Sunday, June 14, 2009

Post a Day 1

This is part of the The Big Bad Blogger Challenge for June, started by Alicia Achenaux.

I've mentioned before that I made friends pretty quickly in Second Life, mostly through the Philosophy discussions I got into, and part of that was a lovely woman, Marya, who gave a bunch of we reprobates a place to call home for a while.

2008-10-13 Bash Wren and Me_001
Description: Three people on a couch, outside, with fire and pumpkins in the background. From left to right, there is a woman in a blue tutu with wings and long blond hair, a man in boxers and a scarf with curly blond hair, and a woman in a sweater and scarf with medium brown hair.

Marya is not in the crowd above. From left to right you have myself, Bash Quandry (one of my "brothers" who shares the same last name), and Wren. We all lived on Marya's land and messed it up in various ways.

2008-10-13 Bash Wren and Me_002
Description: same figures as above, only now angled so a castle is visible in the background and the fluffy Christmas bear slippers of the man are visible.

What this involved, at least when these pictures were taken, is our rezzing improbable things on our little patches of real estate and chatting. I hadn't really started building yet, so I was mostly working with free stuff I had gotten from hunts - including this couch.

2008-10-13 Bash Wren and Me_004
Description: Same three figures as above, but in a different order and clothes. On the left is a woman in a schoolgirl outfit, in the middle is a man wearing a snowman over his penis, and on the right is a woman wearing a Dorothy-in-Oz style dress. Behind them, in front of the castle, is a giant snowman with a carrot placed anatomically correctly.

I'm sure this could have led to many deep, philosophical discussions, but often it just seemed to lead to incongruous settings and dick jokes.

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