Saturday, December 21, 2013

LEA 10

XXX: Created by XXX


Dates: January to June 2016

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  • Announcement by LEA

Old Exhibits: 

Metamorfaces: created by Art Oluja
Dates: July to December 2015
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Nothing Endures But Change: created by Whiskey Monday
Dates: January to June 2015
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La Palma Sculpture Garden: created by Peli Dieterle. The sim is "[a]n abundant Canarian landscape as an immersive experience, a work in progress by Peli Dieterle. Multimedia events will take place in October and November 2014."
Dates: August - December 2014
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Second - Transit't - Taciturnly: Created by Selvy Oh
The moaning and groaning,
The sighing and sobbing,
Are quieted now,
With that horrible throbbing
At heart:
—ah, that horrible,
      Horrible throbbing!

First - Your breath was shed: Created by Mimesis Monday and Heidi Dahlsveen. It includes four artworks exploring the themes of Suffocation, Energy, The game of life, and Delirium.

Dates: March - June 2014

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Tears on/in Rain: Noke Yuitza begins her description of this exhibit with: "Like an echo, thousands of people connected leave each day behind them a trail that remains in cyberspace while they are AFK (Away From Keyboard). And this expands and grows greedy fueled by the social technologies of our Digital Era. It’s what is called the Ghost, a piece of the human spirit that, as a tear that is mixed with the rain, forms a common virtual global footprint and represents a new type of human heritage. But how will be this Ghost in the future?" [Source]

Dates: January 2013

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Celebrity Blow Your Tits Off: Maya Paris created a interactive art piece, maze, and puzzle for people to explore with enough WOW to bring down the house.

Dates: June 27 to August 15, 2012

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