Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Meme: Sartorialist Challenge I

Ever interested in pushing us all off of our platforms and into the real grid, Strawberry gave us a Sartorialist Challenge, asking us all to find beautiful avatars in the wild, approach them, snap pictures and share them with the world on our blog. I had planned to eventually go to one of those social events, but I started by trying to catch up on my events - the holidays and illness conspired to put me behind - and while I was at the Totally Top Shelf event I ran across this charming doll named Tamarind Silverfall, decked out in her Collabor88 best!

Sartorialist Challenge: Tamarind Silverfall

I am an enormous fan of people who style the Coco Doll Avatar, especially when they go beyond the clothing made specifically for it and into more mainstream fashion. Silverfall does a gorgeous job here, adding delicate wings and a lovely dress and then finishing it off with masses of unicorn pastel accessories. It helped that her AO was also cute, with an easy flow which made taking pictures a lot of fun. I agree with Berry that this was a lot of fun, and I'll probably see if I can snap pictures of attractive avatars I spot in the wild in the future, too!

Sartorialist Challenge: Tamarind Silverfall

( More pictures here. )