Monday, February 11, 2013

Tiny Dryad

Light Arising from the Earth

So, apparently Petites have now made their one year anniversary! I have to admit I'm amazed it's been such a short time; it felt like they have been around for a lot longer! I still remember the first blush of creation, how a small thing blossomed out of control into many skins and an increasing variety of shapes, and the fun of going about at a third my natural size. The first petites I ever tried were from Fallen Gods, and now I've come full circle with his amazing Dryad petites, released for the Anniversary in the Petite Avatar Kingdom. It comes with "clothing" which might better be described as bits and bobs that might grow on a tree, as it doesn't cover much of the skin! It isn't rigged, which I both like and dislike; on the one hand, it means your body often ends up with interesting extensions as you pose, but on the other sometimes where things fall look very odd. There are PG and Adult versions included in the pack, though, along with four tints for the wood; I show natural and moss above, but there is also a pale gray shade and a leaden dark one. In addition, it comes both without embellishment and without, and the colors of the writing in the wood include teal, green, yellow, and red. Glowing eyes also come with the set, and I think they add a surreal effect. There also v2 of the petites, which means several ear types and the addition of some simple expressions.

Nocturnal Glow

I love petites, but I have to admit I wish I could make them look more like "me" in the face. The Deoridhe avatar has larger-than-natural eyes, and an attempt at mimicking my nose and mouth, and the one downside with the petites is that all of that individuation is lost. I'd love to see a v3 where more variation could be introduced somehow - and honestly I wish Second Life itself would step up in allowing custom meshes with the ability to vary them within a narrow set of parameters. It would solve a lot of problems if there wasn't the need to constantly work around the base avatar. to take these pictures, for example, I use a box around my avatar body in order to let me alt-click and angle around myself, but it's a stop-gap and has it's own problems. Some way of modifying the base avatar besides just the male and female meshes would be wonderful, and would allow for much more customization in a wide variety of sizes.

Tall Grasses

( More pictures here. )


Entire Look: Fallen Gods, Dryad

Poses: Long Awkward Pose

Location: Carridwens Cauldron
Light Settings: Phototools, No Light
Water Settings: Mirror Water

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping, only

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