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Hello, My Name Is: Created by LaPiscean Liberty


Dates: January 2017 -

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  • Announcement by LEA

Old Events:

Unknown: Created by Kimika Ying - currently under production
A giant sinkhole has opened, enlarging the lake, and appears to have been caused by the opening of a portal to another world. Living things are beginning to come through and roam about.
Dates: March 2016 - Unknown

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  • Announcement by LEA

Safe Night: Created by 1 Billion Rising in Second Life
2Lei in Second Life is a collaborative project between some groups in Second Life, which began in 2010 with the aim to raise awareness and disseminate events related to the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women".
Dates: October 2015 - January 2016

"Obedience" - The Binding of Isaac: Obedience - Jewish Museum in Berlin
An artwork by Bryn Oh, Jo Ellsmere, Peter Greenaway and Saskia Boddeke.
You will need to adjust your settings to No Light and run Shadows and Projectors - instructions are at the landing point.
Dates: June - October 2015

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Black Elk

Dates: September 2014 to May 2015

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Ctrl-Shift-R: Created by Wizard Gynoid

July to August 2014

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Oscar Niemeyer Tribute: On December 5, 2012, Brazil lost one of its most illustrious sons. All grieved, the news was subject in all world's medias. He left this life with 104 years old, one of the greatest architects and artist the world has known: Oscar Ribeiro de Almeida Niemeyer Soares Filho known as Oscar Niemeyer.

Dates: December to July 2014

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A Rusted Development: Curated by Rowan Derryth and designed by Haveit Neox. Featuring the work of Rose Borchovski, Artistide Despres, claudia222 Jewell, Bryn Oh, Scottius Polke, Ziki Questi, PJ Trenton, Blue Tsuki, Stephen Venkman, Eliza Wierwight and Trill Zapatero. Rowan Derryth's writeup is here, with quotes from some of the artists involved about their process, as well as pictures.


Dates: May and June of 2012

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Survey of Hyperformalism 2011:  "Hyperformalism is a neologism that names something, distinguishes some observable social and cultural phenomenon. The term suggests a use for the word to describe formalist abstraction created in a hyper medium such as abstract 3D digital space or pure mathematical space.

Postmodern wisdom would have it that culture has fractured irreparably into a multiplicity of niches and that the metanarrative is passé. While I believe the former, the latter is still not true. The metanarrative is immortal, vulnerable only to another more contemporary story. Even the most pernicious and despicable narratives suffer memetic bit rot in deep historical time. [Source]"

Dates: October 15, 2011

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