Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday Squee: The Realm of Ozryn

The Sunday Squee is when I can talk about things that make me happy and excited. The main focus will be on different things people created, from books to movies to television shows to podcasts, and my effort will be to highlight less commonly known things as a way to share what I love. If you want to join in the Sunday Squee, please link back to me so I can enjoy what you love!

Image Description: Landscape image of a river running to a grate next to a statue of a blindfolded woman.

The Realm of Ozryn (website :: sim) is a unique world with a lovely mix of events and free roleplaying and a truly fascinating cast of characters. It's been ages since I was last hip-deep in roleplay, and I'm enjoying myself thoroughly as the fae candy maker Deoridhe who lived through into a futuristic era before falling foul of the cataclysmic mixing of time and space which made this unique realm. The tech level is medieval - not due to any lack of skill on the part of the residents, but rather due to the mechanistic influence of the Auditors, who arrive to remove any sort of technology, and the lives of anyone who tries to get in their way. It's a fascinating conceit, mixing people from all kinds of different eras and forcing them to abide within primitive circumstances, and I love having a character who is both entirely magic and can reference Buffy the Vampire Slayer in open roleplay.

Image Description: Gathering of people near a well. In the foreground, a dark skinned woman wearing mostly fishing nets next to a faerie in formal dress. In the background, an elf and two infernum on the porch of a store.

The build on the main sim is gorgeous and combines a shocking number of different tonal areas. there is a single path which goes from one end of the sim to the other, with an offshoot by the city going into a second sim that is currently under construction - home to the fae and the beastkin at the very least. At the highest point is the Council Chamber with its surrounding sculpture garden. It has a hidden staircase through the Elven mountain fastness and a clear path through to the main town, Alkin Crossing. At the far end, a path takes one down into the Rooksvine Forest and on a winding path past Sel'Therin, the home of the Elves, and around towards the port shops and Hespar's Landing. The Landing itself is the sole port on the island, and just about anything can be found there so long as one remains on the right side of the Infernium dockmasters and guards. Below, in the depths, the mer congregate in the Veratos Depths, free from interference as all fishermen sale past the Ilryn Cove before dropping their hooks. There are also hidden holdings for the Drow in Denzzoteraan’kar, though only the bravest venture there!

Image Description: A stone wall with windows and doorways set into balconies along it; a waterfall goes over one side of it.

There are all sorts of races, too - from angels and demons to vampires and the desceased, and the world has a pre-set manner of encouraging mixing through the Council meetings, where representatives from each race discuss current events and their followers interact and give feedback at the end of the evening. I've not run into a sim which had this sort of in character gathering before, and judging by the first one on Saturday it multiplies storylines like fertilizer. It also undercuts the frequent racial isolation which can take over and fracture a sim, which I really appreciate, and it will be fun to see how it plays out over time. I hope more people will join us until the sim is really hopping! If I see you there, be sure to ask for a chocolate.

Image Description: In the foreground, an overhead view of a faerie with pink and rainbow hair floating over an infernium with eyes all over her body.

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