Monday, February 7, 2011

Beside Myself

I'm feeling a little beside myself, today, decked out from head to toe in De La Soul.

Kabuki Sweetdreams pbs - animated

I was trying out some of my couple's poses, beginning a new project to take pictures of them and sort them so that I know what I have, and it's fitted for roughly someone my size. Being little on Second Life means couples poses are often a little off, my toes by their calves, my head by their chest, our hands missing each other with each swing of the dance.

Reaching out... and missing

I love the effect of the matching jeans, though, and Quatre's shirt has a great open front - though I have to admit calling him sexy looking is rather like calling my brother sexy looking; it is just uncomfortable.

Stuck on You

Of course, I'm the one trying on couples poses, which includes smoochies.

Kabuki - Always n Forever - pb


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