Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dancing the Night Away

I rezzed in early August of 2008, at the request and encouragement of a friend I met through Gaia Online (see, it all ties together). You'll see, and hear, more about her in subsequent posts, I'm sure. She's quite the budding photographer herself! (Her photostream is here if you want to beat the rush and get in early to oogle.) She introduced me to the concept of freebies, and camping for pretty clothes; I quickly sought out discussions. And pretty clothes. And discussions at which to wear my pretty clothes.

I didn't take any pictures of those discussions. In fact, my first photo taking session set the pattern for what I do even now. A bunch of the people I met through philosophy discussions wanted to go dancing and invited me along.

Description: Two couples dancing in the foreground with a third woman watching. In the background are several more couples and individuals. They appear to be dancing outside, and you can see the sea in the distance.

As you can see, the angle is horrible; I'm in the rainbow outfit behind the guy with the fancy fingers (Bash) and I look like a backpack he's wearing. Also, my settings weren't high, and it was laggy, but I thought the image of us in motion, dancing, so amazing I felt I had to snap some pictures. (The rainbow outfit, by the way, was my first major purchase in SL after the hair (which is Sirena's Rapunzel) and comes from Silent Sparrow. I love it to this day. It's based off of the Wedding Dress of Yuna from Final Fantasy X, which happens to be my favorite Final Fantasy - EVER. Badmouth it around me at your own peril.)

Description: Badly-framed image of the same people from above dancing. Two of them appear to be jumping in the air together.

The first one I cropped just now, but here's an example of what I would take and put on my stream. Pretty funny, huh? Full screen, no cropping, and I hadn't yet mastered the means of adjusting things and laying in wait for the return to a previous dance move in order to get an awesome motion shot. That would all come later. But the pattern of photographing in the wild, so to speak, and often in motion was set.

Description: Three couples dancing in the evening, in different clothes from before.

As you can see, I had two whole dresses! Well, I actually had more than that, but this was what I changed into when I realized what a lagfest my lovely dress was. (This one was from katat0nik and was a freebie from the opening of a new Sim right around this time. My first time showing up at a new Sim just to look around for free items. /me wipes a tear from her eye.) This was long before I knew what ARC was, or knew you could know what it was, but I thought it made sense that lots of floaty, prettiness would mean more lag. As you can see, I also ditched my lovely wings (From Fancy Fairy) but not my halo, and I didn't yet have my ears (Or have ears, halo, and flight feather all in one tidy package, which came much later when I realized how much limited attachment points suck hairy monkey balls. Speaking of, can't we have extra ones for on top of the bleeding shoulders and for the shoulder blades? Come on, people, work with the winged folk!).

It was a good evening, all around; the funniest point happened later, when some people had to leave and we ran out of men to dance with, so one of the dancers switched! Complete with wardrobe change. Only on SL.

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