Friday, March 14, 2014

Rokumeikan Bunny Hunt

RMK Hunt Bunny

The Roukumeikan Bunny Hunt happens every spring, and it is ingenious, tricky, and sometimes frustrating as can be believed - and a great deal of fun as well. Combining hunting with the randomness of gacha, tiny terrifying bunnies - or terbunnies - lurk all over the RMK sim with their cute little hops. They are physical, which means they bounce off of walls and sometimes get stuck in the floor, and sometimes they lead you on a merry chase across a field, and now and then - just as they are leaving to make mischief elsewhere - they drop a ticket. The tickets, like gacha items, are no copy and transferrable, so a great deal of exchanging goes on in the official exchanging area and in the group. Once dropped, the tickets may also be picked up by anyone within a 10 meter radius, so ticket sniping is possible for fun and profit.

RMK Gothic has a set landing point high in the sky with a disclaimer you walk through about the hunt; this concerns basics, like cooperating with others, being kind and limiting your scripts so that everyone's experience is enhanced.

Beyond the disclaimer is a set of stairs around a wall upon which Humpty Dumpty sits, handing out low lag costumes to wear if you want. They are rather clever, and there is some variation in which costumes are available; some are also more rare than others.

Once you're set with your low-lag outfit and lowered graphics, walk up the stairs around Humpty Dumpty and you'll find the rabbit hole without any difficulty. It's a very long drop, so enjoy the ride and see if you can pick up any marmalade as you're going.

Once you land, you are looking for tiny grey rabbits who hop around all over the sim - including in the Castle / Mall area where Roukumeikan's Main Store is. After a while, the bunny vanishes and leaves a touchable ticket behind; if you manage to touch it before anyone around you does, the prize ticket is yours. The drops are fairly random, so you will end up with extras of some and not enough of others, which is where trading and sharing with friends comes in. Very rarely there is a drop of a golden ticket - that can be used in any store which has a storybook prize in it.

Finding the book when you want to redeem your ticket can be almost as challenging as finding the bunnies. A few of the storybook redeemers are in the RMK Gothic Sim, but most are back at the store's Main Stores. I've linked to the location of the book for each name below; when it's on the RMK sim I've included that in brackets, since you can't teleport there but instead have to walk. 

1. RokumeikaN (RMK)
Outfit with bag
RMK Hunt 1: RokumeikaN

2. Theater Chain (RMK)
Hair and shoes
RMK Hunt 2: Theater Chain

3. Likka House
RMK Hunt 3: Likka House

4. WTG
Wonder Cards Short Boots
RMK Hunt 4: WTG

5. chocolate Atelier
Bra and Panties with Phat Azz Appliers
RMK Hunt 5: chocolate Atelier

6. ni.ju
Wearable / Rezzable Pocket Watch
RMK Hunt 6: ni.ju

7. Down Down Down
Wearable / Rezzable Elephant
RMK Hunt 7: Down Down Down

8. Room of AMO
Secret Secret Lingerie
RMK Hunt 8: Room of AMO

9. La Petite Fleur
Off the Shoulder Dress
RMK Hunt 9: La Petite Fleur

10. Blue Blood (currently in prep)

11. Ambrosia
Dress, Stockings, and Hat
RMK Hunt 11:

12. Ayashi
Queen of Hearts Hair
RMK Hunt 12: Ayashi

13. MotiAme
Rigged and Unrigged Bikini
RMK Hunt 13: MotiAme

14. AIR (RMK)
Hair Ribbon
RMK Hunt 14:

15. Caco's Greenhouse (RMK)
Hat and Teapot Purse
RMK Hunt 15: Caco's Greenhouse

16. Insaya
Bunny Watch Necklace
RMK Hunt 16: Insaya

17. Kyoto Couture
Dress and Stockings
RMK Hunt 17: Kyoto Couture

18. LoLo
Dress and Wand Clock
RMK Hunt 18: LoLo

19. NuDoLu
RMK Hunt 19: NuDoLu

20. Poptart
Tea Set
RMK Hunt 20: Poptart

21. pulcino
Nails - SLink and Standard
RMK Hunt 21: pulcino

22. Tentacio
Bunny Ears with Tea
RMK Hunt 22: Tentacio

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