Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day Three: Lost Wandering places

2008-11-12 Faerie Wanderings_001
Description: A tea Table with two dragons sitting at it. A female figure is behind. It is extremely dimply lit.

Somewhere around the four months in, I started exploring new places. I have no idea how I ended up in the place where I took these (extremely badly lit) pictures, and I'm still sad I didn't landmark it. It went across several sims in incredible sprawling glory, including hidden areas and enough art and items to make me swoon. This was also one of my first experiences with trying to make the environment and my avatar co-exist; an early start on what I do now in my "photo shoots".

2008-11-12 Faerie Wanderings_004
Description: Sculpture of embracing orange and purple figures. A figure in blue floats behind next to a glowing waterfall.

Some of the art and imagination in Second Life is amazing.

2008-11-12 Faerie Wanderings_006
Female figure sitting in front of the head of a hippogriff.

I think one of the other things I find amazing is the mingling of natural and supernatural elements, and the sometimes seemless blending from land to sea to land again.

2008-11-12 Faerie Wanderings_010
Valley with several waterfalls into it and an island at the pool at the bottom of it.

I could live here and be happy.

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