Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to Get on a Blog in Second Life

So, I was on a sim which I will not mention the name of, since it was lovely and not involved with this story. In fact, the only name I'm leaving intact is the one of the person who was a total asshole in Second Life. He will probably never see this, but it makes me feel better. In any case, I was in this sim, having done a slight windlight edit and set up a tricky shot. I was just finishing the first shot when someone teleported into the room.

[22:34] Reign (sovereign20060): hey
[22:34] Deoridhe Quandry: Hi. ^.^
[22:34] Reign (sovereign20060): whats up?
[22:34] Deoridhe Quandry: Not much, Really enjoying this sim!
[22:34] Reign (sovereign20060): good 4 u
[22:35] Deoridhe Quandry smiles.
[22:35] Reign (sovereign20060): ur wings r small
[22:35] Deoridhe Quandry: Ok. Have a nice day!

This is when I leave the room we're in, having taken my picture and decided he really seems sort of like a jerk. His name isn't on the sim, though, nor is he in the group in charge of the sim, and his following words make it clear he has no affiliation with it, so I go back to my photography, assuming since we have nothing to do with each other that I have equal right to use the space. As I'm leaving, a woman teleports in; I open both their profiles to check if they are in the group and notice she is a slave of someone who is not him, and he has a partner who is not her, but it's hardly my business what strangers get up to so I close the profiles and start setting up the next tricky shot, which happens to be in listening range, but like I said, I really don't care what strangers get up to. I've overheard and promptly ignored all kinds of things in general chat.

[22:36] [Not His Partner]: whats this?
[22:36] Reign (sovereign20060): another place i come too
[22:36] [Not His Partner]: hmmmm
[22:36] [Not His Partner]: a cuddle rug
[22:37] Reign (sovereign20060): yup
[22:37] [Not His Partner]: lol you like to cuddle I take it
[22:38] Reign (sovereign20060): i do. the places i find always have one. its weird
[22:38] [Not His Partner]: tryng to say something/
[22:39] Reign (sovereign20060): what?
[22:39] [Not His Partner]: lol Im picking on you
[22:39] Reign (sovereign20060): i know lol
[22:40] [Not His Partner]: what is that sound?
[22:40] Reign (sovereign20060): i dont hear it
[22:40] [Not His Partner]: somebody is on voice

I check, and it's me. I'd reinstalled Firefox and when I'd turned off voice the night before it didn't stick, so I turn it off again. No use bothering her, right?

[22:41] [Not His Partner]: and it went poof
[22:41] Reign (sovereign20060): i got this
[22:42] [Not His Partner]: got what?
[22:42] Reign (sovereign20060): give me a few

And then he came down and orbited me, in the middle of setting up my shot. It takes me a second to figure out what happened, and when I do, I IM him.

[22:43] Deoridhe Quandry: You are an asshole.
[22:44] Reign (sovereign20060): tell me something i dont kno

Rash, I know, but he really pissed me off! I almost had that picture set, and it takes forever to get the right angles on a shot. He had no more right to that place that I did, I had politely left the room and would have left the area as soon as I took my next shot, and he decided to grief me. Weirdly, though, when I returned less than a minute later, he had left. I sent a nice notecard about the incident to the sim owner, and then got on with my pictures. Oh, after making a vindictive blogpost!

Ah, I feel better. 

UPDATE: The sim owner contacted me, and he has been banned. Deoridhe 1; Orbiting Asshat 0


  1. Always nice to have a name to add to the not welcome list. I got a few times orbited on my own sims, truly unpleasant.

  2. I had never been orbited before, so it took me some time to figure out what happened! I was really floored by it, though; also, I was startled by how angry it made me! Blogging it helped, but there was something fundamentally disturbing about someone going out of their way to upset me because I simply happened to be in the same place as they are.