Friday, May 29, 2009

Bunnies and Poles and Dresses, oh my!

I mentioned earlier the person who brought me to Second Life, Rowan, and here she is, in all her fuzzy glory.

2008-09-10 Rommy and Kitten_001

Description: On the left, a faerie wearing a dark blue, latex dress. On the right, a blue haired bunny in black gothic lolita hugging an apparently naked pink bunny.

Ro introduced me to all my early store loves, like the Falln Angel Creations I'm wearing above, and the Edelweiss I'm wearing below in a recreation of the Labyrinth created by Azriel of Falln Angel Creations.

2008-09-04 Goblin King_001

Description: A woman in a black and white maid style costume with a halo sitting on the Goblin King Throne from Labyrinth. Her face is in shadow.

Obviously, this is long before I understood SL lighting.

Ro lured others to SL, including Ruevian, who is shown here.

2008-09-06 Rue CiC Queen_001

Description: Three figures, two standing on doll stands and one sitting, in the middle, in a chair. The standing figures are wearing black and white maid uniforms, and the sitting woman is wearing a gorgeous elegant gothic lolita dress and hat.

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