Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hunting for a Good Time

2008-09-04 Goblin King_002
Description: A figure in a maid's uniform is standing sideways in a sideways doorway.

Some pictures speak for themselves.This one just requires a slurl.

Well, ok, a little more than that. This is a recreation of the Labyrinth from the movie of the same name, completely with Jarathy poses. The one above is Jarath near the end, when he's going all sexy-stalker on Sarah. There is also his throne.

2008-09-04 Goblin King_001
Description: Figure in a maid's uniform sitting on a bone throne in front of a tapestry.

This set of pictures also marks my beginnings in the chat group, Falln's Angels, of which I am a loud (and annoying and prone to feeding people) member. Moderated by the lovely Azriel, the amazing Tomoyuki, and the mysterious Sin, this chat is one of the high points of my time on SL and has led to many friendships.

2008-11-08 Chipmunk Travels_001
Description: A chipmunk avatar in a pink outfit is driving a red train engine.

My other big hobby which began around this time was Treasure Quest. Predating many of the grid-wide hunts, Treasure Quest is a bimonthly (or more) hunt with hints across between fifteen and twenty five sims. The chat group is a hoot and the hunting can be really fun. I particularly like the intricate and beautiful hints we often get.

2008-11-08 Chipmunk Travels_010
Description: Same train engine as above, but this time it is being driven by a pale skinned girl in black and pulling a car. The chipmunk in pink and a pink egg creature are riding in the car.

The final stop is always on Treasure Quest Isle, which they redecorate multiple times a year in different styles. I missed taking photos of earlier iterations, but this was the winter set and boasted a train which drove all the way around the sim (see my Flickr for more pictures).

As you can also see, in terms of photography I still mostly sucked.

2008-11-08 Chipmunk Travels_015
Description: Same train as before, pulling a car. The chipmunk in pink is once again driving, and this time a redheaded woman in black is riding. The angle is behind the train as the train goes into a tunnel.

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