is the album

If you skipped the Believer Track, here it is!