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MadPea Legend of the Month: Love Potion No. 9.9 Hunt

Love is... selfish

The hero of our story, Phinneas Phicklephogg, is an alchemist. He is not a very successful alchemist but it is not because he is not well versed in the magical arts. It's just presently there doesn't seem to be much need for his magical abilities until he receives a letter in the mail that is. A letter requesting his assistance in decoding a recipe for Love Potion No. 9.9.

The letter isn't signed but it is delivered with a bag of gold as a down payment and a promise that if Phinneas can decipher the recipe and create the potion, he will be richly rewarded for his efforts. The recipe states that 15 ingredients must be collected and combined for the potion to work but all that is given in the way of ingredients is a list of books followed by the instruction "Harvest the Essence of Their Love".

Phinneas must decode what this vague instruction means, find the ingredients, mix the potion and deliver the final creation to the mysterious author of the note. Is this even possible? Will you join us in making this quest the best Love inspired event on the grid?

A new month brings a new hunt, and this is a shorter month than most so best get hunting! The MadPea Legend of the Month Hunt, Love Potion No. 9.9 (subtitle: Perfection is Over-rated) has begun. Like all MadPea hunts, purchase the HUD for 50$L on the MadPea Sim to get your start. This is a lighter, brighter hunt, so strap in for the sparkles and love! Remember that once you purchase the HUD, reading the text it puts into local chat is important. Scroll back if you miss anything. I'm including most of the text below, if you get distracted by handing out newbie kits to the flood of baby avatars like I did, but I cannot stress enough the importance of reading your local chat.

Love is... an adrenaline rush

.: Welcome to the MadPea Legend of the Month, dear hunter.

.: You are about to discover the story of Phinneas Phicklephogg, a famous Alchemist and brew Love Potion No. 9.9 with him! Before you can begin with the hunt, you must find a recipe for the ingredients that you need to find. Check out the library for an important letter and start your introduction to the game.

Please understand that this game is a point-and-click treasure hunt. Clicking items will give you clues to advance in the game. Your ultimate goal is to find 15 items in grid-wide locations,  eventually taking you to the final game play area where you will be rewarded with 15 high quality prizes.

.: Once you click a silhouette of an ITEM on the HUD, it will give you a hint and a SLURL in local chat to a location where an the item has been hidden. Once you find an item the silhouettes on the HUD will turn into letters that will form words. Please note, the hunt items do not give out prizes. You must collect all of them to receive the prizes at once in the end. When you have found all the hunt items and have the magical sentence revealed on your HUD, follow the instructions given in the chat to you. 

.: To HIDE the HUD, simply click the MadPea on top left corner to rotate it.  
For extra help ask in MadPeas group chat. You can also IM Clicquot Oh, Glitch Axelrad, Synful Aeon or Elizabeth Tinsley. Fall into the Madness, Fall in Love, MadPea Productions

Like the Room 326 Hunt, you need to find the beginning of the hunt - the recipe for Love Potion 9.9 - in the Library. Look for a scroll with a list of names on it; they really don't try to hide it. The Library is a little harder to find. Avoid bridges, aim for hills. You can also take advantage of the numerous open books all over the room to get additional hints for the hunt. I've included the text below as well, but it's kind of fun to hunt out each of the books! Unlike any previous hunts, this time you are hunting for a wide variety of items, each of them shown in silhouette and referenced in the book quotes. That makes the hunt a little more difficult, since there's an additional step, but it's not insurmountable. Beyond then, while a few of the locations offer some challenge this isn't the hair-tearing-out hunt like the last one, and all of the hints are very useful and pretty easy to understand. A few times I needed to derender things to find the hidden object, but otherwise I was a relaxing and enjoyable hunt.

Love is... chemistry

What is Love Potion No. 9.9? A recipe to brew True Love? That´s ridiculous! It can't be done. Can it? No of course it can't! And what is this list of ingredients? A list of books to read? That's just foolishness... but still... I do have all of these books in the library. It couldn't hurt to take a look at them. What does this part mean "Harvest the essence of their Love"? Maybe if I read the stories of these famous couples, I will discover what ingredients I need to brew Love Potion No. 9.9. This is the challenge I have been looking for! How ever did the letter writer get this recipe? I wonder... Time to search the books and make my ingredient list!

MadPea Hunt - Prizes 01 Dwarfins FemaleMadPea Hunt - Prizes 01 Dwarfins Male
King and Queen of Dwarves

MadPea Hunt - Items_0011. Dwarfins - Not at the fireplace, but within view from it.
Lancelot and Guinevere - The Sword
Le Morte d'Arthur: Guinevere loved her husband. Lancelot loved his Liege. But, in the end, the sword Lancelot vowed to King Arthur's service instead protected his love, Queen Guinevere. The result? Camelot was destroyed and the Round Table cracked in half.

.: This is going to be a long list of ingredients to collect. Lucky for me I had all the books listed in the recipe already in my library. Now that I have discovered what the essence of love was in each of those stories I feel much better about being able to complete the potion. I wonder, maybe I should stop and chat with the Dwarfins, they might have some good ideas about where I can locate some of these items. And besides, they always have a warm roaring fire, a soft chair to sit in and a pint of ale to share. Yes, I will definitely see if they have ideas about where I should look. They might even have the item I need to represent Lancelot and Guinevere. Visit the Dwarfins @ Dwarfins (48,131,23)

Lovepotion 1: Love is... reckless

MadPea Hunt - Prizes 02 Cerridwen's Cauldron
Paradise Bat Orchid

MadPea Hunt - Items_0022. Cerridwen's Cauldron - The easiest way to find the alcove is to fly down to it, but you can see it below where you teleport in. Then look closely at all the living things.
Adam and Eve - The Apple
Bible: Eve shared the sweetness of the apple with Adam, and he shared the bitterness of their exile from Eden with her.

 .: God I love the Dwarfins! So hospitable and I was right, they did have one of the items I needed. I´m off to a good start. They also thought I would be smart to visit the garden alcove that is suspended beneath the floating island retreat of Cerridwen´s Cauldron. For sure the ingredient I need to satisfy Adam and Eve´s part of the recipe will be there. I always wanted to make a visit but who has the time? I hear the air is so pure it smells like citrus on ice and the wind blows warm and fragrant. Only the most rare and enchanted plants grow there. I know Selena would love it. I will have to remember to take her if I succeed in making this potion. It will be our celebration. Journey onward to Cerridwens Cauldron (129,31,983)

Lovepotion 2: Love is... sharing the good times and the bad

MadPea Hunt - Prizes 03 ChiC Buildings
Alchemist Furniture Set

MadPea Hunt - Items_0033. Chic Buildings - The hint really gives the major clue you need, though from there you'll need to fly to get close enough.
Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall - The Whistle
A Bigger than Life Romance: Bogie and Bacall shared a legendary love on screen and off that started when she taught him how to whistle. 

.: Three cheers for the Dwarfins! They didn't steer me wrong. I found my second item and got a hint on where to go for my third. There was a lovely man who I met while exploring the floating island. He suggested I might find the object symbolizing Bogie and Bacall´s love in the bright city lights of Demondrille. He told me that once he had visited the city and climbed to the top of the highest building there, so high it nearly scraped the sky, and as far as the eye could see all there was were more buildings. It was hard for me to believe but he said to see the skyline at night was what it must be like to be in heaven flying between the stars. I have to see it for myself. Search for love between the bright lights of the city skyline @ Demondrille (141,19,3630)

Lovepotion 3: Love is... always having someone just a whistle away

MadPea Hunt - Prizes 04 Trident First NecklaceMadPea Hunt - Prizes 04 Trident Second Necklace
Elixir Pendant

MadPea Hunt - Items_0044. Trident - Very far from the entrance, as per usual, but the clue makes it pretty clear what you're looking for.
Odysseus and Penelope - The Hourglass
The Odyssey: A hundred million grains of sand poured through the hourglass from the time Odysseus left Penelope to when he returned but neither ever forgot the other. 

.: He didn't lie. Looking out over the city at night was like being in the middle of a thousand twinkling stars. I have never seen anything like it. While I was searching the skyline I met an angel of a woman who lived among the lights. I told her of my quest to brew Love Potion No. 9.9 and she seemed quite interested. She knew the story of Odysseus and Penelope and immediately was sure that I would find their item among the clutter at a close friend´s shop in Nordmaar. It seems she had not always lived in the city and new a great deal about botany and the use of plants for potions and wards. Her friend is an herbalist and she was sure on her last visit she had spied just the item I am looking for on one of his tables littered with the items of his trade. I´m off to the North country to investigate @ Nordmaar (81,125,500)

Lovepotion 4: Love is... timeless

MadPea Hunt - Prizes 05 Fantavatar
Water Fae Avatar (male also included)

MadPea Hunt - Items_0055. Fantavatar and Moonstruck - Very nearby and while it blends in, it's not hard to find.
Queen Victoria and Prince Albert - The Crown
The Rise of Victorian England: Paired by politics, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert quietly built bonds of love that were so strong that when he died, she mourned his passing for forty years. England never let her share her crown with him, but no one else ever held her heart. 

.: The beautiful angel of the city stars lead me to my fourth item. She was right and I will not soon forget her generosity. If I manage to brew this potion I must let her know for I´m sure she will delight in it as much as I. I often think how nice it would be to have someone to talk about the business with but Selena has no head for that sort of thing. She is wonderful but will never understand that alchemy is a science and not just fairy dust and wishing. Selena did manage to help me on my quest though. Her letter today pointed me in the direction of my next ingredient. In her letter she told me she had seen the object I need for Victoria and Albert at the feet of another pair of lovers. Stone lovers locked forever in an embrace. I think this is her way of saying she misses me. Continue the search @ La Bella Luna (100,151,1005)

Lovepotion 5: Love is... devotion

MadPea Hunt - Prizes 06 Sakide FemaleMadPea Hunt - Prizes 06 Sakide Male

MadPea Hunt - Items_0066. Sakide - Although the building is tall, you don't have to go up far.
Paris and Helen - The Mirror
Greek Mythology: Until they met each other, Paris and Helen's greatest loves were their own reflections.  Beautiful and young, they found a love in each other's embrace that rivaled that of any mirror. Unfortunately, Helen's husband wasn't thrilled with his wife's new obsession so when Paris and Helen stole away in the night be launched 1000 ships to bring her back.

.: Another ingredient successfully found! I am very excited that the prospects for gathering all the ingredients is increasing. I stayed tonight at an inn in Dark Tranquility. The area is darker then than the land where I live and the denizens seem to have a certain pallor to their skin and coldness to their touch but are friendly enough. My hostess served me coffee to help stave off the cold. It was a lovely gesture though she herself did not partake which I thought odd. I told her the story of Paris and Helen just in passing and she gifted me with just the object I was needed to fulfill their piece of the recipe. She said it was not an item she had any use for at all. I didn't understand but thanked her for her kindness. I admit I am not sad to be moving on. Stop in for coffee @ Dark Tranquility (121,72,25)

Lovepotion 6: Love is... selfish

MadPea Hunt - Prizes 07 White Gallery
Confused Words falling from Hot Air Balloon

MadPea Hunt - Items_0077. White Gallery - Hot air rises to the roof, but scrolls hide hella inside of the letters and make me cry.
Heloise and Abelard - The Scroll
The Bonds of Love: Abelard was employed to tutor Heloise in philosophy, instead they schooled each other in the art of love.  Not pleased with the lovers, her uncle sent a pregnant Heloise to a nunnery and had Abelard castrated. Never to see each other again in this life, Abelard and Heloise never let go of their love, writing letters to one another for the rest of their lives. 

.: I am seeing so much of the world. My friends would be surprised to see me now. Everyone I know would paint me as a homebody I suspect. Not one to go on adventures. But I feel like a man possessed in pursuit of these ingredients. I´m not even sure a love potion is possible, but the whole idea is so intriguing how can I deny the possibility? I am catching a hot air balloon today to float over the Battlestar Mountains. I have heard rumors that I might find the item I need to represent Abelard and Heloise. It might be a long shot but I´m halfway to being done with the list. I can´t stop now! Catch a hot air balloon @ Battlestar (45,110,26)

Lovepotion 7: Love is... words and deeds

MadPea Hunt - Prizes 08 Ankle Biter_001MadPea Hunt - Prizes 08 Ankle Biter_002
Full Sized and Petite Outfits

MadPea Hunt - Items_0088. Ankle Biter - You have to look down.
Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera - The Paintbrush
The Art of Desire: Painters both, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera shared a passion for life, art, and each other.

.: I feel destiny is leading my steps. I found my seventh ingredient and am now rapidly approaching the place where the eighth one lays. I think the passion Frida and Diego shared inspired my dreams giving me the knowledge of where to find their item. Hidden behind the tools of their trade is where I will find what I seek. Follow your dreams to Bethymine (241,122,35) 

Lovepotion 8: Love is... passionate

MadPea Hunt - Prizes 09 Druidmas Whisper 1MadPea Hunt - Prizes 09 Druidmas Whisper 2
MadPea Hunt - Prizes 09 Druidmas Whisper 3MadPea Hunt - Prizes 09 Druidmas Whisper 4MadPea Hunt - Prizes 09 Druidmas Whisper 5
Variety of Necklaces

MadPea Hunt - Items_0099. Druidamus Whatever - The hint is a really good one, the vial is a really small one.
Romeo and Juliet - The Vial of Poison
Collected Works of William Shakespeare: Devastated and hopeless Romeo drinks deep from a vial of poison at Juliet's grave only  a few minutes before Juliet awakes from her false death sleep. Discovering his body, she quickly follows him back into an eternal slumber, perhaps hoping that the peace to love they were denied in life they will find in death.

.: Selena loves to say "a little bird told me" when I ask her how she knows things. I always rolled my eyes but it seems maybe she wasn't exaggerating. A little bird came and joined me at breakfast this morning as I sat on the veranda. She hopped onto the table nice as you please and started nibbling at my left over toast. I had no reason to be rude and shoo her away, but I never expected what happened next. She looked up at me and then took another hop closer. I should have been surprised but actually I was more intrigued, especially when she said to me in a soft, yet very clear, voice "I believe you are looking for something I might have". Apparently her family is moving into a new treetop home and the item I seek for Romeo and Juliet´s piece of the recipe is crowding out her babies. She says if I remove it, I am welcome to keep it. Help a little bird @ Sylvhara (92,93,2501)

Lovepotion 9: Love is... eternal

MadPea Hunt - Prizes 10 Amaranthus
Tied Locket

MadPea Hunt - Items_01010. Amaranthus -
Buttercup and Wesley - The Mask
The Princess Bride: Buttercup, the Princess Bride, lost her Wesley once and believed their love was over. Masked and with a new identity, he returned from the grave and she vowed never to doubt again the power of True Love.

.: I miss Selena. I feel like I have been away for ages and I am beginning to think this is a fool´s quest. I wanted to do something that had never been done before, but maybe no one has ever been able to brew a True Love potion because it is impossible. Maybe the only real way to True Love is through faith. Like the kind of unwavering belief Buttercup had in Wesley, even death couldn't keep him away from his one True Love. I need to end this soon and return to Selena. I think I have a lead on where to find my next ingredient. I just hope I find it before it is six feet underground. Does love really last beyond the grave? Find out @ Caledon Cape Wrath (11,174,31)

Lovepotion 10: Love is... always believing

MadPea Hunt - Prizes 11 Furry Fashion Lage 1MadPea Hunt - Prizes 11 Furry Fashion Small 2
Large and Small Chocolate Box Platforms

MadPea Hunt - Items_01111. Whimsical Wonders - Like a bridge over troubled waters, I will lay me down.
Cinderella and Prince Charming - The Glass Slipper
Grimm's Fairy Tales: Cinderella knew the moment Prince Charming danced with her that they were destined to live happily ever after. Was it luck or fate that she left a glass slipper behind at midnight when she had to run away from his embrace? Either way, the Prince found Cinderella and married her so she wouldn't ever run away again.

.: I don´t know if I believe in "happily ever after". I have spent years making revenge spells for jilted lovers or charms to ward off broken hearts. People come to me and want true love, but when I explain I can't conjure true love, they always seem to be just fine with a seven day lust potion. Is that how long "happily ever after" lasts, seven days? I think it would last longer with Selena. Well it has lasted longer with Selena but maybe that´s because we aren't married. I know she wants it, but life isn't a fairy tale like Cinderella and her Prince. I'm not convinced marriage is a bridge we want to cross. Contemplate Cinderella´s future prospects of wedded bliss @ Furry Fashion (22,115,26)

Lovepotion 11: Love is... magical

MadPea Hunt - Prizes 12 Warbug Headquarters
Cupcake Locket

MadPea Hunt - Items_01212. Warbug Headquarters - Hot Springs are a natural result of volcanic islands.
John Lennon and Yoko Ono - The Guitar
Music in Our Time: John Lennon found musical success with the Beatles but until he played the guitar with Yoko, he never knew his heart could sing.

.: Maybe there is a little magic left in the world. I never expected to get so far in my quest but ingredients seem to be appearing right in front of me. I was in a total funk when I found the last one, and I think it restored some of my faith. I am going home. I think the only way this potion will be finished is to be going toward Selena not away from her. If I am meant to find the other ingredients it will be on the road home. I met a man on the road today and I feel much better because of it. He told me of a lovely secluded spot with hot springs he had happened across just up the road a bit. He stopped and had lunch by the waterfall. It sounds so peaceful. Just what I need. Maybe I will even come across John and Yoko's ingredient if it´s meant to be. Take a rest and enjoy the hot springs @ Black Forest (216,116,23)

Lovepotion 12: Love is... finding the person who makes your heart sing

MadPea Hunt - Prizes 13 Zanze

MadPea Hunt - Items_01313. Zenshi - Some dresses actually have pockets.
Bonnie and Clyde - The Gun
Crimes of Passion: Bank robbers, Bonnie and Clyde saw their love blossom at the end of a gun. Amid shoot outs and police chases, the flames of passion surged high, supercharging their romance and in the end leading to a love that could never die.

.: I have twelve ingredients and I am now determined to find the other three. I got another letter from Selena today. She says the roses are coming out in her garden, and she hopes I will be home soon to see them. Just the thought of seeing her sweet face, dark hair curling against her cheeks, her eyes full of a mixture of merriment and mischief, is making me walk a little faster. I think about Romeo and Juliet, so much in love but given so little time, and I wonder what it is I have been waiting for with Selena. Once this potion is done, I´ll stop making excuses. I know now there isn't anyone else for me! I remember the blue dress she admired on the Avenue at Zanze during our last shopping trip. I will surprise her with it! Buy a dress @ Zenshi South (114,212,27)

Lovepotion 13: Love is... an adrenaline rush

MadPea Hunt - Prizes 14 Libertine Hot Tub
MadPea Hunt - Prizes 14 Libertine Tattoo FrontMadPea Hunt - Prizes 14 Libertine Tattoo Back
Tattoo and Hot Tub

MadPea Hunt - Items_01414. Fallen Gods - Once you find the teleporter, it's so easy!
Antony and Cleopatra - The Serpent
History of the Roman Empire: Unwilling to face life without her lover's embrace, Cleopatra sucked a serpent at her breast to join Antony in death.

.: I can´t believe it! I really am meant to find these ingredients and brew Love Potion No. 9.9. I have to be, there is no other explanation for me finding yet another ingredient sheerly by accident. More then that, I´m now following the man who will surely lead me to Antony and Cleopatra´s item. I was just leaving the store, Selena´s dress in hand, when I saw him stroll past the the window. Tall and powerful in appearance he was a sight to behold and I took a step back until I saw the flash of metal on his hand. Curled around his finger was a symbol I know well. I also know seeing it was no coincidence. To the Temple and then up, as if by magic, to a floating sitting room the Libertine leads me. I am not disappointed by what I find. What does the Libertine reveal? Find out @ Selidor (182,137,22)

Lovepotion 14: Love is... sacrifice

MadPea Hunt - Prizes 15 MadPea 1MadPea Hunt - Prizes 15 MadPea 2
MadPea Hunt - Prizes 15 MadPea 3MadPea Hunt - Prizes 15 MadPea 4
Library from the Hunt

MadPea Hunt - Items_01515. MadPea Carnival - NO SOUP FOR YOU!
Marie and Pierre Curie - The Flask
Love at the Bottom of a Test Tube: People often think of science as cold and clinical, but for Marie and Pierre Curie their passion ignited over a bunsen burner and simmered for years in a flask. Condensing into the elements of an ever lasting love.

.: I am almost home! I have 14 ingredients in my bag and Selena on my mind. I thought I would be more excited about the potion but I find that the excitement is all for Selena. I´ll be glad to see her and hold her in my arms. I hope I can share brewing this potion with her. I think if I can share this achievement with her it will cement our bonds forever. I know she doesn't really understand all that I do but maybe it doesn't matter as long as she understands me. Marie and Pierre were lucky to be able to work together, but maybe there are more ways to work side by side then just in a laboratory. Just a quick stop for some lunch at the Carnival outside town before I get home. A hot bowl of soup will warm my insides and then home for a bath before surprising Selena. Visit the Carnival @ MadPea Base (246,179,23)

Lovepotion 15: Love is... chemistry

Surprising Reaction

Endgame: I can´t believe I found all the ingredients! I was skeptical at times it could be done but even now having all of the items in my possession I´m not sure this will work. And what´s this? A magic phrase has been revealed on the recipe. What does it say... amor gignit amorem ... That will surely come in handy! I will make sure to say it as I brew the potion. I have to get to my lab immediately. The sooner I make the potion and get it delivered, the sooner I can see Selena!

Enter the alchemy lab through the library @ Hoshi Island (229,161,42)

To find the lab you have to pass through the vaguely hidden door, find some sparkles, and thread your way through a maze. I mostly just wandered around until I found my way to the very obvious lab

Love Potion Cauldron & Stand: The cauldron brews and boils, the scent of lavender wafts through the air.

Love Potion Cauldron & Stand: Congratulations! You have successfully brewed Love Potion No. 9.9. You doubted it could be done but now you are holding in your hand a potion that will bestow True Love. Best deliver it quick before its effects can mellow. Into the woods you go to find the rose cottage and the mysterious letter writer. It's time to receive your reward!

Selena: Oh Phinneas! I knew you would solve the riddle of the recipe. I have watched you for months unsatisfied with your work. I studied every alchemy book I could find, even the most obscure texts, in order to create the recipe for you. I love you and hope you have learned that True Love isn't always perfect or easy but it does exist in all kinds of ways. Marry me! Click the Unlocked Icon on the HUD for your rewards.

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