Monday, July 18, 2011

The Mousetrap

Up Against the Wall

I've been watching a new show, centered around numbers, and have been surprised at how much of it I know or learned as a teenager. Of course, it's very simplified; for all I know, my brother would twitch and complain about the simplification of complex mathematical concepts. It reminds me of how much we lie upon the complexity of numbers underpinning almost anything these days.

People are numbers. Avatars are numbers. Given this, I find the question of what is real and what is not even more difficult to understand. Add in identified and covert delusions, identified and covert hallucinations, the multiplicity of perspectives on single events...

One of the new thoughts about Autism is that rather than being an insensitivity to others and the surroundings, it's a different and oversensitivity. The issue with phrasing anything over and under sensitive, that presumes there is some optimal level of sensitivity that we all "should" have.

There are days I feel the pressures from without and the pressures from within as bullets against my skin.

Is that undersensitive.... or oversensitive... or just melodramatic.

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Skin: De La Soul, Charlie Sparkle - Cream (with blond brows)
Eye Liner: cheLLe, Cleo Called Teal
Lips: Skinthesis, Liquid Heat Deoridhe
Eyes: De La Soul, RooMee Eyes - Rainbow
Ears: Illusion, Mystic Ear
Hair: W&Y, 168 Type B
Necklace: EarthStones,
Wings: Fancy Fairy, Azarelle Wings
Dress: Falln Angel Creations, Deo Dress - Teal
Feet: Smalltime, Mouse Feets Bow Socks

Pose: Glitterati, 020

Location: The Looking Glass
Light Settings: TOR, EUPHOROA - Low saturation, dull deposit
Water Settings: TOR, Eyeballin'

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping only

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