Sunday, October 7, 2012

Third Runway Perfect Hunt: October 1-31, 2012

2012-10-04 Runway Perfect Hunt_001 The Runway perfect Hunt is a shorter, widely varied hunt aimed at models and runway styles. You're hunting for a grey and white band, shiny, which is quite flat (see below). The hunt began on October 1st and ends on the 31st. All prizes are free and most are easy to find, though some are tucked behind other things so look closely. There is a hint blog as well as interviews with the creators on the official blog. Several times, the landmarks in the folders were wrong, or a box was given instead of a folder, so it would probably be easiest to use this list of landmarks.

Runway Perfect 1-5

#1 Morgane Batista Poses Shop Prize: Six Pozes
#2 White Widow Prize: Cosmetics, with and without eyeshadow
#3 Tres Beau Designs (gives box, not folder) Prize: Sweater
#4 Miamai Prize: Jewelry
#5 Paris Metro Couture Prize: Dress

Runway Perfect 6-10

#6 .:. CHG .:.Fashion Prize: Two Outfits, female and male
#7 Element Hair Prize: Hair, pink and white
#8 ::WetCat:: Prize: Runway
#9 Angel Dessou (gives box, not folder) Prize: Lingerie
#10 Chop Zuey Prize: Ring

Runway Perfect 11-15

#11 Oceane Body Boutique Prize: Eyeshadow
#12 Xen’s Hats Prize: Two hats
#13 Headturners Prize: Pink and white nails
#14 Bubble’s Designs Prize: Clothing, white, female and male
#15 Dot-BE Fashion Prize: Clothing, female and male

Runway Perfect 16-20

#16 Vanity Hair Prize: Hair
#17 a la folie Prize: Outfit
#18 eden jewelry Prize: Two bracelets
#20 Jewelry by zuri (doesn't give next landmark in folders) Prize: Necklace and belly ring

Runway Perfect 21-25

#21 GizzA Prize: White Dress
#22 SHIKI Prize: Black Dress
#23 PRISM Prize: Animal Print Dress
#24 SEQUOIASTYLE Prize: Bracelets
#25 PoseSion Prize: Poses

Runway Perfect 26-30

#26 Lovely mi Prize: Cosmetics
#27 the funky chapeau Prize: Tentacle Hat
#28 L+N Signature Design Prize: Hair (tintable) and Hair Flowers
#29 AZOURY Prize: Dress
#30 Moondance Prize: Nails

Runway Perfect 31-35

#31 Mohna Lisa Couture Prize: Outfit
#32 Morphine (gives boxes, not folder) Prize: Poses
#33 Fatal Prize: Two outfits, female and male
#34 Just Darling (gives boxes, not folder) Prize: Dress

Runway Perfect 36-40

#36 LIV-Glam  Prize: Dress
#37 Miss Darcy Prize: Clothing, female and male
#38 Dulce Secrets Prize: Skin with blue lips
#39 Luziefee Prize: Outfit, including shoes
#40 Absolutely Smitten Designs Prize: Dress

Runway Perfect 41-45

#41 Artistry by ~ E ~ Prize: Jewelry, bracelet, necklace and earrings
#42 PM poses Prize: Poses (all through the pictures)
#43 My Pretty Pixels Prize: Boots
#44 22769 – Casual Couture Prize: Mesh, rigged scarf
#45 Quintessencia Prize: Tattoos

Runway Perfect 46-50

#46 PurpleMoon Creations Prize: Dress
#47 Studio Nails Prize:Nails
#48 Baboom Prize: Dress
#49 Silken moon Prize: Skin with teeth prim attachment


  1. do you know if there is a "hints" post anywhere? i have been looking for the gizza one but, can't find it.

  2. I link to the hint blog in my first paragraph.