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MadPea Hunt: Green Mire II - Believer Track Guide

Image Description: A man in a chair and a standing woman on a stage with 'Start Here' in big letters under them.

MadPea has finally come out with the second installment of the Green Mire Mystery; the mini-quest (walkthrough) which tells you all about the disappearance of the two boys is still going on. Like their previous hunts, there is a distinct and very enjoyable storyline which goes along with the hunt - always my favorite part. Unlike previous hunts, this one has two tracks: one where you follow the enthusiastic believer Kiki, and the other where you follow the skeptical Drunk Journalist. Each track is 100$L, which is a steal; so much fun is waiting for you. Pay their figures on the Green Mile Stage, and either pick a side or try everything to see what happens. The Believer Prizes are on their website, if that will help sway you, and you can dress up as a believer for just 150$L more.

As with previous Guides, my commentary will be in italics and will include additional hints if I feel they are needed, and I usually reply to comments within a day or two if you get stuck. You can also ask for help in the MadPea group, but don't be surprised if people IM you with hints, as they aren't allowed in open chat.

Having done both paths, I recommend you start with the Believer and take the Journalist track second and so I'm publishing these walkthroughs in that order.  

Kiki: The aliens are finally coming! We're going home! But... there's only so much room on their ship. We're not all going to fit. Only the truly worthy will be allowed to board. But I know how to get in and I can help you get in too if you are really determined to! For just 100L I will tell you a location for a secret discussion circle where you will get to know how to get started!

Paying her gives you the HUD in a folder; if at any point you need a new HUD, you can simply click on her and she'll send you a brand new one. 

The HUD can be "X"ed down to a tiny image in the top, left corner of your screen. If you click the left page, you are taken back to an instruction screen. Click the magnifying glass in the bottom right corner of the left page to have the "letter" read into open chat.

Image Description: A notebook with instructions for the HUD on it.

I have always been interested in aliens and truly believe they are coming! I met an fascinating girl who basically suggested that I could be one of the lucky ones to enter their ship!!! I must find out how to do that. I'm heading to WarBug to see this meeting she told me about!

Click on the right page to teleport to the first location - at which point you will be asked for permission to be teleported to the next location. I'll also be including links below, in case you run into problems with the automatic teleporter, but once you give it permission it's a pretty seamless effect. The notebook will also "close" after each teleport to give you more screen space for hunting.

Image Description: Group of five figures standing close to one another.

Look for a crowd of people; they have things to say!
Eve: I'm so glad you could join us tonight. It is so wonderful having intelligent people such as yourself who believe in the truth. Here, I want to give you something. Read it, it is amazing. The author is a visionary, truly ahead of his time.

Julien: They returned 3,600 years ago and took those who were pure enough. The others they left on Earth but they provided them with so much wisdom and technology. They truly care for us.

Kyle: I just know they'll come back soon and take the Chosen Ones with them. I pray that I am among them.

Nathan: There are so many people out there quick to call us crazy. I don't blame them though, they just haven't been enlightened with the truth.

Audrey: I'm so excited! I've always know they were coming!

The meeting I was informed about was interesting. There were a lot of like-minded individuals who also believe. One of them gave me a small book written by Robert O. Hamilton. I wonder if he has any other work I could read. I need to visit the .: Eclectic Stars :., they've got everything!

Image Description: Woman in a pink shirt looking at you and holding a book.

This is less "hunt for something" and more "talk to the woman."
Robert Hamilton? Yeah, I have some books. Those damn loonies are always spouting off about aliens. Call themselves the Anunnaki or something.

According to the book there are several locations that contain proof that aliens had in fact come to Earth. It also suggest that they will be coming to Earth again. I'm going to investigate these locations for myself and see what evidence I can find. My first location is going to be the Dwarfins Cave, that supposedly holds an ancient painting inside.

Image Description: Two weird headed figures flanking several humanoid figures.

Caves can be hard to find - but you often find dragons in them.
I found the cave with the ancient painting and the picture seems to suggest that human beings once worshipped these aliens. I've heard of discoveries like these but never thought I'd actually find one myself. I should check out the other locations Hamilton wrote about and see what else I find. There should be an ancient stone figurine at Boudoir.

Image Description: Fountain with a weird headed figure tucked against it.

I love the sound of running water.
I found an ancient stone figurine! It looks human but... it has an elongated skull. Just like the depiction I found back at the cave. This is amazing! I took the figurine with me, because I'm sure someone could authenticate it. But first I should check out the final location Hamilton talks about. They have all kinds of bones at Elbe and the book I have claims that there is an actual alien skull there!

Image Description: Long skull under the edge of an opened lid to a container full of gold bars.

With enough cave wandering, you can find the crack to the gold!
I discovered an actual skull that appears to be an alien-human hybrid. It looks old, but there's no way to tell if this is the real deal. I've got to take these things to an expert and know for sure if this is legit. The book suggested David Smith at Poised.

Image Description: Male figure standing in a corner.

David is oddly fond of shoes...
This is amazing! I've never seen anything like this before in all my years! You have made an astounding discovery. One that will forever change how we view the ancient alien theory!... I wonder, have you ever heard of the Anunnaki? They are a group of people who know a thing or two about the connection mankind shares with aliens. I know a guy involved with that you may be interested in speaking to. I think you'll find what he has to say... enlightening.

The archaeologist confirmed the authenticity of the items I showed him. He also seemed to be rather impressed by them. He mentioned a group called the *Anunnaki* and has given me information on someone who is an expert on their lore. I'm going to meet with him at Razor and see what I can discover about the Anunnaki.

Image Description: Male figure in blue standing in front of an ad for a creepy clown avatar.

Andrew makes you hike to get his precious wisdom. Good thing I'm not scared of clowns!
Andrew: He was right to send you to me. I sense something pure within you, you are truly to become one of the Chosen. Let me explain, the Anunnaki believe that we were created by the Igigi, visitors from another world. That world is where we belong, it is our home. Our time here on Earth is merely a test to prove that we are worthy of returning to our creators. Here, take this book and read it.

The expert on the Anunnaki seems to believe that I am destined to become one of the *Chosen Ones.* It appears that they believe that they descended from aliens and that one day the aliens will return and take their followers with them. He has given me a book entitled *Path To Purity*. He's also given me an address he insists I visit to see a private collection that includes an interesting stone. I need to go to Electrobit City and use the blue transportation method to meet with Ben.

Image Description: Head with big, jagged teeth and legs standing to one side of a red brick path.

Electrobit City is.... challenging. First, give them permission to affect you - yes it's scary, but it's the only way to move on. Then walk around to the back of the blue thing in the middle and find a teleporter tab to stand on, which will teleport you to Mortland.

Ben: Hello there, Friend. What can I do for ya'?

Deoridhe Quandry: Where am I?

Ben: You're in Mortland. Be very careful here. Our world's not exactly safe, huh?

Deoridhe Quandry: Do you believe in aliens

Ben: Well, I see them all the time... Always coming by to ask if I believe in them... Like just now...

Deoridhe Quandry: Uh. Alien artifacts?

Ben: Huh. Again, in these parts, you're technically a space alien... But I think I get ya'. Last I heard about somethin' like that "at the end of the road" and the "watching hills" or whatever... Got a lot'a those, heh. That  probably means past the end of this cobble pathway several kilometers north, the path continues through Midgard Grasslands, leading even farther north to Alfheim Province. It's quite a trek. A place with mushroom palms that reach the stars, surrounded by a jungle of bamboo. Given the small skirmishes lately though, that's the only available 'path' I can think of. I guess follow it till you can't, and search. It's pretty vague, and I dunno if you'll find what you're looking for. Good luck there with that alie--uh Friend!

Image Description: Skull and Gravestone with alien lettering on it; there is a pamphlet in front of both.

The path has actual lines, so that's not the hard part, but you do have to walk on the big green dot to be teleported to the next area. The last time I was here a bunch of monsters almost munched me, but they seem to have turned them off - at least for this path! Then it's a matter of wandering around the paths until you find something distinctly not eight bit.

The stone has an inscription that says: "They came from the sky, Gods upon chariots of fire. They judged us, taking some into their chariots and leaving the rest. They left so many. But they have given us such gifts. Means to prove we are worthy to join them and the others when they return..." It appears the remainder of the story has been lost. Still this is an amazing discovery. The evidence overwhelming proves the theories of the Anunnaki to be true.

This pamphlet must be from the members of the Anunnaki. They promise they can guide me down the path to becoming one of the Chosen Ones. I need to pay them a visit right away and learn more about becoming *pure.* The address is right here. I need to go to Alpha Centauri.

Image Description: Woman standing in front of a wall next to a window.

Eve sticks very close to Alpha Centuri.
Eve: I am thrilled your journey has led you to us. I knew there was something special about you. You have followed the teachings of Robert Hamilton and learned the truth. You have proven yourself worthy of joining us. There is a gathering you must attend. Only the purest of Anunnaki are invited to attend.

I have been invited to join the Anunnaki at Thentis and have seem to be admitted into an inner circle of high-ranking members. There is a gathering scheduled and I've been invited. This could be it, I could finally learn if the stories are true and receive the right to be taken home.

Image Description: Man standing in front of a food truck and behind a picnic table.

Herbert is hanging out with the leftovers - I hope I can stop for a snack!
I am sorry you missed our gathering. I am honored to be in the presence of someone who believes as you do. Your dedication to the truth is immense. But your journey is not complete. You must discover the final steps in your journey. You must prove yourself pure. Take these steps and your purity will be complete.

According to one of the senior members of the Anunnaki my journey is nearly complete. The information I received is so powerful:  "We were never intended to live and die in this world. We were meant to return home, return to where we belong. But only the pure may make the journey home. We are to prove ourselves worthy of returning."  I'm being told to go to the Bentham Forest and find a monument surrounded by green little alien like creatures. The monument will give me information that I need for proving myself pure and worthy of returning home.

Image Description: Green, alien shaped creatures in front of a stone monument with English writing on it.

Bentham Forest's usual plan of "far away from the landing point" holds true in this case as well, but it is a larger than average thing to hunt for and is a fairly straight shot north. 
I found the monument.. it reads:  "And they knelt at the feet of the Gods and praised them. For they had given them life, they had given them wisdom, and the promise that one day they would be taken to live amongst their creators. Humility completes the path to purity. Kneel before them and humble yourself at their feet."  This text suggests that only those who humble themselves before the creators are allowed to make the return journey home. I must find this *creator* at Straylight and humble myself. I wish I would've been given more clues. I remember reading about following the red brick road and crossing bridges. I hope I find it!

IMage Description: Figure sitting in a cave, back to the viewer, and covered in blue light.

After the third bridge, stop following the red brick road.
Alien Device: You have humbled yourself before the Igigi, proven yourself pure, and have earned the right to return home to be cherished by the creators. Our return has been foretold. You will find your salvation.

The pages say: I've discovered the location of the *creator,* a large statue similar to the figurine I found earlier. Meditating at the foot of the statue, I discovered some kind of strange device. Upon picking up the device I heard a voice telling me that I had proved myself worthy of returning home. I read something about this at the Homecoming* by Robert O. Hamilton, but I left it at KalRaye's Confections. I'm getting so tired with all this traveling and information in my head that I'm becoming forgetful. I need this book back so I know what I must do next.

Image Description: Edge of a yellow chair with a book named 'Homecoming' under it.

When you've been walking so far, a comfortable chair and a good book is all you need.
I'm so glad I got my precious book back. His writing proves everything I have been investigating. The Igigi (aliens) are real and they are returning to take the Chosen Ones home. The book suggests that their return will be on a certain date, at a certain location. But it doesn't say exactly when and where. I must prepare for that! I have to do one last test to prove that I'm ready to go on that long flight. I must spend 3 nights in a dark bunker without food or light. I don't need that though, I have truth in my heart. Eve will lock me in, I trust her completely. I'm meeting her at Enchanted Escapes.

Image Description: Female figure from earlier meeting of five (Eve) standing next to a door and in front of a death figure coming out of the wall.

Bunkers are usually in basements.
Eve: This is your final test. We know you are ready, you must feel it in your heart as well. I will come back and get you in three days. Do not fear, you are never alone. Look into your heart and prepare yourself to say your goodbyes to this temporary life. Soon we are going home!

Image Description: Empty cell with a bed in it.

Open and then walk through the door. 
Once you're there, there really isn't much to do in this little room...
3 days and 3 nights have passed and I survived. I didn't know I was this strong, they were right all along. I feel so ready to join my family again. Eve came back and she's taking me to meet with Robert and his two boys Drake and Timon. I am so honoured that they want to meet me. We're going to the Isle of Oasis.

Image Description: Eve standing behind a bright pink table upon which two laptops sit.

I'm so starving, and this is all so sweet it's effervescent!
Eve: I'm so sorry, Robert and the boys couldn't come. It's great news though! The mothership has landed and we are going home! They are there already. Listen to their message and we will go and join them. I am so happy for you, for us!

Robert: "He settled upon mounts on high / Through trees and bogs: he watched / The narrow path to salvation / Only the purest of his children walked / He assigned the years to strip away the dust / Those that remained, another chance / Through trees and bogs: he returns to the mount / There you'll find Marutuk's path."... You are a Chosen One, my child. It is as it was always meant to be. We are waiting for you at Mt. Marutuk. Join us and let's return home.

Robert spoke to me and the TIME HAS COME! I am going home. My heart is so full of love right now that it's about to explode. I have never felt more sure about anything in my life than I am about this. I'm traveling to Mr. Marutuk to enter the ship!

Image Description: Eve standing in front of a river; there is a pier on the other side.

Eve seems to be everywhere!
Eve: Just walk up the hill and enter the ship. I will join you shortly!

Image Description: Long hill upwards to an enormous UFO sitting at the apex.

There is an enormous space ship on the hill, and entering it is like going into a fun house - if you can't go forward into light, turn and go "back" in darkness and you'll be somewhere new. Eventually, you will find the right door and Eve waiting for you again.

Eve: First, remove all your valuables and put them in this box. We are putting them in a safe place for the journey. Then take this pill, it will help you sleep during the long trip. Isn't this just wonderful? We are all truly blessed. When you have swallowed the pill,lay down on the stretcher, and you will be placed in a cryogenic suspension pod for our long interstellar journey. Do not be afraid, we are full of love and ready!

Image Description: Eve standing next to a table with clothing and valuables on it.

The little pink pill is at the end of the table.
little pink pill: It tastes bitter, and slightly metallic.

Image Description: A blister pack of pills, a single pink pill sitting out, and a glass of water.

Once you take the pill and "wear" it, lie down on the platform going into the black hole in the wall. An animation will follow that is both creepy and kind of heartbreaking.

You followed what you thought was the truth and ended up dead. It turned out that you were brainwashed into believing in something that was not real. Don't be ashamed though, it happens to more people than you can possibly realize. All the evidence you saw was fake. This all was Robert O. Hamilton's evil masterplan for fame and fortune. A sick sick man getting away with murder of hundreds of alien believers. The truth indeed is out there and if you would like to see the REAL evidence and the other side of the story, you may do that by following the other story path. Before that though, make sure to grab all the prizes! Congratulations and thank you for playing!

Image Description: Black hole in the wall next to the earlier pill close-up, with a platform coming out of the hole.

The awesome thing at this point is that you can see each of the prizes on the pillar you click to get it - making for pitch perfect presents. I always play this game more for the story than the prizes, but being able to easily  curate my prizes up front is a bonus I wasn't expecting - and one that my groaning inventory is grateful for.
Image Description: Bright blue and pink book sitting on top of a white pillar, in front of a second white pillar, and surrounded in clouds.

All in all, I had a ball with this story and on this hunt. I loved the changing things we looked for, that everything wasn't a tiny envelope tucked behind a toilet in an equally tiny room, and the character of "Eve" who may or may not have been in on duping me to death. The use of human figures was really fun, as was the times when stops had two steps - it really varied the gameplay nicely and kept me engaged. 

If you want to see the few pictures not included in this guide, here is the album

Now, on to the Journalist Track!

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