Thursday, October 18, 2012

Contest at Fallen Gods

Light and Shadow

This is totally self-serving (and likely pointless, since maybe thirty people come by here sometimes), but I'm taking part in the God & Goddess Election at Fallen Gods (my application picture is above), and if I don't win I will sulk for at least a week! So go and vote for me (and the other awesome people applying). Here's the link to Selidor! Go and click on things endlessly! Voting ends tomorrow, so I have a lot of votes to catch up by! I'm only at thirty-one.

Sulking, I say! Lots and lots of lower lip quiver. The occasional halting, passive-aggressive sniffle. Only you can save my friends from being annoyed for the next week.

Edited 2012/10/22: I totally won! I'm a Runner up for the Best Avatar Style Award! All my friends need to thank Alia for saving them from some epic sulking; I was all primed for the sulk.

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