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Fantasy Faire: The Bard Queen's Song Quest, Part Two

Morbus: The Long View
For those who missed it - Part One is here.

Main Quest >> Locate the Bard Queen in Morbus

This is a lot easier than one might expect - no caves or going very far; the Bard Queen is just inside the border. Walk up, click on her, and another video will start - again, there are links to YouTube if it doesn't load in world. She doesn't look or feel well, but she can make the potion to help herself at the top of the tower if we clear the way for her. She even calls Farion brave - which embarrasses him! And now it's on to the puzzle-solving half of the Quest - this time getting the Bard Queen where she needs to go!

Main Quest >> Find the entrance to the cave

Farion: Ouch, right in the ribs! Pole all you like, mate, but I don't know any more than you do right now.

Farion is no help here. Touch him and he just complains to you! The trick is to follow the dragon bones instead of the river, and look for something that looks out of place compared to the rest. And note I pluralized bones - there are two sets, so if you find the second one, you're on the right track. Don't get caught up in the brambles, either; just follow the line of open ground around.

Farion: Well, isn't that just typical! Some idiot's had the lock off! And judging by the tracks round the bottom of the door here, I'd say the local wildlife had it away with the bits... Hopefully we can find 'em all and get 'em back together so we can get through here.

Main Quest >> Find all the pieces of the maze's key

You might have seen some weird shaped things on your way here. Yeah. Them. This time don't avoid the brambles - they're phantom anyway - and retrace your steps before heading wider. Luckily, all of the key pieces are on this side of the river, so it cuts down the hunting area. Also, don't go into any triangular caves you might find - you'll get stuck in the ground!!

Finding the last key triggers a puzzle minigame to put the lock back together - and I love this move from having the minigames in world to in the HUD. In world offers more verisimilitude, yes, but it caused a ton of log-jams in the past, and some real frustration on the parts of players. Having it in the HUD keeps the interactive game aspects while ending the fight for limited resources. Having in-world effects overlap also helps, and means we all get the relish each others' successes!

Farion: Nice one! Right, let's get all this back to the door, open 'im up and see what we can do about this maze, alright?

Main Quest >> Cross the maze and find the laboratory

Farion: Lovely. Now, keep your 'ead down and let's try not to attract any unwanted attention, eh? Herself said there's nasties round here, so if it's all the same to you I'd quite like to get through this without having to fight one off.

This is a maze which can be solved with the "put your hand on the wall and make the same turn" method, or the "turn randomly and hope for the best" method, but it's fairly straightforward; no elaborate layers of maze! You'll end up underwater halfway through because we're heading over to the other side of the sim, and that ominous castle looming over it all.

Morbus: Caves
Farion: Got here in the end, eh? Could be worse, we could have forgotten... to... bring... um... Ehhhhhh - gotcha! Nah, mate, we're good: let's get in there and make ourselves a cocktail.

Main Quest >> Prepare the potion

Morbus: Alchemist Laboratory
Farion: So, we've got all the bits - we just need to mix 'em up properly. First ob is to grind everything you can and put the powders into jars, which some helpful soul has left out on the bench for us. All it says here, though, is: 'Herbs, Apple, Flour, Berry, Cordial, Orange' What's fruit got to do with it? Anyway, you have a crack at that and I'll see if there's anything - ooh, a spell book! I reckon we'll be having that, then...

Click on the large cauldron in the corner, and suddenly you're wearing it! There are sound effects, to, which make it a lot of fun if you have a crowd; when I walked in and saw people wearing their cauldrons, I about lost it laughing! On the table is a recipe with a bunch of words missing.

Preparation for Bartleman's Ma........................
...ind herbs and gra.... a mortar an...................
................ace into mixing vessel.......................
....the gems to by
....nto a preheated cauldron, add.....order.........
....flours then her......en cordi.............................
.....stir 1...accordin.............................................
...ake potion off heat and let...............................

Grinding things up happens first, and if you try to grind up the wrong thing...
You hear a dry chuckle, and something whispers 'Really?' or Maybe in a different order. of A dry, ghostly voice says, 'Obviously, not a professional...'
This makes it a series of trial and errors which isn't difficult at all. You can't make an error in this case, and the abbreviated recipe can give you some guidance.
Farion: Sneaky lot, alchemists? Now, what do we do about the rest? The spell book here shows a flame, then a rainbow that says "Violet, Indigo." Wazzat, eh? Then... four arrows to the left?... a couple mushrooms... and a flame again?
Once you've emptied your horns and stirred, Farion steps in again.
Farion: Okay, here go the mushrooms into the pot... So much trouble to get, don't want to forget these! And... done! Seriously, you'd never 'ave pulled this off without me. Right, then - continue!
There are a few more steps - Farion gave the clues above, and remember you can turn the flames on and off! Once you complete it to the dry, ghostly voice's satisfaction you get a triumphant chime and the potion is done!

Farion: And there we go - easy as that, we've save the Fairelands. Nice one, hero! Now, the boss said there was a portal at the top of this here tower that she'd use to get us all home, so let's get out of here before something goes wrong.

Morbus: Unexpected Enemy

Farion: I said BEFORE something goes wrong! Honestly, doesn't anybody listen to me? And the Queen's in no shape to take on something that size by herself, so we've best get in and give her a hand. Let's see what we've got here... catapult? Probably not. Dagger... No. Oh - spell book! Let's see what that can do for us!
Bard Queen: See if you can interrupt its roar so my song can get through!
Farion: Right you are, Boss! Let's try this...

Main Quest >> Help the Bard Queen

Cast three spells to distract the beast and help the Bard Queen strike it down

Each spell is composed of 3 steps:
1. Summon a helpful entity
2. Praise the entity and/or describe the spell type
3. Describe the spell's purpose

The wrong answer will send you flying and have Farion chiding you; I suffer, so you don't have to!
Farion: Come on! What was that? - Quick, let's return and start over - we don't have much time left!
Farion: I fail to see the purpose of that spell... We should return and start all over...
Farion: Please! Concentrate! Try to use an actually efficient spell next time! 
Each "loss" is a reset and you have to do three attacks again, so don't be surprised by that. Also, you can use the extra clues floating over the monster's head; they're quite helpful. You're invoking three different gods to do three different effects, then have the Bard Queen attack; if you chose to do nothing, literally nothing happens, so make each spell count!

>>Lonely lady of the mountain
>>>>graceful is your embrace

>>>>eternal is your frozen beauty

>>>>keeper of the great fortress
>>>>>>BLESS this creature with your grace!
>>>>>>bring upon us the gift of WINTER!
>>>>>>accept our OFFERING!
Farion: You're... freezing him? Not bad!
Select an action:
>> Ask the Bard Queen to attack!
Farion: The beast is slowed down! It is your chance, my lady! Ha ah! Take that!
>> Do nothing!

>>Oh eternal god of the sun
>>>>shepherd of the great fire
>>>>master of the burning blinding light
>>>>nemesis of the great shadow
>>>>>>SCORCH our enemies!
>>>>>>bring LIGHT to our paths!
>>>>>>bring our enemies ILLUMINATION!
Farion: A blinding spell? Well thought!
Select an action:
>> Ask the Bard Queen to attack!
Farion: My Lady! Take this chance! Attack the beast! EXCELLENT!
>> Do nothing!

>>Great guardian of the forest
>>>>great servant of creation
>>>>protector of the green
>>>>shepherd of root, twig, and leaves
>>>>>>EMBRACE this servant of darkness!
>>>>>>PROTECT your loyal subjects!
>>>>>>EXTERMINATE this tormenting plague!
Farion: Oh my! That may actually work!
Select an action:
>> Ask the Bard Queen to attack!
Farion: Not it's your chance, my lady! - Strike that beast! Fantastic!!!
>> Do nothing!

Main Quest >> Get your rewards!

Defeating the monster starts another cut scene with you waking up in bed with Farion and the Bard Queen - with those helpful YouTube links for people who are lagging in world.

In the scene you "wake up" with the Bard Queen looking a bet better, Fairon decides to stay on as your companion for a while, and you're directed to the treasure room.

Morbus: Happy Dance!

I loved the emphasis on how the Bard Queen saved herself with our assistance, instead of us saving her. That really reinforced the idea that we defeat The Unweaver together, and that the person being attacked by the Unweaver is an active participant in defeating it. For people who have done these quests as long as I have, this is particularly powerful since the Bard Queen was under attack this time. She's been a constant in every quest, usually presented as an implacable force for goodness and light without any weaknesses, so having her be targeted by the Unweaver made it really personal.

I do like the presents, of course, but it's the story and games which bring me back to the Fantasy Faire Quest year after year. I hope you enjoyed taking this journey along with me, and I'll see you next faire!!

Morbus: The Lower Steps

Main Quest >> ~The End~
We hope you had fun.


Skin: .:Soul:., Ceredil Special Edition Hyacinth (Fantasy Faire: Mudrana)
Hair: Exile, Dangerous
Eyes: .:Soul:., Oculos
Eyelashes 1: SLink, Mesh Lashes
Eyelashes 2: Flugeln Brise, 05-A
Ears: .:Soul:., Uni
Body: Slink, Hands & Feet
Wings: Deviance, Sidhe
Particles: Cole's Corner, Song of Sakura
Clothing: Silvan Moon Designs, The Fairelands Traveler Tunic Set (Fantasy Faire)

Pose: AO
Location: Morbus
Windlight Settings: TOR, MIDDAY Londonisk
Water Settings: Glassy

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping


  1. Thankyou so much! Your entire guide, part one and two, were so very helpful I doubt I would have made it without it.

    1. I'm so glad you found them helpful! Thanks for stopping by. ^.^

  2. Iam struggling with the potion making it with autism the instructions are so compilcated I can't understand any of it T.T

    1. The trick is to go with trial and error. It will tell you when you do something wrong, so try something else. If you still have problems, you can IM me in world and tell me where you are and I can help. <3

  3. I love that you did a guide again this year. But the good news is, I was able to do it all this year on my own, with the exemption of the start. I loved this year quest! So happy I was able to get it done on the last day, no problems. ^^/