Thursday, December 26, 2013

LEA 15

Metamorphose: Created by Solkide & Sniper
Inspired and passionate art of Escher, Solkide and Sniper have decided together to tackle one of his greatest masterpieces that Metamorphose turning his picture in a three-dimensional installation.

Dates: January to June 2016

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Old Exhibits: 

Failure to Thrive (The Gray Child): Created by Storm Septimus
"The Gray child is here, my emptiness, my nothing, my death. She is the one who says nothing at all. She is everything and nothing all at once. She looks just like me though she is hollow inside. The Gray Child surrounds me. She has no name, her shape and form are mine. With her I forget everything as we watch the world fall away. "
Dates: August to December 2015
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Light Thoughts: Created by M2D
Dates: January to July 2015
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Cultural Hysteria: By Mario Zecca
Ongoing art installation by MarioZecca. Come back once a month to see new added sim.  Join the Cultural Hysteria group to be notified.

    "The  name Cultural Hysteria will become evident in the platform sims to come. The plan is to add one sky platform sim per month as well as have music, dance and poetry events. Notices will be sent out through the art announcement groups, but to be sure you don’t miss out if you are interested, join the Cultural Hysteria Group.

    "Art history has evolved into fractured eclecticism or an always tortured traditionalism. Varied combinations of styles or pushing a tradition to another level succeeds in originality. That is my aim in art, to take what inspires me and combine or stretch its boundaries. My reward is the life affirming creative process!

    "The approach I used on the images in my installation, that is the textures in the 3D prims, were derived from a process of  automatic drawing. I used color or scribbles to create a texture or area and then allowed the images to arise. These are images that I have “drawn” from my imagination, the feedback from a lifetime of studying while I enjoyed cartoons, comic books, illustration and academic drawing. While building the installation here I had my avi walk around to get the walking point of view and perspective. My goal is to share and convey, in the form of an immersive visual environment, the unknown, undocumented and unmeasured language of art.

    "I am a life-long artist, dabbling, delving and digging into and even succeeding occasionally in every form of art, from drawing, painting, literature design, illustration, video and musical performance, song writing, miniature sculpture, poetry in its widest definition. The only thing I have not done is dance professionally, and there is always hope. In second life I have had many shows and readings, poetry, prose and lectures on RP, ran the Alemzi Gallery for three years and hosted many events. My CV is available on request.

"I wish to thank the LEA Artist Grant Program and volunteer staff for providing this opportunity.

Art is truly life sustaining!
Mario Zecca
Oct 2014"
Dates: August to December 2014

The Timewalkers: By Solkide Auer
Dates: February to June 2014
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To Aviators of All Generations: Natascha Randt is the Owner; no other information is readily available.
Dates: January 2014
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Name Unknown: Jack Mondegreen
Dates: March - July 2013
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Ce n'est as une peinture: Gracie Kendal took many of her paintings and reproduced them in Second Life, only placed on a wide variety of prim shapes.
Dates: Sept 2012 - Feb 2013
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Dreaming Machine #1: Yooma Mayo
Dates: May - August 2012
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Invisible Cities: Several creators made semi-transparent cities.
Dates: Before May 2012
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