Monday, April 8, 2013

How NOT to Pick up a Chick in Second Life - Episode 10

Hollow Trunk

Oh my gods, it's been so long since this happened last, I was almost bouncing when I got the initial IM, expecting where it would end up. He was almost a classic case; his profile was completely empty except for some dating sim groups, he was only a little over a month old, he was over a hundred meters away from me, he clearly hadn't looked at my profile much less read it, and he was completely incapable of anything resembling a conversation, up to and including spelling three letter words.

[I Luv Bling]: hey baby
Deoridhe Quandry: Hello.
[I Luv Bling]: how r u?
Deoridhe Quandry: I'm doing pretty well. How are you?
[I Luv Bling]: im cool ty
Deoridhe Quandry: That's nice.
[I Luv Bling]: how is the day going on
Deoridhe Quandry: It's going well.
[I Luv Bling]: hmm nice to see u
Deoridhe Quandry: Your ability to see from 100 meters away is impressive.
[I Luv Bling]: sry nice to hear
[I Luv Bling]: can i see u
Deoridhe Quandry: If you're using a graphical browser, you definitely can.
[I Luv Bling]: can u teleport me to ur place
Deoridhe Quandry: What do you mean "my place"? And why?
[I Luv Bling]: to see u
Deoridhe Quandry: We're on the same sim. If you know your way around, you can find me. I'm in public.
[I Luv Bling] tries to teleport you
Deoridhe Quandry: I don't want to teleport to you, thank you.

He stopped contacting me, and indeed left the sim we were in, as soon as I flat out refused to do what he wanted. I suppose, if his eventual goal was a minute on poseballs with my naked avatar like I expect, this sort of sorting through people makes sense; he wants someone compliant and obedient, not someone who has an identity and opinions. Like usual, like always it seems, the kind of men prone to sending these IMs aren't interested in meeting other people, they're interested in whatever they can get and drop you as soon as you don't conform to their will. It's sad, really.

Burning Hearts

I want to contrast this with another conversation, at the same place, this one in open chat. This person was also male, also about a month old, and approached me while I was posing on one of the entry levels of the sim I was in. In contrast to [I Luv Bling], he spoke to me in open chat and was in the same general area as I was when he approached me. Similarly, though, his profile was nearly empty.

[Newbie]: Greetings Deoridhe
Deoridhe Quandry: Hello.
[Newbie]: What year is it here?
Deoridhe Quandry: Year? Huh?
[Newbie]: Is this place futuristic?
Deoridhe Quandry: It looks it to me, I'm not sure.
[Newbie]: I see so you are wandering around as well
Deoridhe Quandry: Yes, I'm taking pictures.
[Newbie]: cool
[Newbie]: sorry to bother you
Deoridhe Quandry: It's all right. I'm not sure this is an rping sim, though. It seems to be more of a decorative store.
Deoridhe Quandry: There were no RP rules at the landing point that I saw.
[Newbie]: RP rules?
[Newbie]: role playing rules?
Deoridhe Quandry: For a roleplaying sim. Most of them have roleplaying rules and a brief notecard on history.
[Newbie]: I see
Deoridhe Quandry: At least all the rps I've been in.
[Newbie]: not sure what a roleplaying sim is but thanks
Deoridhe Quandry: This one had a notecard welcoming machinima makers and photographers.
[Newbie]: Please forgive my ignorance
[Newbie]: : )
Deoridhe Quandry: It's a sim where you roleplay - where you have a character and act out it's story with other people.
[Newbie]: oh cool ty
Deoridhe Quandry: As opposed to all of Second Life, which is usually not roleplay though it can be.
[Newbie]: Well, I am off to further explore. btw, we can buy L$?
Deoridhe Quandry: Yes, you can with money.
Deoridhe Quandry: You have to sign up with paypal or a credit card.
[Newbie]: i see thank you
Deoridhe Quandry: You're welcome.
[Newbie]: bye
Deoridhe Quandry: Here, have my new resident kit. It can help. ^.^
[Newbie]: thanks
Deoridhe Quandry: You're welcome. Have fun

Notice the difference. Notice the comments about where we were, direct questions in response to what I said, the interest in our surroundings and in learning more, and the complete lack of reliance on me being obedient or doing what he wanted. This is called a conversation. This is how to approach someone in public. He still didn't pick me up, but I'm - like - made of lead and you need a lot of strength to actually pick me up.

River Dance

( More pictures here. )


Skin: De La Soul, Aestali - Cream Rose
Eyes: De La Soul, RooMee Eyes - Rainbow
Ears: Illusions, Seelie
Eyelashes 1: SLink, Mesh Lashes
Eyelashes 2: Flugeln Brise, 05-A
Eyeliner: cheLLe, Cleo Called Teal
Lipstick: Mock, Glasside Lip - Flame Pea x2
Hair: Secrets Hair, Hollow - Nordic (promotional item)
Hat: Lode, BitterSweet
Wings: Fancy Fairy, Azarelle
Dress: The White Armory, Lasting Impressions
Hands: SLink, Mesh Hands
Gloves: Adam n Eve, Opera Gloves
Glove Ends: Eclectica, Swoon - ebony
Shoes: G Field, Square-toe Shoes

Poses: Glitterati

Location: Natural mignon Colore
Light Settings: Places Greed
Water Settings: Mirror Glass

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping, only


  1. Classic! I'm always pleased to get folks who talk to me like the second person. Really, I just want to be treated like a person, and not a blowup doll. Is that so much to ask? ... Hmm, maybe I should find a link to an SL blowup doll on the Marketplace and start posting that to those who are looking for them but just don't know ;)

    By the way, beautiful images and style. That dress! <3

  2. Is the sim that mister nice and you talked about the one in your photos? The one in the photos is gorgeous! Really fit with that amazing gown you have on.

    If its not the sim in the photos I'd like to know what one it was so I can take a looksee.

  3. Excellent piece here; I truly can't believe some of the nimrods and their approaches. (Shaking head)

  4. Thanks so much for blogging the new jewelry! Gorgeous place and pics <3

  5. I so know, Rue! That's how I feel too - the idea of sending them a blow up doll appeals, I'm afraid! And thank you; I always love your praise!!

    Softpaw, it's a different sim, the one I covered in an older post, but I had just done another post like this one - How Not to Communicate - and I like to vary what I put out so that it's more interesting.

    I know, Harper! I feel the same way. What is increasingly amazing to me is how similar they all are!

    I'm so glad you like the pictures, Ivey; you're so sweet to comment!