Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Doll's Life

Soft Cloud

Mesh is a somewhat controversial thing in Second Life right now, both because it's not currently deforming in reaction to most aspects of peoples' shapes, and because a lot of people still use browsers you can't see mesh on. Full mesh avatars are even more controversial, because they can't work with system layers at all, which means that only full mesh or full prim clothing will work on full mesh avatars. I have a soft spot for Ball Jointed Dolls, though, and so when I heard about Doll Coco coming out with mesh Ball Jointed Dolls, I hurried over to check it out. Sadly, so far it doesn't work with any of my other mesh clothing (I tried it with a Dilly Doll's dress and the doll body stuck out unnaturally) but it does work with prim hair and my prim wings, as well as prim accessories like this Dilly Dolls packaging (post on newest Dilly Doll releases to follow, assuming I don't become completely distracted by something shiny). Have I mentioned I love the new trend in awesome item packaging? I have a folder labeled "cool packaging" that will be gradually showing up in my posts (assuming I don't become completely distracted by something shiny).



Oh, wait, what was I saying?

Oh, right. One of the nice things about the Doll Coco setup is that the body and one outfit is free, and the heads aren't too high priced for what they are (450$L). However, other mesh attachments, like this awesome dress I'm wearing, are on the high end of what I'm willing to spend on clothes at around (others are available for cheaper, but the dress I'm wearing is 750$L and other full-body outfits are in a comparable range, with the cheapest at 300$L). There also isn't a large selection in mesh clothing yet, though more is showing up including some separates. What this means is that in general, your doll may have one or two outfits (if you spend the linden) but for the moment the styles and colors you can wear are very restrictive - and I'm sure there are no few people who will find that a serious sticking point. One of my friends also found that her shape became somewhat "broken" when she moved between the mesh avatar and her regular shape - something else to keep in mind.

Doll on No-Mesh Viewer
What non-mesh compatible browsers will see.

I know this sounds like a total downer, but really I found myself charmed by my doll, and I'm considering using it as the basis for a bunch of inventory-pictures of my group poses due to it being both highly stylized and yet still very attractive. The jointing is exquisite (not that you can see in my pictures) and the face and hand poses are completely charming. It really looks like a ball jointed doll in a way which skins on a regular avatar simply cannot. I'm sure as time goes on, more clothing will be made and perhaps a few more free outfits will round out the offerings and offer some variety in style and color. In addition, the new parameter distorter thingies being made might enable mesh clothing to be fittable over the Doll Coco mesh with some modifications of shape. We're still in the infancy of mesh, but the possibilities seem really exciting and I'm enjoying being on the cuttingish edge (even if it is hard on a girl's wallet!).

Off Center

( More pictures here. )


Mesh Avatar: Doll CoCo, Body Snow
Mesh Head: Doll Coco, Alice

Hair: Wasabi Pills, Chloe Hair - Flaming Cherry
Dress: Doll Coco, Classic Dress - Floral Red
Doll: Dilly Dolls, Packaging

Location: Alchemy Immortalis
Light Settings: TOR, EUPHORIA low saturation

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping only

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