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I watched the movie Heathers again last night. It's a very darkly comic movie with a high body count, and predated Columbine for quite some time. Its the sort of movie that I doubt could be made today, in a time when teenagers have, in fact, cut a bloody swath through their schools. Two things stood out for me on this watch through.

The first was the ubiquity of rape - the "bad" guys tried (and often succeeded) at raping (in the background of Veronica kneeing a man who tried to rape her, one of the Heathers was unsuccessfully trying to struggle free of the other man), the "good" guy did the same (as well as trying to push her to suicide/murder), and it really went unmarked that to be attractive and female meant being semi-regularly pinned against a flat surface as a much larger male tried to win his sexual assault beanies.

The second was how ineffectual the adults were. I'm on the other side of that divide, now, and I think what stood out the most was how much the teenagers didn't bother trying to say anything - simply showed their disgust and moved on with the business of living (or killing). The combination of fatalism and isolation - that really stood out to me.

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