Monday, November 3, 2014

MadPea: Blood Letters - Guide

Unlike previous games and stories, Blood Letters is adult in theme - which in practice means that it involves sex as well as violence - and is rolling out gradually as time goes on. Because of this, I'll be adding to this post as days go by rather than waiting until the end for one complete guide. There is also a prize guide (nsfw), many of the prizes in theme with the game. 

I usually don't show very graphic violence or sexual content, and that will continue to be the case for images in this post - bare rear ends are as explicit as the images will become. However, the text is explicit and you should consider everything below the cut to be unsafe for work. If you dislike violent sex, I actually recommend you pass on this hunt unless you really want some of the prizes. It starts out graphic and gets worse from there, with the violence and the erotic language combined across the board. The individual apartments are lovely, though.

Like in all my guides, my commentary will be in italics.

You begin in the Detective's Office at R3volt, where the HUD can be purchased for 400$L. The HUD will ask for permission to teleport you; feel free to give it permission. It will ask again any time you re-wear it or relog. Like most MadPea HUDs, you can minimize it. 

Image Description: Shot of the front of an office building with chess pieces in the window and a sign reading 'Blood Letters' on the right.

Congratulations, Detective! You have just taken a role of a Private Investigator at CheckMate Inc.

Allow the HUD to teleport you and click on the Home-button to get transported to your office. A mysterious letter is waiting for you there. Click on it and start your investigations. You will receive letters daily. Pay attention to the clues you receive and collect prizes along the way.

Click on the Pea to join MadPeas group for chat and hints.

Good luck, Detective!

I started at the office, and the brown "home" button takes you back there. R3volt has created suits for female and male detectives which you can buy on your way into the Checkmate Office itself. When I got there the office was swarming, which I expect will be the case for a good, long time given how this is paced out at one new letter a day. Inside the office, on the wall, is a stretched string identical to the one on your HUD, and from it hangs the letters - one for each day so far in the hunt. You can pick them up in order, but trying to go ahead and get all the ones currently out will do nothing. Click on the first letter, and text will appear in local chat.

Image Description: Mens Clothing Ads. Image Description: WOman's Clothing Ads

Day One: Shhh...

This letter reads:
'Dear Detective, how is the business going with infidelity investigations? All those pour souls trapped in relationships without good hot sex are having a little fun and they get punished by you spying on them? I bet you enjoy catching them in action, detective.. if I knew you were watching me, I would give you a show you couldn't forget. Mmmm.. I'm getting my panties wet just thinking about that. You know.. I met this really sexy guy at Razor, caught him trying on some Johnny Rotten boots. Oh how I love good leather.. Somehow he reminded me of you. Young, attractive, driven.. full of lust. He couldn't resist me and took me into his home. You should visit it, I left a little present for you there. Kisses, S.M.'  
I don't know who this person is or what they want with me.. must be someone I've busted. I should look into this though and go to Razor at Depraved Nation (131,165,185)

Image Description: Close up of Aiden White's Business Card.
This is a nice hint; it takes you right there, and then you need to look around closely for a clue. When you click it, you will be automatically teleported to your next location.
Aidan White huh? Looks like he lives close enough. Since I've come this far I might as well go and take a look to see what this all is about.

There are a few different things to click, from the ordinary to the macabre.
Pizza: No.. I'm really not THAT hungry.. and I guess neither was he.

Aidan White: Oh god this is horrible. This poor man has been killed in such terrible way. I'm calling the police straight away, it looks as if I'm the first one on this crime scene! Why the hell was the letter about this murder directed at me? I'm an infidelity investigator after all. I hope they catch this killer!

Image Description: Pink letter with a lipstick mark on the corner, on a mostly empty table.
Clicking on the letter left on the table gets you a gift (Razor /// Hush Ball Gag), a texture, and this bit of taunting in local chat.
Doesn't he have lovely taste in design? Cozy little studio he has indeed. We had a few drinks and he started to tell me all about his boring career. I had to shut him the hell up by dropping my clothes on the floor. That was an instant hard on for him, he pulled his pants down and had me against the table.. his big juicy hard cock banging me and shooting his load all over my ass. Then.. the best part.. My turn. Mmmm.. detective.. Aidan loved it in the ass. I had my finger up in his asshole while my other hand was jerking him off and his small balls being sucked in my mouth. Just as he was starting to cum, I stopped, reached into my bag and pulled out my knife. I stabbed him hard in the lower belly. He was so confused.. ejaculating and dying at the same time. The blood was gushing out as I kept stabbing him again and again until I had the most delightful orgasm. I bet you wish you would have been there. Maybe soon, detective.  Oh.. Don't even think about showing this to anyone else or you will be punished. Kisses, S.M.

This is the end of day one. The next step is to go back to the office to begin the mystery of the next day - whereas before you were chided if you clicked the second letter, now that letter has been unlocked and it will show up on your HUD when you click it.

Image Description: Fortune Cookie stuck to the side of something.

From here going forward - every day - every body will have something inserted into it for you to find. It is unpleasant, to say the least, to find it, so it is unsurprising so many people missed it. I'll include what might be the text of finding it after each to remind you to look, but I am not going back to make sure it's the right text - I did it out of order. I would understand if you didn't want to and I won't be including photographs because EW. The only photograph so far which isn't disgusting is on Day Seventeen.

A chesspiece shoved inside the dead person's asshole?! That's so sick.. yet I'm tempted to pull it out and keep it. Who knows, I might just need it later.

Day Two: Not a word...

This letter reads:
'Hey, thank you for informing us about the body last night. We should talk, it's been way too long. Come and meet me at RACK poses, I'm on a strange case just waiting for this person to show up here. I could use a little distraction. Yours, Gabriel Reed Peaville Police Department.'  
Good old Gabe, been way too long indeed. I should definitely go to RACK Poses at Villefranche sur Mer (200,153,23) and have a little chat.

Image Description: Cop standing inside of a building.
This one was fairly straightforward, though I feel the need to let you know he's inside the store. Once you touch him, you'll get a prize (Rack Poses - Fine Dining) and this tantalizing bit below. Why do I feel like Detective Reed isn't long for this world?
Good to see you! That body last night.. that was horrible! How on earth did they contact you? Is it related to any infidelity case you're on currently? You know that guy was stabbed in the abdomen 11 times and something was inserted in his asshole. They didn't find out what it was though - yet. Anyhow.. I see the lady over there I've been waiting to talk to. Please contact me IMMEDIATELY if you receive anything else from this psycho killer!

Day Three: To anyone...

This letter reads:
'Naughty Detective! Didn't I warn you not to tell anyone? I see you like being bad.. but bad needs to be punished. Just like little Lisa... I met her at Consignment and we had a fascinating talk. I have a thing for talented and passionate people like you. You see, she's an archaeologist and she told me the crazy store owner had some interesting skulls in his bunker. I insisted on seeing them and she was more than happy to share this find with me. And a little bit later, she shared much more with me. You should check out her collection. Sure you can figure out where she lives. See you soon, Detective!  Kisses, S.M.'
Another letter! What on earth is going on and how did they know that I called Police? I'm getting a bit freaked out, but I need to check this out and travel to Consignment at Consignment (106,129,24)

Image Description: Closeup of Lisa Brown's Business Card.
Take a look around from a distance because the bunker is the key to finding things, and you have to find that first. Once inside, look for the interesting skulls.

Lisa Brown, Archaeologist.. lives in the neighbourhood. Yet another business card. I'm worried what I'll encounter there.

Image Description: Pink letter with a kiss on the corner on a desk with several other items.
Once you touch the letter you get the prize (Con - Psychopath Cuddle Blanket).
Luscious Lisa could hardly wait to get naked and in the bath with me. Her lips are so kissable.. tastes like cherry. Why don't you try them, Detective? I'm sure you want to kiss her and have the metallic taste of the dripping blood on your tongue. Let it awaken your animalistic instincts.. it's all natural. Let your hand wander down her big bouncy tits and squeeze them. Pinch the nipples with your fingers. If you are fast enough, she's still warm for you to have sex with. I did. As I ate her pussy and watched her squirm, I kept thinking of you. It aroused me even more. At the point of her orgasm, I took the scissors and shoved them in her soft throat. As soon as the bath was filled with blood, I came harder than I had done for some time. This must be because of you, Detective. I hope you enjoyed your punishment. Kisses, S.M.

You can find her body upstairs in the bathroom; it's pretty grisly.

Lisa Brown: What a waste, such a hot woman slaughtered in her own bathtub. Looks like she was having a romantic date as well. This is fucking sick. I HAVE to tell Gabe. It's definitely the same person behind these!

Image Description: Fortune cookie on a shelf with empty jars and a flag on the wall.

Another chesspiece! It's been pushed deep inside her nostril! Somehow I think that these pieces are important so I'm going to take this one as well.

Day Four: The First...

This letter reads:
Dear Detective, Have you by any chance read the news today? I see our little friends Aidan and Lisa are getting some publicity. You must be very curious by now.. While I was shopping at Maxi Gossamer, I left a special newspaper for you to read. Kisses, S.M.' 
Please don't let it be yet another murder! I don't think I have any other choice but to go Maxi Gossamer at Cynful and CnS (153,143,1003) to read it.

DAY FOUR: Blood Letter
Just look around for a newspaper someone abandoned around the storev - remember to check back rooms and upstairs! It shouldn't take to long to cover all of the ground.

Peaville News:
'An alleged serial killer has been arrested in connection with eight murder cases. The arrest was made by the Peaville Police Department following a tip-off that led to the Erotic book fair in Chicago.

It was alleged the suspect brutally slaughtered eight individuals during 2000 - 2013. The suspect, Samantha 'The Mantis' Mason is a well known literary agent who is denying all charges.

The Mantis is also linked to several disappearances. The police is currently investigating into them. 'I want to thank the community for the valuable information they provided to the police that led to the arrest,' said police commissioner, Lieutenant General Gabriel Reed.'  
Mantis? I remember something about this.. I was travelling around that time and had just returned back home. I need to talk to Gabe again and find out more. How is she connected to these two murders. A copycat?

If you touch the letter you get a prize (Maxi Gossamer Black Diamond Dagger Necklace) and an additional note from the serial killer. 
Yes, Detective. Isn't it the most wonderful feeling when the dots start to connect? Aren't you getting curious of who I am? Don't worry, we will meet soon. Kisses, S.M.

DAY FOUR: Fortune Cookie

Day Five: Person...

This letter reads:
'You were right! Those two murders seem to match the M.O. of Mantis. It doesn't make any sense as she's been behind the bars for a year now. Come and meet me at X-Clusives Animations straight away. I will give you some information that's classified, so don't tell anyone. Take your laptop with you. Gabe' 
Where's my laptop? I need to grab it and travel to X-Clusives Animations at XCLUSIVES ANIMATIONS (128,116,411). This whole thing is getting weirder and weirder!

Your laptop is on the desk in the office - behind you when you're looking at the new letters. Click it and walk off with it for free!

DAY FIVE: Police Contact
He's hanging out nearby - don't go to far!

Take this flash drive and use it on your laptop. It contains the details of those eight murders she's convicted of. Just destroy it afterwards, I shouldn't be giving you this info. I'm worried for you. What have you got yourself in for?! Take a night off, have a nice bath and we'll talk more tomorrow.

If you add the laptop and the drive you get linked to a very special website full of information.

DAY FIVE: Fortune Cookie

Day Six: To Solve...

This letter reads:
'Hey, sorry about that flash drive. Something went wrong here and I can't access all the files I needed to. I have checked it myself though, Mantis is in jail at Deadpool and she's not coming out for a long time. It can't be her, someone else is behind these. Try not to stress, we'll catch whoever it is. You know, there's this chick called Amanda Durden who wrote a book about the Mantis. Why not read it? I can sense you're getting obsessed with this. Try the bookshop at Dutchie. Gabe' 
 Yeah Gabe.. wouldn't you be obsessed if you had some freaking psycho bitch after you. I should get this book from Dutchie at Dutchie furniture (148,84,22)

DAY SIX: Book Worm Food
Don't go too far from the front door, but also don't get too caught up with looking for letters.
What the fuck, this book is as thick as War and Peace. I don't have time for this. I'm just gonna call the writer and set a meeting with her to ask a few questions. According to this book she seems to know the psycho killer better than many others. I need to know why she's after me. I'm convinced it's her, who else could it be! I hope Amanda Durden is willing to meet me tomorrow.

Day Seven: This...

This letter reads:
'Hello, I can certainly meet you today at GlamRus Poses. I'm following the store owner and writing a biography of her so feel free to pop over here anytime. You mentioned the S.M. stamp on the book cover, but I'm sorry to say that this is nothing unique. It was her trademark and now all kinds of prop shops selling Halloween and creepy stuff sell those stamps too. However, I'm more interested in hearing about what you said about the way the people were killed. Something you said is not even on police reports and it was what she personally told me. Let's talk more soon! Sincerely, Amanda Durden' 
Hmm.. I wonder what is it. I will go and meet her to get some more insight into this. Calling a cab to GlamRus Poses at Downtown Olrich 2 (241,98,22)

DAY SEVEN: Writer Contact
Closer staircases are nicer than farther away ones.
Glad to see you Detective. I'm sorry that you are going through this. It's not the first time that Mantis has got obsessed with someone like this.. and it seems like she's obsessed with you. You said that the bodies have been naked and there are clear signs of sex. You know... the 'Thank You' written on the victims with their own blood is her signature, her trademark. I'm not sure why or what, but she takes something from these victims. This was never revealed in the news. Mind you, she's in jail now, so it's not possible she's behind these murders. It must be some kind of a copycat. She receives lots of letters from fanboys and -girls from all over the world and I wouldn't be surprise if they would kill for her. She is extremely charming, mesmerizing I would say. It's easy to get persuaded to do things for her. I would be very careful if I was you, Detective. Just walk away and let the Police handle this. Don't get too close to her.

DAY SEVEN: Fortune Cookie

Day Eight: Will win...

This letter reads:
'Did you miss me, sexy Detective? I'm sorry I had to go silent for a few days. A stupid bitch decided to have a go at me and they threw me in isolation because of that. Yes, Detective. I know that by now you know who I am. You're not taking my warnings very seriously it seems. Didn't you realize that I have eyes everywhere. Yes, you are being watched and you're a few steps behind. Time to level up, Detective! As you're reading this, I will be meeting a lovely blonde doctor called Janice at the massage room in Michigan's Shack. She is expecting to have her pussy being licked by me. Wouldn't you like to be there to watch? Kisses, S.M.' 
I'm so fucking confused. I've never in my long career encountered anything like this before. If I have a chance to save Janice, I have to try! I'll drive over to Michigan's Shack at Hawk Land (129,169,21) straight away.

DAY EIGHT: Business Card
This one is pretty straightforward - look for the massage table!
Janice Blackheart, Medical Doctor, 2 Michigan's Shack, Hawk Land. SHIT! I know what this means already. I hope I'm not too late!

DAY EIGHT: Blood Letter

Unlike previous letters, this one is much closer to the body. Head on up to check it out, and you'll get a prize from Michigan Shack (Brooke Day Bed).
Yes, Detective. It is not a coincidence that you are receiving these letters. This is YOUR business card, isn't it? Does it turn you on to see Janice like that? I wonder if the blood is still rushing inside her veins, towards the wounds to leave her body. Detective, I fucked her so hard, she screamed out loud. Her pussy juices tasted so sweet.. it's rare to find a woman so pure and tasty as her. Too bad I was the last one to have her. The moment she was screaming her lungs out and squirting her juices I took my large shining knife and stabbed her on the back. The blade is so massive that I didn't need many strikes. Mmmm... I still played with her ass a bit when the life was escaping her. What a wonderful woman. Kisses, S.M.

DAY EIGHT: Fortune Cookie

What is the meaning of these [chesspieces]?! Am I meant to collect them all? I guess I should since I got the others too.

Day Nine: a massive prize...

This letter reads:
'Darling! Are you doing alright? We miss you so much. It's been weeks since we have heard from you. You can't be so busy in a case to not visit your parents, after all we are only two states away from you! I hope you're doing fine and are happy. Don't forget the big dinner party we're having on the 23rd of the month. You promised to be there and you can't miss this one. Everyone wants to see you. Your dad is working on the patio now and needs the statue we discussed. The picture of it is included in this letter. Get it from the Never Totally Dead store and bring it with you when you come over Love, Mom and Dad.' 
For fuck's sake! Seriously?! I have go and get a god damn statue for dad now? As if I don't have better things to do. This should be done fast though, looks like Never Totally Dead at Enchanted Escapes (59,216,28) is not far.

DAY NINE: Dad's Statue
Don't get caught up trying to teleport to the store - what you're looking for is on the main level of the sim, and hidden but not completely out of sight. Once you find it, and touch it, you get a prize (The Bistrot Table).
Ok, I have this one for dad now and I'm suddenly feeling really exhausted. It's been a few insane days. I don't want to even go back to the office anymore today to see if there are more letters from anyone. I'll take tonight off and go back bright and early tomorrow.

DAY NINE: Fortune Cookie

Day Ten: UNIA HUD...

This letter reads:
'Dear Detective, did you know that writers are quite interesting creatures? I have a feeling you know a few of them as well. When they get so lost in a subject that they truly feel they're living the story. You are my protagonist in this story and it's the most interesting storyline that will ever be published I'm sure. The Detective playing cat and mouse with a serial killer. I wonder how it ends... You know the famous author Scarlet Pennington wrote a story about an axe murderer. She became so obsessed about it, the rumours say she has his axe - the original mind you - in her apartment. Would you like to see it? I met Scarlet today at Cheeky Pea while she was looking for some canvases with motivational quotes in them. Writers and motivational quotes... my favourite one is from Mussolini: 'Better to live a day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep'. Come and see Scarlet. I'm waiting. Kisses, S.M.'
I know this writer! Fuck it, I have to get to Cheeky Pea at Cheeky Pea (35,113,21) fast!

DAY TEN: Business Card
Most Pickardy canvases are with furniture, so you can mix and match.
Scarlet Pennington, Independent Author & Creative Writer, 854 Pea Pod, Cheeky Pea. Fuck this shit. I'm calling the police already, I know what's waiting me there. Why can't I just walk way from this!

DAY TEN: Blood Letter

Scarlet Pennington: That took some strength to wield that axe with such passion. I need to barf, I'm so done with this shit. Why can't the police figure out what the hell is going on?!

The body is downstairs; you can touch it for the above message. Another letter is hidden upstairs for us, along with a prize from Cheeky Pea (Mantis Bureau and Mirror)
Isn't it marvellous.. all that red blood in her beautiful apartment. I call that art. The rumours were right. She did have the axe. I think she's the real psycho here. At least now she'll be able to be with her beloved axe killer on the other side. I didn't want to touch her dirty cunt myself so I used the axe to fuck her hard and make her cum. I could swear she was loving every single second of it. It seemed like a good idea to finish her off with the axe as well. The blood mixed with the cum made me so aroused that I masturbated on top of her. What a bloody mess! Haha. Oh, Detective. Do you remember her already? She was the star at the book fair in Chicago last year. Is it starting to ring a bell yet? Think about it and I will see you tomorrow... Kisses, S.M.

DAY TEN: Fortune Cookie

What the hell! Why are the chess pieces inside of these poor bodies?! I am highly disgusted with myself but my gut instincts tell me to take it.

Day Eleven: Exclusive and early access

This letter reads:
'Detective, are your eyes finally open? Do you remember? Allow me to refresh your memory. I left a little poem for you at the bathroom in Animated Living / Blue Balls. Kisses, S.M.' 
I think I have a suspicion now.. I'll travel to Discovery Bay (172,65,29) to check it out.

DAY ELEVEN: I Gotta Pee!
You don't want the bathroom sales area - you want the restrooms. Someone helpfully put up signs - so hurry! Not in the men's, in the women's! The poem is written on the wall; the letter is down underneath it.


Sweet little droplets on your lips
make you stir in your sleep
Dripping down from my fingertips
I had to dig in deep

You feel the moist flow
behind your closed eyes
Your tongue is too slow
to catch the surprise

Blood is running down
from the woulds I have made
I steal the previous crown
when I hit you with the spade

Then I come like the rain
open all of me
Wash away all your pain
and drift back into the sea

DAY ELEVEN: Blood Letter

'That poem.. as we both were reading it, our eyes met. They were filled with lust and desire for each other. We kissed. I still remember the taste of your soft lips on mine, your wandering hands on my body. I could smell your sex. We were both so horny we would have been ready to fuck there and then, but see, I need to be taken to your home for that and you vanished. I came so close to tasting your blood. No one escapes me. I will not stop Detective, not until my hunger for you is satisfied. Kisses S.M ' 
FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! I remember her. I was so drunk I had forgotten that damn book fair a year ago in Chicago. She was one of the hottest chicks I had met and I went to the bathroom to freshen up and must have passed out there. I need to talk to Gabe!

DAY ELEVEN: Fortune Cookie

Day Twelve: 24 hours

This letter reads:
'I'm sorry I couldn't come last night. I'm waiting for you in Geek now. Gabe.' 
About bloody time, wonder where he's been. I'm off for the rest of the day and go and meet him in Geek at  Industrial Port (225,161,4001)

DAY TWELVE: Police Contact
If you need help to find him... I can't help you. Sorry! Touch him and you get a prize from Geek (Death by PC Pak), and hopefully police protection.
You know how damn lucky you are! You would be DEAD right now hadn't Mantis got herself arrested on that book fair in Chicago! It seems that right at the time you were passed out in the bathroom, our guys had matched her DNA with those 8 murder scenes and got the OK to go ahead and bring her in. She never resisted apparently but was all cool and calm the whole time. Now we know though why she's after you! She's clearly pissed she couldn't kill you. I'm going to arrange protection for you until we find out who's behind this. It's not her, that we know for sure. She's in prison and the DNA we've collected from the crime scenes doesn't match hers. It doesn't match anyone on our database in fact. I probably shouldn't tell you this, but since we're buddies, I know your lips are sealed. I'll take you in with me to go and interrogate her. I'll let you know as soon as I get the clearance. Stay safe!

DAY TWELVE: Fortune Cookie

Day Thirteen: before anyone else...

This letter reads:
'I miss you, Detective. You know, internet is amazing. How stupid can people be to allow internet access to inmates in hopes that they feel still connected to the world and would educate themselves. Any smart person can hack this system to use it for their benefit. Let me prove this to you. I recently visited a chat room for Daddy Doms and Baby Girls. That doesn't really excite me personally, but their world is pretty fascinating. I met a rich, handsome geek with a handle 'Who's your Dada' who I'm about to meet personally in NanTra today. Come and join the party! Kisses, S.M.' 
Shit, doesn't this nightmare ever end. At least I have the bodyguards with me so I should be safe. Driving to NanTra at Pouncival (100,176,2508)

DAY THIRTEEN: Business Card
There is a trick to this one - clicking on the card won't do it, but clicking on something else nearby will.

Michael Greene: Looks like Daddy Dom met his match. I wonder what the meaning of that plastic bag is though.

DAY THIRTEEN: Blood Letter

Will you ever catch me? Should I surrender? I'm giggling as I'm writing this. Don't worry, we're almost there. The game is about to change big time. Why? Because I know you will love it. Just a few more days and you will receive a surprise. I got quite bored with Mr. Daddy Dom here. He couldn't ejaculate unless he was being suffocated. That's not very Daddy Dom like to me, is it? All words and no action... I did grant him his wish though and gave him the most delicious blowjob he had ever received in his life. I started off by circling my tongue around the very tip of his hard fat cock, while my fingers were digging into the flesh of his ass. I took some ice from the whiskey on the rocks we were having and let it drip from my mouth on his cock. He didn't last long. As I sucked him hard and had him cumming on my face, I used the kitchen knife and repeatedly stabbed his soft belly. My face was covered with his cum and blood and I smeared it all over my naked body. It didn't satisfy me though. I want YOU, Detective. I want you DEAD like him. Kisses, S.M.

DAY THIRTEEN: Fortune Cookie

What is the meaning of these [chesspieces]?! Am I meant to collect them all? I guess I should since I got the others too.

Day Fourteen: Completely FREE...

This letter reads:
'We have received your form 27 with application to visit prisoner Samantha Mason at the correctional facility of Deadpool. As her visiting hours are limited, you are allowed 15 minutes only. Due to the urgency of the matter, you are welcome to the facility at your earliest convenience. Make sure to bring photo ID with you.' 
Finally! I'm going to meet the fucking bitch face to face and see if she's behind these or what the hell is going on. Going to Deadpool prison at Metropolis City (195,69,38) immediately! I always have my ID with me, so I don't need to look for that.

DAY FOURTEEN: Visitor Check-in
Seriously don't get hung up in the store - you have to take a hike to find this prison, but once you do it isn't hard to do what the signs tell you to do, and you'll get a prize from Deadpool (Constriction Black - MadPea).
Good Morning, Detective. You have clearance to visit prisoner Samantha Mantis, but unfortunately she caused a massive scene last night and is in isolation. That will last for 48 hours. You are welcome to come back first thing in the morning on the 16th.

DAY FOURTEEN: Fortune Cookie

Day Fifteen: All you...

This letter reads:
'Detective! You know the drill by now... Did you know that it's my birthday tomorrow? Yes, I'm a vengeful and seductive scorpio! I have a massive surprise for you tomorrow. After all, it is very sweet that you are coming to visit me on my birthday! I was going to spraypaint you a message on the wall at Cynful but then I bumped into Lillian. She's an insanely sexy art collector and I couldn't resist to seduce her. Before you come and meet me, go and see her! Kisses, S.M.' 
Hmm.. IF she's in isolation, how does she know I'm going to be there? It really can not be her. I'm taking the bodyguards with me and traveling to Cynful at Cynful and CnS (120,142,1003)

2014-11-16 Blood Letters_003
Read the clue and look around - it's obvious once you do.

Lillian Gray, Art Collector, 534 CnS, Cynful. Please Lillian, be alive still! 

DAY FIFTEEN: Blood Letter
You really have to look carefully to find the letter and the prize from Cynful and CNS (MadPea H unt Gift), but I htink you can do it! Leave no nook or cranny unturned! And be careful to not get any blood on you!
Tomorrow, tomorrow... I'm so freaking excited about tomorrow that I had to make it fast with Lillian! No wining and dining and slow sensual seductions. I pushed her against the wall and kissed her passionately until her pussy was dripping wet against my thigh. Then I turned her around and pushed her against the kitchen counter and pulled her clothes off. Oh how bad she wanted me. She was begging for it so loud I had to gag her so her neighbours wouldn't hear. Since she was so silent it was really easy to run my shiny knife across her soft body and make deep cuts. I bet someone could make a nice artistic masterpiece of the way I left her. I wasn't actually going to have sex with her because you're getting faster at finding them.. but her pink wet pussy was calling me and her hard pointy nipples needed to be sucked and bitten. Naturally I had to finish her off with the knife. See you tomorrow! Kisses, S.M.

DAY FIFTEEN: Fortune Cookie

I'm more than disgusted to be pulling this piece out, but it seems that all bodies have one and I have a strong suspicion that I need them.

Day Sixteen: have to do...

This letter reads: 'Turn on the TV, darling! It is my Birthday! Kisses. S.M.'

Broken TV: This piece of shit is not working! I have seen a working TV at the R3VOLT store though. I'll run there to see what's up. I'm meant to be going to the Deadpool prison today!

DAY SIXTEEN: TV News is Relavent to Our Plot
When you leave the Detective Agency, hang a right to find the R3VOLT store. Once inside, look for a TV and you can get your prize from R3VOLT (MadPea Hunt). Remember - in any story, whatever is on the TV when you walk into the room is PLOT RELEVANT!
The News say:
'Samantha Mason, 35, who is convicted of 8 murders, is at large after fleeing from the Deadpool correctional facility, where she was serving eight life terms. The serial killer nicknamed as 'The Mantis' was found missing from her cell early in the morning. 'She was in the maximum-security facility. We don't know how the escape has happened. We are currently looking through the security tapes.'
Warden Kevin Joneson said.
'The Mantis' is considered highly dangerous and should not be approached under any circumstances. Any sightings of her should be reported to the Peaville Police Department immediately.'
 How the fuck did she do that?! She must have had help inside. NOW I know that she has been somehow behind these letters for real and she is coming for me. I am done being the mouse, I will fight back and find her!

DAY SIXTEEN: Fortune Cookie

Day Seventeen: is to...

This letter reads:
'Dear Detective, those fools have no clue where to even start looking for me. Being this smart is very lonely sometimes. I'm sure you know what I mean. We have a lot in common, Detective. Don't worry, we will have plenty of time to chat and catch up. I'm just feeling so wonderful to be finally out. I'm planning on having a few margaritas and some delicious food at the private Warm Club. Haven't you wondered where Jarvis Blue, your bodyguard is? Guys with muscles think with their dicks.. not much brain activity there. Did you know that he's got some mighty secrets that I learnt. I'm sure you're thirsty, Detective. Come and join us for some delicious strawberry margaritas. I would love to see you! Kisses, S.M.' 
WHAT?! Jarvis? How is that even possible? Where the hell is Gabe as well? At least I still have Bruce here. I'm going to go to the Warm Club at Warm Animations (88,79,2505) straight away!

2014-11-17 Blood Letters_001
Jarvis Blue Wallet: This does belong to Jarvis! Where is he?!

This one is a few steps, but it helps to remember the sociopath's MO and obsession with toilets. If you look in the office, you'll find a clue that is a little less helpful than you might think - another letter. Don't get too distracted looking at chairs and wine bottles, and don't expect to end up anywhere but this dive bar. 
Jarvis, just like the rest of us, had his own kinks. He couldn't resist sex in public places and was dumb enough to brag about his experiences on his Facebook page. I mean, how stupid can a person be? Nevermind, it was quite easy to distract him from his duties to enjoy a new experience. I bet you are wondering why I chose him? I don't want you feeling too safe there, Detective. The ONLY reason you are still alive is because I love to play with you. It's not time for you to die - not just yet. Jarvis and I had a lovely chat and a few drinks. As I crossed my legs he caught a glimpse of my freshly shaved pussy and his pants became quite uncomfortably tight for his massive hard on.

I took him to the bathroom and pushed him down to sit on the toilet. I offered my nipple for him to take in his mouth and while he was sucking and biting it, I managed to catch him by surprise and handcuff him! Then I bent over and had him eating out my pussy. It had been so long that I really needed a mouth around my swollen clitoris. He wasn't too bad at it either! I turned around and started riding him hard, yet keeping it silent in that small space. I took the knife from my handbag and stabbed him in the chest several times as he was cumming. Mmmm.. I came at the same time myself and I feel so alive! See you very soon, Detective! Kisses, S.M.

2014-11-17 Blood Letters_002


Day Eighteen: Solve a cipher...

This letter reads:' Detective, thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, the doctor-patient confidentiality does not allow me to discuss the case of Samantha Mantis with you. Legally I am allowed to only tell you that yes, I have treated her during her imprisonment. Sincerely, Angela D. Wilson M.D, MRCPsych'. Fuck it! I really wanted to get more info about this psycho bitch and thought her shrink could help. She must have loads of info. I have no other choice than to break into her office and find this info myself. Not the first time I have done this.I'd better take my lock pick with me. The office is located in 7Mad; Ravens at Industrial Port (122,97,27)

Before you head off to this destination, look around the office for your lockpicks! The door itself isn't hard to find, and luckily you're an old hand at this.
Hah, it's been a while, but my skills have not got rusty! I'd better make this quick.

Laptop: I'm sure the information what I need is here. I need some leverage here. The password must be closeby.

Some people have no sense of internet security, and really love their pets.
Wow, I'm good! Ok, I'm gonna print out these files about Mantis and read them at home.

DAY EIGHTEEN: Fortune Cookie

Day Nineteen: and...

This letter reads:
'Dear Detective, do you know how challenging it is to sit behind the bars and give someone instructions to kill for you? It's like training a puppy and most of the time you adore them, but cleaning up the piss and shit is frustrating as hell. I'm annoyed I had to be so fast with Jarvis. It was my first one in such a long time. Before I get to you, I need a little inspiration first. Just because you are special to me. I like that you are trying to get to know me better. Can you feel it too? I have a wonderful date tonight. When I was with our little friend, Lillian, she told me about this fantastic artist called Violet Smith and I fell in love with her pieces. I am about to meet her in RedRum tonight. She was going to wear her gypsy pants just for me. No need to rush, you will be late. I want you to enjoy this one and see what's coming soon. Kisses, S.M.' 
I'm afraid this is only the beginning and I'm the only one who can stop her. Taking Bruce with me just in case and traveling to RedRum at Death Row (196,84,55).

DAY NINETEEN: Business Card
You can pick up some pants of your own if you want to; look close.
Violet Smith, Artist, 234 RedRum, Death Row Island, I'm so sorry Violet. I am calling the cops already before I go there.

Violet Smith: Holy shit! This looks so different than the rest of them. It's like she has been in possessed when stabbing her. God, what a mess!

DAY NINETEEN: Blood Letter

Mmm... I'm licking her blood off my lips as I'm writing this. I really needed this, Detective. She was so excited to show me her art that she took me to her home. We stopped on the way to get some chocolate and coffee. Nothing better than a little naked food play to tease ourselves with. She had been craving for a woman's touch and I was more than happy to give her that. She has such beautiful skin that I needed to sink my teeth into her neck, biting her all the way down to her soft and perky breasts. I smeared some melted chocolate on her and poured some cooled down coffee over her before licking it off. She was practically frozen still, begging for me to make her orgasm. She turned on music and it was so cheesey that I kept grinning. I mean really, listening to Unchained Melody while sitting on the pottery bench, her riding my strap on dildo, was so not suitable, so I changed the radio station to hear a song from Ed Sheeran called 'Give Me Love'. As I fucked her with my dildo, my fingers pinching her nipples, I got lost in the song and entered a trance like state. I pushed her against the bench and started taking her from behind. As the chorus of the song filled the room and my head 'Oh my my, give me love, lover..' we were both on the verge of cumming so hard. The humming beat in my head was so loud, the clay she has started with was splashing off the bench all over the room and I reached down to take a knife and repeatedly stabbed her to the music as I fucked her. It was so beautiful and my orgasm so strong that I feel fully refreshed. I think you are ready for your surprise, my Detective. Soon.. very soon. Kisses, S.M.

DAY NINETEEN: Fortune Cookie

Day Twenty: email...

This letter reads:
'Detective, we have noticed you've tried to reach officer Gabriel Reed numerous times during the last 72 hours. I know he was working on a case with you, but unfortunately we do not have information about that on file. He hasn't been seen at the Department since November 14th. His phone is disconnected and his computer files are erased. We are trying to restore the information, but haven't succeeded yet. Do you have any idea where he could be or what was he working on last? We found the word 'Hazardous' on a ripped piece of paper from his notepad. Does this mean anything to you? Sincerely, Officer Scott McLaren, Peaville Police Department.' 
SHIT! What's happened to Gabe? I have been trying to get hold of him, but I thought he must have been busy with another case! OH SHIT! Would Mantis have got to him? Hazardous rings a bell.. hmmm.. oh I remember! Amanda Durden's book mentioned that Samantha Mason's childhood home is there. I'm going to drive to Hazardous Inc (165,164,195) immediately to find the house. Would Mantis be keeping him there as a hostage?

Head down and look for a home - then look in the corners, under the covers, inside and out, and on the wall.
The Barn by Ax: Interesting painting. That barn seems to have meant something to them.

I don't see any sign of Gabe here. In fact, I don't see any sign of anyone having been here for a long long time. What a freaky place! Imagine growing up here... would it turn anyone into a serial killer? What I have in my hands seems to be an old diary of Samantha Mason. I'm taking it with me to read at home.

You get a notecard with the contents of the diary in it.

DAY TWENTY: Fortune Cookie

Day Twenty-One: the answer too...

This letter reads:
'Darling! We still haven't heard from you! The party is day after tomorrow and you really need to be there! Did you get the statue already? Your dad decided that he needs another similar one to match the first. Otherwise the patio won't be complete. I have attached a photo of it on this letter. The statue is available in Deluxe Body Factory. Btw, is your love life these days? See, we met a really nice girl who moved next door. She has been helping dad a lot with painting the patio because my back is too bad. You would love her! See you soon! With love, Mom'  
FUCKING SHIT! Seriously? Shall I call my mom and tell them I have a fucking psycho serial killer after me! Would they still make me run around getting statues? Yes, I bet they fucking would. I'm gonna make this fast so I can go back to reading that diary to get into the mind of the psycho bitch. Deluxe Body Factory at Hidden Village (162,83,1114) is not far away.

Find the store, and you really will find the statue.
Ok, dad has his precious statues and I will take them up there on the 23rd, but I'm sure as hell not going to stay there. I have far more important things to do. Then again, if the psycho bitch kills me, then at least I could see my parents one last time.

DAY TWENTY-ONE: Fortune Cookie

Day Twenty-Two: kiana at madpeagames dot com

This letter reads:
'URGENT! Come and meet me asap at Lilith's Den. Gabe' 
Finally I hear from Gabe! He's alive! Why am I feeling so nervous?! I best go there straight away. Driving to Dandelion (38,32,21)

Head on back and, well...
OMG, he's dead! Drowned or shot? I can't tell. Did Mantis kill him? Am I next? He's killed here where anyone could see.. that's not Mantis M.O. Why didn't he use his gun?! I'm calling the Department straight away.


Peer around nearby, into all the nooks and crannies!
What is this envelope? It looks like he threw it away before he was killed. Wait a minute. It seems to be a confession letter!!! What the hell? Did Gabe really have something to do with these murders? Was he Mantis' fan boy? I feel sick!!!

DAY TWENTY-TWO: Fortune Cookie

Day Twenty-Three: The FIRST

This letter reads:
'Dear Detective, have you missed me? I'm so sorry about Gabe. You know... he didn't make such a good groupie after all. He fucked up some details big time. I can't have a guy like that in my very precious team of followers. He wouldn't even have sex with them like he pretended, he just enjoyed the killing part. That's not how it works. I was so disappointed in him. However, let's be thankful for him for bringing us two closer. Did you know he was the one to arrest me? It was so easy to seduce a mind already so sick and weak. Nevermind, time to move on. Remember what today is? Yes! It's your family dinner day! The Hillside Residence they live in is so gorgeous! You're so lucky to have grown up in a house like this, with loving parents. You shouldn't take that for granted, you know. Unfortunately, your father had a little accident and had to cancel the party... How fast can you get here? The game has just begun, Detective... tick tock.. oh by the way, if you tell the Police, Mommy and Daddy dearest will be dead. Do you think Gabe was the only one I had inside help with? Kisses, S.M.' 
How the hell did she get to my parents? It's going to take me a couple of hours to drive there. Shit!! I can't risk calling the Police. I can't lose my parents! I'm gonna go straight away to Abiss (124,170,22)

When she says Hillside Residence - she means it! And you will have to cross sim lines for this one.
As always, you're way too slow. I had a lot of fun with them.. I wish you had been here to see that! Slicing your dad's ear off while biting your mom's nipples. Sucking his floppy penis while sitting on your mom's face forcing her to fuck me with her tongue. Hahahah.. oh how I love teasing you. I'm going to enjoy fucking you with that distressed look on your face. Maybe I will make them watch us.. or.. so many possibilities! Make sure you are ready Detective, the Grand Finale is beginning tomorrow.. Get some rest. I want to see how well you perform. Ready player 1?
 Kisses, S.M.

DAY TWENTY-THREE: Fortune Cookie

Day Twenty-Four: Wins

This letter reads:
'My darling Detective, there is a grave with your parents' names on it at Laudanum Lollipops. Since you are so smart.. do you know how long a person can last inside a grave before the air runs out? I would hurry if I was you. Oh, I almost forgot. The grave is wired with a keypad. Can't make it too easy for you now, can we? Don't worry, I left the combination with our little friends for you. Kisses, S.M. ' 
Burying my parents alive? Or are they dead already? What is this keypad she's talking about? I can't take my chances here, getting to Grenada (110,44,1501) ASAP!

It's right there in front of you, but tucked out of sight.
Hmm, how the hell am I supposed to know this code? She said in the letter that the key has to do with the 'little friends' that died for this and nothing is random.
Thinking back on the crime scenes I've visited... perhaps I can think of a solution.

I'm not going to hand this to you, but I will tell you that everything you need to solve this puzzle exists in this blog post. Look back over past victims, and soon you'll see the pattern - I believe in you!
I am impressed Detective, but did you really think it would be this easy? Tell me, how hard was your heart pumping there? I wish I could cut you with my knife now and taste your blood. Let's level up tomorrow, I think you will enjoy what I have in store for you.
 Kisses, S.M.

DAY TWENTY-FOUR: Fortune Cookie

Day Twenty-Five: Gur nafjre vf anvyrq gb lbhe znc

This letter reads:
'Detective, I can almost taste your blood on my tongue. Did you enjoy my surprise for you yesterday? Hahahha.. I wish I could have seen your face when you saw it was just a tape recorder. You know... I was in jail for 8 murders but in reality there have many more. I will tell you one day. I really enjoy playing with you so I'm going to give you a chance here to test and see what you are capable of. Maybe you could join my mad crew one day... I wonder if you have been to my old home yet. Yes, I had a shitty childhood but I can't blame the whore my mother was for everything. I think I was just born this way. Watching her with those men though sure gave me ideas. There is a painting in my home of my favourite place in the world. However, that one is fake, merely a copy that was given to us. I did see the original one being sold to Jamie Cross, whom I fucked too. I made sure she had it up at Heathenesque. Find it in time and you still have a chance to save your Mommy and Daddy dearest... Kisses, S.M. ' 
FUCKING SICK PSYCHO BITCH! She's playing me hard here and I have no chance but to play this stupid game until my parents are safe. Going to Heathenesque at Industrial Port (208,71,27) NOW!

All the best paintings hang over a warming fire.
I'm inspecting this painting and I don't see anything unusual. Oh, wait a minute.. it looks like this has been painted over something! I'm going back to my office to get my paint stripper and see about this!

DAY TWENTY-FIVE: Paint Stripper
Blood Letters HUD v1.0: Omg, it is an actual place! And not too far from her home. I'm traveling there now: Consignment (68,124,3949)

DAY TWENTY-FIVE: Fortune Cookie

11/25/2014 2:10SLT: Currently the game has some issues in the edngame - and the cypher has been found - but once you've reached this point you can afford to be patient in getting the final 25 prizes in the endgame area. I'll update this once the game has been stabalized.

Endgame: B H D E C C G H

I don't know where this is taking me, but I'm pretty confident this is the way to go!  

You are teleported to a sky area with the barn. Walk over to it and find the trap door in the floor which leads to an entirely frustrating set of tunnels. Once you find your way to the end (the best clue I can give is that going through doors is good, but try to not go in circles - which are possible in this maze) you will find a large, mechanized room with your parents in cages. A pink note on the floor is from the Mantis.

OMG, my parents are trapped up there! How do I get them out?! They are going to drown!
I see some device... I should inspect that closer.

Good luck Detective! By the time you're reading this, I'll be long gone. It's time I go underground for a bit and perfect my Masterplan, You will hear from me soon. Kisses, SM
The final solution hinges on the pawns stuck into various orifie in the victims. I may have included the letters in this post for people who don't want to leave the end of the maze at this point.

Congratulations, Detective! You saved your parents! Not only that but ...

And you're teleported to the prize area. There are images of the prizes on some of the doors in the cold room, so you can pick and chose - something I'm really glad they kept from the last hunt. Other than that, the story simply ends, the Mantis is gone, all of her taunts came to naught, and your parents are alive.

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