Monday, December 30, 2013

LEA 19

Valaskala: Created by Instincta and Stem van Helsinki
 Valaskala or Cetus is a constellation. Its name refers to Cetus, a sea monster in Greek mythology, although it is often called 'the whale'. Valaskala in Finnish means whale-fish. Cetus is located in the region of the sky that contains other water-related constellations such as Aquarius, Pisces, and Eridanus.


Dates: January to June 2016

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Old Exhibits: 

Goa Old School: Created by Livio Korobase
Dates: August to December 2015
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The Egg: Created by Krystali Rabeni
Dates: January to July 2015
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Kunst aus Klötzchen: Created by Baukloetzchenstapler
LEA 19 will be celebrating its opening. The 3 artists Moewe Winkler, ChapTer Kronfeld & FirleFanz Roxley were so busy to dig for words in their huge open-cast mining. Now they have found out what is the deeper meaning of words. See the big piano playing to the miners rhythm while searching for treasures. Watch the robots sorting out old-fashioned words. And have a closer look to the talking fishes.

Dates: February to June 2014

Hyakki Yagyou: Created by Chaotic Parade
Dates: February to June 2014

Untitled: Created by Frankx Lefavre
Dates: January 2014
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The Portuguese Way: Created by Chagal Campestre, Flor Campestre, Janjii Rugani, Wan Laryukov and yours truly, Winter Wardhani.
Dates: August - December 2013
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Wall of Fear: Description of Exhibit
Dates: March - July 2013
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  • Review (near the bottom) by Jessii Warholl
  • Review (near the bottom) by Echt Virtuell

Of Sound Mind: Description of Exhibit
Dates: Sept 2012 - Feb 2013
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Pico Pico Life: Created by Mikati Slade, this is a gorgeous cacophony of bright colors and pixelated wonder.
Dates: May - August 2012
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