Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturated Critique


I recently got a resizing script that modifies prims so hair (and other things) can be shrunk down even smaller than usual, which means my awesome Miriel Artist hair can now be petite sized! Miriel closed years ago, but I've never regretted picking up a bunch of her jewelry and hair before she vanished forever. It really stands the test of time in being a chunky, stylish updo with it's own style and flair. I put it on top of the Draco Inferno petite from Fallen Gods, and proceeded to have a lot of fun with high contrast colors - scarlet and purple go so well together, don't they? I love the scaling on the skin, and the delicate shading in the face. The scales continue all the way down to my hands as well. I'm wearing an awesome new release from Sublime Shroud Kreations (located in the De la Soul Store), his first petite and full sized dual release - yes, I have successfully perverted a skin maker and a furniture maker into making me petite outfits; what can I say? It's a gift. It's also a fun, frothy, frilly gown in an elegant medieval style. I sized down the collar quite a bit to fit my hair, but otherwise everything fit beautifully out of the box.


I was reading through interesting discussions on metafilter today about managing being critical versus being kind - something which resonated with two posts from Juicybomb regarding skin reviews and how critical a reviewer should be versus how aggressive fans should be in objecting to critique (Post 1, Post 2,). I've had my own experiences with a creator objecting to a post I made and claiming I was a bad journalist for not reviewing every instance of the mild critique I gave to her outfit. The friend of the creator in the Juicybomb example was more than reasonable, responding to the critique in the spirit in which it was meant, but the creator in my example became hugely defensive and rather insulting because I mentioned a well known Second Life glitch.

The balance between critique and kindness is a complicated one, and in many ways being a creative person means also being able to take and incorporate critique without taking it personally. However, the easiest way to improve is through consistent and clear critique; I had the experience of being under a glass (literally, since there was a one-way mirror and I would be observed more closely as well) in my profession of choice, and I found the minute feedback and critique on my strengths and weaknesses to be hugely useful. A large portion of my job is engaging in continuous self-critique as well; not a negation of myself as an individual and a clinician, but rather clear eyes on what I do well and not so well on my job so that I can do better in the future. Being able to accept critique is a skill that I personally think should be encouraged in all of the creative fields, whether it is therapy or art.


( More pictures here. )


Body: Fallen Gods, Petites Draco Inferno (promotional item)
Eyes: De La Soul, Luminus Rainbow Eyes (promotional item)
Hair: Miriel, Artist Hair
Outfit: Sublime Shroud Kreations, Petite Lady Beatrice (promotional item)
Boots: KaiAna, Vinyl Boots

Poses: Glitterati

Location: LEA 11 - More Sea of Aley
Light Settings: Ana Lutetia Avatar Opt
Water Settings: Meridian Verde

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping, only

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