Friday, September 6, 2013

SL Disney Bound – Week Twenty Three: Carl & Ellie

Well by the Well

I hit the wall with this last couples' challenge, and so I figured Carl tied some balloons to his pants and floated away, leaving Ellie to look for him. This is a look inspired by Ellie's more mature look, as she and Carl were dating as teenagers, so still a young Ellie but a little more grown up. I ended up taking advantage of one of the picture perfect houses at the newest MadPea build, Lennon Park, for their Lennon Park Massacre game. It's going on until the end of the month, and I hope you find my blog - with a few gentle hints - helpful.I really enjoyed exploring the sim and finding all of the interesting ins and outs - all of the places so perfectly built and accessorized that they're a dream to photograph. I tried to have a lot of fun with shadows this time, focusing on places near windows or outdoors in order to maximize the effect. I was both aided and inhibited by the number of trees - and ended up derendering a particularly huge tree to give myself a little more light. The texture re-rezzing glitch was definitely a frustration and bugaboo, though; it took three restarts and two days for this set.

Stained Glass Halo

My hair is a short cut from Wasabi Pills in an unusual shade of brown for me - I thought it matched Ellie's rather well - and the flyaway bangs and thin tendrils at the edges look so natural. I am not normally a short hair kind of girl, but  loved the headband on this which I tinted (via the included HUD) to match this gorgeous dress from Zaara. The texturing on this dress is amazing, a delicate pattern of flowers, stems, and a corona of gold on a long, exquisitely built maxi dress. I particularly like the detail on the shoulder, with the ends of the strings dangling. Like most maxi dresses, it moves a bit strangely when your knees bend, but that's more a flaw of Second Life rigging, and sometimes it actually works more than expected. My jewelry was a group gift from Virtual Impressions which is no longer available, but a new one is up for everyone; she is one of the most generous jewelers on the grid, and her designs are often as simple and sweet as this one, but with HUD driven texture changes. Finally, my shiny gold shoes - which you will be seeing again in other colors and outfits which show off the top, because it is awesome calf wrapping - are a new release from Felicity which are really fun and delicate in design.


( More pictures here. )


Skin: De La Soul, Candace Creamer
Hair: Wasabi Pills, Claudette
Ears: Illusions, Seelie Ears
Eyes: De La Soul, Mesh Eye Rainbow
Eyelashes 1: SLink, Mesh Lashes
Eyelashes 2: Flugeln Brise, 05-A
Eyeliner: Boom, Midas Touch Liner
Wings: Deviance, Sidhe Wings
Hands: SLink, Rigged Mesh Hands
Nails: Orc Inc, Rich Lights
Jewelry: Virtual Impressions, Adelle in Gold
Dress: Zaara, Ritika Maxi Dress
Shoes: Felicity, Raquel

Pose: Adorkable Poses

Location: Lennon Park Massacre - Staff Cabin
Light Settings: Abracadabra3
Water Settings: Default

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping, only

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