Monday, October 5, 2015

Genre: The Rainbow Zone

Image Description: Distance shot of a winged faerie sitting on the top of a stack of chairs with a ladder-perch of a crow in the foreground. The stack of chairs is on a checkerboard colored floor, and three paintings hand in front of a rainbow void to one side.

Any world can be created in Second Life, even a rainbow version of the Twilight Zone, and the furniture and sets available at Genre this month make creating your own land of improbable geometry both easy and fun. Personally, I started with an amazing chess-and-clocks base from Black Tulip, which is stuffed full of poses as well as personality. The combo of lines and curves make taking pictures from every angle a blast, and I adore the tip-toeing across the top edges of things in particular - it really makes it charming and fun. It comes in black and white but can be tinted to many colors and is easy to dress up if you want a less minimalist style. I'd love to see it with chess pieces in particular, or perhaps some giant clocks. The details I added were similarly surreal, though - 22769 ~ [bauwerk] has both a ladder to nowhere and a stack of chairs to nowhere in their offerings this Genre, and each have a ton of thoughtful, reflective, and silly poses.

Image Description: Mid-range shock of a winged faerie from behind; her hair is backwards on her head, and a mask, bubbles, and butterflies explode from where her face would be.

I love these props for their whimsy and improbability: from the startling balance of each chair which defy gravity, to the quiet crow lurking at the top of the ladder, they offer multiple ways to showcase emotion and magic within the world of Second Life. The poses offer up windows into different moods and characters - from the pensive leaner, to the depressed moper, to acrobatic heights. Speaking of windows into worlds - one wall has windows included in the Black Tulip set, and I added a second wall using three paintings from Paper Moon whose movement is sadly difficult to capture in static images. Within each the clouds move with frenetic activity, light and dark intermixing beautifully. They have invisible backs, but if you make a wall as I did, in the Twilight Zone, you can double-place them and  get the same view from both sides! The final touch is also the only bit of color on my set - a Jack in the Box from Eclectica which can be sat within so you can startle your friends! It doesn't work quite as well when there is no ground, but the style and colors are such fun and I really wanted a spot of color besides the rainbow backdrop I created.

Image Description: On the left, a winged faerie leaning against a ladder, her wings reflecting rainbows. She's standing on a chessboard floor, paintings on the far end as if hanging on an invisible wall.

I wish I could say I went deliberately minimalist for my dress, but in truth I can only blame the designers for the combination of stark and extravagant. The only bit of color is on my head, an inverted hairstyle exploding with butterflies from The Stringer Mausoleum, and a good example of why I love her hair - they are so unique and inventive. The hair comes with the mask on it's own for a simpler look as well, but I loved the effect of literally seeing out of the back of my own head. It's dream logic in a single, striking effect. I carried that color through to the front on a lovely scarab necklace from Spyralle which is texture changeable in each of its component parts. I stuck to the blue and green ends of things, but there is also some lovely purple and you can mix and match carapace, jewels, and wings to match any outfit. I also have it on good authority that there are two other color sets recently released, so if you're more of a hot mama than a cool customer, you can still score the scarab for you.

Image Description: Closeup on legs and shoes walking on the top edge of a window hanging in midair. A hand with blue fingernails is in the foreground, out of focus.

My dress is a very neutral counterpart to all of this color, but the texturing is exquisite and I really like it's more unusual shape, with a very high neckline, simple back, and micro-mini. Drbc has made some canny decisions by not making the dress plunging in every direction - it adds a veneer of class and style to a dress which could have been more belt than dress in another designers hands. I'm not normally the micro-mini sort, but the fit of this is exquisite over my SLink body, and it also comes fitted for the basic mesh in a variety of sizes. I balanced tiny outfit with enormous wings in a similar color, so that the cream and brown could support all of that blue. These stained glass wings from Atomic Faery have an added appeal - from the right angles they reflect brilliant rainbows of color. I have no idea how it was done, but I dream of having a similar effect in a dress! My final touch were these simple and sweet shoes from Glamistry, which capture the dark gray lines of time on my dress while not covering too much skin. I love the options i have tinting these shoes, which allow for extensive mixing and matching and individual purchase of colors to add to their inventive HUDs.

Image Description: Midshot of a winged faerie wearing a tan dress with a spiral, clock-like pattern on it. A red and green jack-in-the-box is by her feet and she's leaning on a ladder.

( More pictures here. )


Skin: Izzie's, Irene
Hair: The Stringer Mausoleum, Dreamsplosion (Genre)
Ears: .:Soul:., High Elf
Wings: Atomic Faery, Stained Glass Faery Wings
Body: SLink, Hands & Feet
Nails: A:S:S, Tiara
Jewelry: Spyralle, Scarab of Eternity (Genre)
Outfit: drbc, lil' lottie - tick tock (Genre)
Anklet 1: BanananN, Bottles of Gwenc'hian
Anklet 2: Sax Shepherd Designs, Fairy Tale Tease
Shoes: Glamistry, Cynara Heels

Set: Black Tulip, No More Time (Genre)
Paintings: Paper Moon, Moving Photos (Genre)
Chairs: 22769 ~ [bauwerk], To the Moon and Beyond (Genre)
Ladder: 22769 ~ [bauwerk], Ladder to Oblivion (Genre)
Jack in the Box: Eclectica, 'It's a Good Life' (Genre)

Pose: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] or Black Tulip

Location: My Platform
Light Settings: Places, Abracadabra 3

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping

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