Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Events: Burn2 - Carnival of Mirrors

Rainbows are the Star

Burn2 in Second Life is going on through the 25th of October. There are six sims - Deep Hole, Looking Glass, Limbo, Jade, Black Rock, and Frog Pond - all of them broken up into smaller camps created by individuals or small groups around the themes of Carnival and Mirrors. Each small area is a "camp" like on the actual Playa, but within Second Life - of course - people can come and go much more easily than offline, and so there are many fewer people to run across outside of scheduled events. There seem to always be a few knots of green on the mini-map, though, marking out places where people are gathering. Bits of road mark paths here and there, but you can make your own way between the camps spotting brilliance and bright lights alike.

Beside Myself

Without the larger context of Burning Man, it's much like a more disorganized SL Birthday sim - lots of individual creations pushed together among others, most of them not matching up in either color or theme. If you land on Deep Hole, there is more context to be had - in the form of information sources to click and greeters to greet.
 Mrs. Mia Wallace (Mia Quinote): HELLO
please touch  the info booth to your left and poster to your right for all the info you  need for the week event here at BURN2- also its a tradition to ring this bell ! if you are new to BURN2 Welcome Home! and BURN ON!!!
you can walk this way over the bridge behind me
The welcome package offers up the The Ten Principles of Burning Man, a notecard of landmarks to places of note, and some information about The Lamplighters both in the offline Burning Man and in Burn2. This year there is also bacon and a balloon sculpt as gifts.

Skyward from the Playa

There are ways in which the Second Life Burn hews more closely to the ten principals. In many ways, Second Life is very diverse - and in many ways it is not, but they are ways which mimic the segregation of the offline world. There is no cost to enter, either in terms of tickets or in terms of buying supplies to survive in an inhospitable area, but the money involved in it's creation each year is undeniable. There is no land to damage, either - the Second Life Burn2 is held on servers, and has no more adverse effect on the world than any other server. Self-expression is also easy in a world where we're made of vectors and pixels - and aside from emotional effects, safe. The other points are harder in Second Life, though - participation, for example; it is much easier to drop in and spectate, as I did, than it is in the offline Burning Man. I highly recommend you follow suit - you might even find yourself being parked into action!

Shattering Flame

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