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Fantasy Faire: The Bard Queen's Song Quest, Part One

Fairelands Junction: Questing Faerie

You can purchase the HUD for the game at the landing point of every sim; there's a deluxe version which comes with an outfit (350$L) and a simple version which comes with just the HUD (250$L). The deluxe version comes with instructions on how to Redeem the included gift card are included. The gift card itself is no-copy, so you have to rez the box in world in order to remove it. When you wear it, it will direct you to teleport to Fairelands Junction, where the quest begins.

A couple of notes - one, you can save the game manually using the "setup" button, and I recommend you do so. Two, it's worth it to drop your graphics down quite a bit; the Fairelands are full of people, and that can slow you down significantly. Thirdly, the hints really do help - read them a couple of times and they should do well by you.

Main Quest: >> Meet Farion in Fairlands Junction

You'll land at the main drop spot, without a Farion in sight. Thankfully he's nearby - face away from the room with the sim teleports and you can see him on a white bridge. He's a lot smaller than you might be expecting, so when you get to the signpost, look up! When you click on Farion, a video will load on your screen with some additional links to the YouTube Source of it. Farion will fill you in on what has been going on with the Bard Queen lately, and it's not looking quite as good as it could be. She's been gone for a couple of days, and Farion and 'the lads' need help to find the ingredients for a special potion to give her a pick-me-up.

Farion: "So, you're in, right? Willing to step up and do the decent thing, right? There might even be a bit of the old 'Thanks very much' in it for you if you play your cards right. What do you say?"
You reply:
>> Yes - let's do it!
Farion: "Phew, that's a relief. Right, let's get you tooled up, then. Stick these on and you'll be right as rain. And I s'pose I might as well tag along and all, just in case you need a hand or something. No disrespect - you look like you can handle yourself and all - but a bit of the old local colour might come in handy. Right! Off to Kakushi Pasu, I reckon: If anyone knows the best place to start it'll be old Barnabas."
>> No - I don't have time right now...
Farion: "Oh. Well, please yourself, but you know where I am if you change your mind. I mean, it's only the Bard Queen we're talking about here, so you carry on ith whatever you were doing... I s'pose I'll find someone else who's up for a bit of the old fortune and glory. Enjoy your day in the Fairelands, stranger - y'know, while they're still here."[/guilt trip]
Fairelands Junction: Forest Floor

Secondary Quest >> Find all the chests hidden in the Fairelands
If you've already gone around the Fairlands a little, you might have already seen these dotting the countryside. They're in different places from the items you'll be looking for on the main quest, but they aren't difficult to find. Finding or not finding them doesn't affect the quest overall, but each has an exclusive gift available only through the chest, so it's definitely worth checking them out! I found it worked best to do both hunts simultaneously; Farion responds differently depending on whether you find the chest or the ingredient first. Guess which is which!
Farion: You found it - not bad, not bad. Hey, listen - if you haven't found the hidden treasure in this land yet, this is a good opportunity to do it - thought, you can perfectly do it later...
Farion: Those are some good hunting skills mate... Perhaps you could put them into use and find the items for the potion... you know, LIKE YOU PROMISED? Or, just continue treasure hunting... it's not like the world may end, IS IT?
Farion: Well done buddy - let's go to the next land!

Faireland Junction: Chest
Chest: Farion: Before we push on, I want to show you a bit of a thank-you for helping me. I mean, sure, I could do it on my own, y'know, but... anyway, so there's this treasure nearby! On top of some mushrooms, for security purposes... Pretty sure nobody has their eye on it. First we sneak through that building there and up the stairs and... did I say sneak? Right... um... that was from the old days. I meant walk bold as brass, like true citizens of the Fairelands!
Gift: Balderdash, Prism Post

Fairelands Junction: Lonely Journey

Main Quest >> Visit Barnabas at Kakushi Pasu
Thankfully, every game HUD has a teleport list so going from sim to sim is a lot easier than it might otherwise be.Use this to head over to Kakushi Pasu and be careful to not fall off the wall! When you click on Farion he'll give you a hint - and this is something that will be consistent throughout the quest.
Farion: "Right! We need to find Barnabas! He'll probably be somewhere resting against a tree, the lazy blighter - and staring at the floating lanterns, all mazed, Can't blame the fella, they shine so bright. But... shh now, let's sneak behind the dragon's back, I sort of, might possibly, maybe owe him money. Let's stay on the side of town that he doesn't watch, right?"

"The dragon" is floating high above, so look up to get your bearings.

Barnabas: "Ah, Farion, it's you again, is it? Well, I told you already that I'm not getting you or your 'lads' any more of that wormwood cordial - it rots your brain, you know!

Farion: What? No, it's not that! I mean, I don't know what... Anyway, crashing on: me and my mate here are looking to make up a batch of the old Mage's Rvivifier and I figured you'd be just the chap to ask about it.

Barnabas: And just what would you be wanting with that, young Farion, hmm? Funny that you should ask me about it in the same week as the Bard Queen did, I'd say. Needs a hand, does she?

Farion: No, not at all. It's just a bit of, um, academic curiosity, innit? You keep saying I should pay more attention to this stuff, and since this nice adventurer asked me about it I thought I'd tag along - y'know, observe a bit...

Barnabas: Is that so? Well I know you, Farion Sunbreeze, and if there's a chance for learning the only place I'd be likely to see you doing it is in the taverns. Something's up and no mistake, but since she asked before you I'll help... If you're going to make Bartleman's Mage Revivifier you'll need ... various ingredients: the herbs, the gems, the cordials, and the grains. Mix them in an alchemist's cauldron and you'll have your potion.

Farion: Easy! So... where do we get all that, then?
Kakushi Pasu: First Sight

You think:
>> "Will they ever stop talking?"

>> "Better pay attention to what they're saying..."
Barnabas: You go out and gather them, idiot!

Farion: Yeah, yeah, why doesn't that surprise me? Look, that's a lot of stuff, mate. You haven't got a list or something, have you?

Barnabas: That's what I meant about rotting your brain, young pixie. Here you are, my notes on what to get and how to out it all together. At least try and pay attention, would you?

Farion: Alright, fine, we'll get looking. Honestly, with all the magic around here you'd think we could have some kind of delivery service or something.

Barnabas: And if you ever get off your idle behind and decide to make something of yourself, there's a golden opportunity for you! Now go and get on with it: she didn't look well, you know.
Farion: I don't know what you're talking about.

Barnabas: You always were a rotten liar, young pixie, Go on, be off with the pair of you!
Once Barnabas is done talking you can close the chat bar and a list of ingredients will be added to your HUD. I've rearranged them so that you can walk the circuit starting at Faireland Junction (for the first chest), but you can also use the HUD to teleport from sim to sim and look for each one - up to you!

If you click on the name of each item, Farion gives you some background on each ingredient. Each name and sim will go paler as you pick up the items, so it's easy to see what you've accomplished and what you haven't. Click on the small pink arrow at the bottom of the sheet for a list of just the sims. Clicking each sim name will trigger Farion giving you a second hint, this time for the chest. Again, as you find each chest they go pale, and Farion will either chide you from getting distracted from your Quest or impatiently praise you depending on whether you find the ingredient or the chest first.

Kakushi Pasu: Literature Buff

Anansi: Bitterwort Cordial

Ingredient: Farion: We need some bitterwort cordial as the base of the potion. Good stuff. Cures even hairy toes, it does. Also works well as an apee-ritiv, if you wanna be posh.Anyways, the one thing I know about it is that it needs to be kept cool. The second thing I know is that everyone wants it, so it'll be hidden. Think cool flowing water thoughts.

Chest: Farion: I spy a theme here. Y'see, the Trickster probably reckons no one will look in the same-ish place twice, but he can't fool me, nope! There'll be treasure at the end of the waterfall, or I'm an orc.
Gift: Boaty McClownface Mask from Beq and Liz

Anansi: Off to the Side

Egregore: Sprouted Barley

Ingredient: Farion: You know how to make sprouted barley? You take a bag of barley and toss in water, and Bob's yer uncle! What? It's true!
Chest: Farion: See the ride over there? Folds pay to go around in circles, and while they're busy with that, there's just one tiny obstacle between us and the treasure they clearly didn't need. Hope you're not afraid of balloons, matey.
Gift: Farkles from Egregore

Egregore: Blossoming

Kakushi Pasu
Chest: Farion: Psst. Psst! Barnabas wasn't staring at the lanterns, the clever git, he was keeping his eye on a treasure! Lets take a little walk toward the houses, just a casual stroll, hum a tune... nothing odd going on here... there, behind the sign!
Gift: Kakushi Chigi Bridge

Kakushi Pasu: Drifting

San Mora
Farion: Hey, wait a minute, is it here?... YES, IT IS!... Listen, last I heard there was an old mucker of mine hanging around here and she might have picked up an interesting tidbit or two about what's going on. Since we've not seen a sign of Herself about yet I'm getting a bit nervous, to be honest, and a scout like her tends to... hear things....

Main Quest >> Visit Harmony at San Mora
Farion: Alright, Harm? how's it going?
Harmony: Alright, Fazza? Got my money then, have you?
Farion: Yeah, about that...
Harmony: That's a no, isn't it?
Farion: Um, yeah.
Harmony: Yeah you've got my money, or yeah it's a no?
Farion: Um, no.

You think...
>> "A Fairy with money problems... priceless..."

>> "Poor guy doesn't seem to be very popular here."
Harmony: Right, then you probably want to be getting on with that.
Faron: Look, Harm, we've got a bit of a thing going on, and I could really use your -
Harmony: No. I told you last time that I don't give credit, and this is where it's got us. Now either cough up or get lost.
Farion: -
Harmony: Look, sunshine: you and your mate can clear off, right? The last thing I need is a couple of deadbeats hanging around making the place look untidy. Go chase your Bard Queen down a cave or something.
Farion: Down a cave? What cave?
Harmony: If you can't settle your accounts, mate, tough. All I'm saying is your guv'nor looked like she was right up the creek, so you'd better get yourself sorted - know what I mean? Now get lost before I decide to lose you.
Harmony: I have nothing else to tell you - please, leave me alone...
San Mora: Thistle
Ingredient: Farion: Good old thistle. Always reliably unpleasant and useful. My sources - well, fine, my uncle's shop assistant - says she saw some growing next to a completely abandoned building, where she could almost smell the desert sands. She didn't stay. She said the walls told her not to.
 Chest: Farion: I like abandoned places. Always full of stuff no one wants anymore! See that contraption that used to fly? 'n that boat? Bet my Aunt Nellie they were trying to haul off some juicy goods, but failed... And I say it's our duty as respectable Faireland citizens to investigate!
Gift: Death Row Designs, San Mora Water Tower

San Mora: Unexpected Noises

Fallen Sands: Wild Carrot

Ingredient: Farion: Wild carrots grow only in the desert. In good soil you get tame, docile carrots not worth a fig in a potion. For magic, you need the wildest, fiercest carrots imaginable! They've got these lacy white flowers, prettier than you'd think for bunny-fodder. But still the good ones are tough - they don't go for water or shadows. They like solid rock.
Chest: Farion: Now that I think on it, my cousin's sister's neighbor told me once that there's treasure in the desert - look now, I made a rhyme! So, right, the treasure. it's guarded by spirits who've got these huge metal clank birds...
Gift: UI Hunting Desert Vulture

Fallen Sands: Toe Contemplation

Opal Flight: Honey Calcite

Ingredient: Farion: When I was a wee pixie I broke my tooth on a honey calcite. Turns out they're not made out of honey. Who knew! What makes 'em easy to find is they radiate their crystally aura stuff so that everything around 'e, goes the same colour. Fancy, eh? Also, they dissolve in water - better stick to the path.
Chest: Farion: So, y'ever heard about Realm Corners? Very magical things, those. It's where the auras of three realms connect under the Faireland sun. Treasure can be found there, my granny told me. And she wouldn't lie to her Farion!
Gift: Octopus riding dolphin, paths

Opal Flight: In Midair

Mudrana: Freshwater Pearl

Ingredient: Farion: The best freshwater pearls come from the pools of Mudrana. The problem is that the Frog King owns them all. Technically. Sort of. I'm sure he won't mind if we borrow one for the Bard Queen! His sight int he right eye is a bit worse than the left, and if we angle things so that the lilypods are between us... there! Just out of water!

Chest: Farion: The good thing about the Frog King's eyes is that he's got only two and they both point forward! None on the back of his head, no sirree! I reckon there might be treasures set so they can't sink into the swamp. Let's have a look!
Gift: DDDF Midrana PondGlobe

2017-04-27 Quest_022

The Spirit Pool: Ghost Wild Rice
You will have to get wet for this one.
Ingredient: Farion: Next we need ghost wild rice, the only rice to survive the frigging salt sea, favorite of sushi-loving mermaids everywhere. I heard they're planning a posh party near the broken pillar - black tail, y'know - so we should make a splash!
Chest: Farion: Sweet, sweet air! Nothing like breathing. Mermaids all good for the ol' eyes, but all that water... gah. At least they have those teleporters these days... and y'know, sometimes they work a bit iffy... And sometimes, perfectly good stuff drops off the edge. What d'you say we have a look?
Gift: The Spirit Pool Gift

The Spirit Pool: Happy Strut

The Rose: Pigeon's Blood Ruby
This is higher than the hint implies.
Ingredient: Farion: Now, here's where it gets tricky. Pigeon's blood rubies are not rubies doused in pigeon blood, 's just a slanderous lie spread by the Unweaver. Instead they're blood red rubies carried around by fae pigeons. We'd need wings to catch one! Unless one of them has dropped hers... maybe we check near the canals, they love to watch the sea and are drawn to the lanterns like moths to the... well y'know, same thing.
Chest: Farion: So if there's rubies among these rose petals, I bet my pixie ears there'll be more treasure somewhere... and I bet it's up. Big fellas always put Good Stuff up. Try in the garden, he's clearly obsessed with roses.
Gift: Fallen Gods, Jardin du Roi, Real Scale

The Rose: Over the Edge

Dawn's Promise: Heather Honey Cordial

Ingredient: Farion: Mmm, heather honey cordial... now we're talking! For the potion, I mean. Very good for the potion. Also for picnics. Excellent for picnics. I remember one with that little fairy I knew, yes, she was special... now, what was her name...?
Chest: Farion: Gotta love these peaceful realms, right? Folk coming from The Hill to trade just casually leave their stuff about, thinking they don't want to carry it and they'll pick it up later. Course, then they forget all about it. Let's have a look!
Gift: Music Box

Dawn's Promise: Attic Life

The Hill: Morel Mushrooms

Ingredient: Farion: Well, this is a no-brainer, right? Morel mushrooms. Forest. ...actually, a lot of forest. Um. At least it won't be next to the houses, no mushroom survives there without being put into a sauce. 
Chest: Farion: Just look at that! There's a party in the worlds if ever I saw one. Nice stuff. Y'know, no one's going to notice if we just happen to walk by that field and... locate some items of our particular interest. Come on, matey, just a peek!
Gift: The Hill Globe

The Hill: A Spot in the Shade

Raven's Perch: Blood Orange Cordial
Ingredient: Farion: Blood orange cordial is hat you get when you make oranges bleed. Very cruel toward fruit, but one of the essential ingredients for this potion. They say the Raven Queen sips it when she visits the Lady of the Roses. Still can't bear to look at her, the Queen can't, but she does visit.
Chest: Farion: Now, word on the corner's always been that the Raven Queen hides her treasure under a tree, by some hills warmer than her own realm. While we're here, we should take a peek! Carefully, we don't have time to sleep in crystals!
Gift: Raven's Perch, Magic Stone

Raven's Perch: Thorny Recline

Chaddul Ro: Northland Oats
Ingredient: Farion: Northland oats make the strongest brews in the Fairelands. Just a whiff can make you pass out! ...a friend said so. They grow only in the Orc lands, so we have to be careful... They need a lot of water to infuse all that goodness, so let's check near the shores.
Chest: Farion: You know what I like about orcs? Except their brews. Predictability. Sure, I can spell that. There'll be treasure guarded in the highest of towers, mark my words.
Gift: Roanwood, The Banners of Chaddul Ro

Chaddul Ro: Feeling Spikey

Main Quest >> Return to Farion in Faireland Junction
 Farion: Alright, buddy, looks like we've got what we need - nice one! Now look, I've got to, y'know, check in with a few people, see the lads, 'ave a bit of a team huddle if you know what I mean... Do us a favour and sort your own way back o Junction, will you? I'll catch up with you there.

When you find Farion again and click on him, it will trigger another video for you to watch. Farion has been doing some investigating and found that the Bard Queen was last seen in Morbus, running from a raiding party of the Unweaver. We don't know if she's hiding or captured, so Farion wants to go looking for her - and he wants our help!

Fairelands Junction: Balderdash

Main Quest >> Talk to Farion - Make your decision

Farion: ... like I said, I'm going down there. Someone's got to go and it looks like the fates have decided it's gonna be me. I know it's a ig ask, but... will you come with me? 

You reply: 
>> Yes - let's save the Queen!
Farion: Wow. Really? Wow. Cheers, mate - seriously. I wouldn't have nlamed you for backing out, to be honest: Morbus isn't exactly a tourist spot at the best of times. But we'll crack it, we will. Alright, get yourself organized and let's go! Yip yip! - To the adventure!

>> No - Maybe another time...
Farion: "Oh. Well I don't suppose I can't blame you; you're only a tourist after all. But if you leave me the ingredients I'll give it a shot on my own. It's the old story, innit: the hero goes off to face his high and lonely destiny and tries not to get eaten in the process. Mind you, if I get out alive I'll be rich enough to sit under a mushroom all day drinking brandywine like olf 'Arry 'Opkins... Look, if you change your mind you can catch up with me here, preparing for the journey. No pressure, but so you know that's where I'll be. One lone fairy against the darkness... The Fairelands' last hope. Little Farion Sunbreeze against the Unweaver's hordes. No, no, don't worry. I'm sure I'll be fine. You go on and... tour, or... whatever." [/guilt trip]

Main Quest >> Locate the Bard Queen in Morbus


Skin: .:Soul:., Ceredil Special Edition Hyacinth (Fantasy Faire: Mudrana)
Hair: Exile, Dangerous
Eyes: .:Soul:., Oculos
Eyelashes 1: SLink, Mesh Lashes
Eyelashes 2: Flugeln Brise, 05-A
Ears: .:Soul:., Uni
Body: Slink, Hands & Feet
Wings: Deviance, Sidhe
Particles: Cole's Corner, Song of Sakura
Clothing: Silvan Moon Designs, The Fairelands Traveler Tunic Set (Fantasy Faire)

Poses: grafica
Location: Various Faireland Sims
Windlight Settings: TOR, MIDDAY Londonisk
Water Settings: Glassy

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping

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