Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Color Challenge: Week Seven - Cerise

I actually picked the clothing from Vexed up for this challenge (which I did THREE DAYS EARLY - can you believe it?) weeks ago, as one of the sixty linden weekend deals. I've read some critique of the long series of daily deals people have begin to take part in. Every day now has some sort of "deal" going on - though it started with Fifty Linden Fridays. The critique is that creators work so hard for really cheap deals, and that isn't fair since it means they can't make their money back.

I'm a fairly unrepentant freebie and cheapie hunter. I do a lot of hunts, I hit a lot of midnight manias, and I check a lot of the blogs for cheap deals during the week. There are a few stores I tend to spend more money at, but recently I've been pulling back as I organized my inventory and got a better handle on what kinds of clothes I'm missing.

I have a LOT of clothes, you see.

So on the one hand, I can understand creators really losing hope. We're still in a recession, and even those of us still employed are taking pay and benefit cuts to remain employed. Stores are closing left and right, and even those remaining open are tightening their belts or struggling.

There's a strong tendency in times like this to fight amongst ourselves, blaming people trying to get fun stuff for not much for all of the failures. If that's your target, I belong squarely on it - a lot of my extra money has been going to keeping the Sim of a friend open instead of to buying clothing (though I did splurge on some G Field shoes because G Field shoes are awesome). That means less money to go to other purchases because I'm having to tighten up on my spending to keep my head above water, too!


It's easy to let your anxiety take over, ruining your relationships and connections with other people. Anxiety can be light blinding electricity, freezing you or setting you against people you'd normally get along with. It's even more important, in times of stress, to remember that we're all in the same boat and reach out to each other - if we support each other, maybe we can all fly!

( Look for the rest of the pictures here. )


Skin: De La Soul, Mythos - Cream Neon Blush
Sparkles: Studio Sidhe, Faery Dust Body
Eyes: Tacky Star, Pride
Ears: Illusion, Mystic Ears - Fairy Natural
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations, Calico - Light Hot Pink
Straps: Vexed, "Urge" Latex Teddy - Pink
Shoes: G Field, Ribbon Slingback Shoes - raspberry
Bracelets: Begendings (my proto-store), Bracelets

Poses: Long Awkward Pose, Fantasy Faepose9

Location: Omega Point
Light Settings: AnaLu Studio 6

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping only