Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Meme: Best & Worst

Suspicious Noises

Strawberry has a new meme for us, this one a series of questions about best and worst on various topics (I added in a final question, and I'll add others as I read them). This reminded me a lot of "Good Idea / Bad Idea" in a way, too.
  1. Best thing about Second Life: Open exploration of what it is to be people and how we relate to each other.
    Worst thing about Second Life: The limited field and how difficult it is to transmit information.

  2. Best thing in your inventory: Gifts from my friends and gifts to give to my friends.
    Worst thing in your inventory: The holes of things I wish I had, people I wish were close.

  3. Best earliest SL memory: The first friend I made on Second Life, and finding her in a different group where we became even better friends. It was my first experience with the sometimes "small world" effect of Second Life.
    Worst earliest SL memory: A former friend, and one of the first people I met on Second Life, saying that he thought I was stupid and / or crazy for being religious.

  4. Best thing you learned because of SL: Deeper and more serious insight into identity and how it works, especially under pressure.
    Worst thing you learned because of SL: I can like someone and want to relate to them and it can turn out to be impossible.

  5. Best thing about blogging: I actually love commenting on other peoples' blogs and the degree of conversation that can happen on peoples lives, experiences, and opinions. My blog doesn't have a large enough commetariate to support any sort of sustained discussion, largely because I am so inconsistent.
    Worst thing about blogging: How it can trigger my self-righteousness.

  6. Best thing to have with french toast: Real Maple Syrup
    Worst thing to have with french toast: Worcestershire Sauce

  7. Best thing about memes: An excuse to use old pictures and hope people like them.
    Worst thing about memes: Never being sure if what I said was really all that interesting.

  8. From The Poultry Report:
    Best TV show I'm watching in Real Life: I just started watching Miss Fischer's Murder Mysteries, an Australian series set in the twenties, through Netflix. Awesome, feminist, communist, independent heroine with interesting stories full of heart. I am a total fan.
    Worst TV show I'm watching in Real Life: I've been watching Project Runway on and off, and while, and while it used to be one of the best I watched, the drama over quality lever has slipped, and now they focus on drama and don't give the creators the time or energy to really innovate. It makes me very sad in a rather profound manner.

  9. From Virtual Bloke:
    Best thing about my RL job: Watching people move from injured and helpless to confident and capable. I have a couple of people who I just grin endlessly watching them in the world now - they inspire me.
    Worst thing about my RL job: Over and over again, being in that helpless, dark, terrified, wounded place with each new person. It gets easier, but it never gets easy.

  10. From Wulla's Wardrobe:
    Best cola ever tasted: Cherry Coke (with Vanilla Coke a close second)
    Worst Cola ever tasted: Any of the diet cokes; I hate the aftertaste of sugar substitutes. FUnny story about this - I was once a random taste tester for Diet Pepsi versus Diet Coke. I kept selecting the Diet Coke because Pepsi is sweeter than Coke, so I kept choosing the one which had slightly less of the awful aftertaste, and the person kept retesting me - apparently not realizing I could tell the difference between the two. After three tries, I told him I wanted to stop because both tasted so awful to me and it wasn't fun.

  11. From Kittywitchin':
    Best thing in the world ever: Those moments when it feels like everything snaps into focus and you are exactly where you need to be doing what you need to do.
    Worst thing in the world ever: Cruelty to others for it's own sake, and the enjoyment of cruelty to others. I know it happens. I don't know why.

  12. From Chaotic Virtuality:
    The best thing about my own time in SL: Meeting really wonderful people who saw me, and liked me, and think I'm valuable and wonderful.
    The worst thing about my own time in SL: The fear that the people I've lost over the years were right, and I really am not worth anything.

    The best thing about blogging, social media, and/or Second Life: The ability to learn about the lives of people I otherwise never would have met.
    The worst thing about blogging, social media, and/or Second Life: How much time and energy it takes to keep up with everything; sometimes I wish I didn't have to sleep.

  13. From Pics By Peep:
    Best thing to wake up to: My kitty cat snuggling into my side and miaowing gently at me.
    Worst thing to wake up to: A fire alarm. Yes, it's happened, and it was awful.

  14. From Harlow Hesop:
    Best TV show I’m addicted to:  Addicted is an odd word... it implies to me something that I return to time and time again; perhaps even something I own. I think His and Her Circumstances, a Japanese anime, fits the bill the most; it's a very well done series about relationships and coming to age ith a lot of humor and imperfect people who make it work out somehow.
    Worst TV Show I’m addicted to: Teen Wolf. It's a really fun modern series, that I could go all kinds of into depth about, but the truth is that it involves a lot of bare chests and snarling, and that is simply sexy.

  15. From failbait:
    Best part of an ice cream cone: That moment just when it begins reacting to what it's surrounded by - getting the crust it gets in air (or if we ditch the cone, the meltyness with hot fudge, or the fizz with soda).
    Worst part of an ice cream cone: No more ice cream. 8(

  16. From Cosy in SL:
    Best thing to do on a crisp autumn morning: Lie in a hammock wrapped in blankets and read while the leaves fall around you.
    Worst thing to do on a crisp autumn morning: Rake. I hate raking. 

  17. From Angel Style:
    Best thing to have dis­cov­ered in SL one evening in 2006: How to fly. It was exhilarating and overwhelming. Sometimes I wonder how my life would have been different if I stayed in 2006.
    Worst thing to have dis­cov­ered in SL one evening in 2006: How afraid I was of approaching anyone - I still feel that way. If I see a little ball of green dots, I'm most likely headed in the opposite direction. The few times I've approached a group cold, I've regretted it.

  18. From Chic at Phil's Place:
    Best thing to do first thing in the morning: Curl up in bed under soft, fuzzy blankets and sheets with a warm, cuddly kitty cat and a good book.
    Worst thing do first thing in the morning: Get up and go out into the cruel, cold world.

  19. From Pixel Styles:
    Best thing to have for a great kiss: Anticipation.
    Worst thing to have for a great kiss: Too much spit. 8(

  20. From Double Exposure:
    Best thing about my day: Seeing someone I love dearly take the world on and triumph.
    Worst thing about my day: Looking for a new car.

  21. From SL Time Well Wasted:
    Best song I’ve heard this week: Cutie Chaser, on a Dance Dance Revolution Game.
    Worst song I’ve heard this week: I didn't hear any I didn't like... it's hard to find music I don't enjoy, though.

  22. From Fashion Cupcakes Rambling:
    Best thing to do with friends in SL: Play. I love playing tag, racing around sims, or playing games. I especially adore playing Cluedo.
    Worst thing to do with friends in SL: Be frozen out. I had a couple of friends gradually just start to ignore and lie to me, and it hurt a great deal.

  23. From Who What Where SL Fashion:
    Best thing about mesh clothing: Having clothing (and hair) which doesn't cut through your body because it's bending with you. I can remember editing prims to make the flexi arch out more naturally, and it was always a pain in the ass.
    Worst thing about mesh clothing: Changing my shape. I'm a bit of a shape princess, and I like my round belly shape, but most mesh is made for flat stomachs and enormous butts.

  24. From Warm Winter Nights:
    Best thing about photography: Seeing how much I've improved over the years, both in technique and style, as well as how much Second Life has improved over time.
    Worst thing about photography: This is petty, but I'm jealous of the people who get 50+ likes. My top picture is under twenty, and most don't land above five. I know this is more about volume and time spent on my pictures, but I still feel jealous sometimes.

  25. From Ce Soir Arts:
    Best thing to have with a croissant: Café au lait, orange juice, and a small block of chocolate.
    Worst thing to have with a croissant: Anything involving vegetables.
Snow White vs Cage

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  1. Your responses to the memes are ALWAYS interesting, as are you beautiful pictures. Also you're right, Worcestershire Sauce is pretty nasty.

  2. Awwww, thank you Strawberry. You are always very sweet.

  3. Wow! That is a lot of bests and worsts! I commend you for answering them all :)

    I *still* say the worst thing on French toast is maple syrup, but I think you're on to something with the Worcestershire sauce ;)

  4. I have to admit, I am loving answering all the additional questions. It's funny how many people leave tracebacks instead of links, though - and makes me wonder how to do tracebacks.