Monday, September 28, 2015

Genre: I Lava the 5th Dimension

Born from Heat

It's damnably difficult to find a volcano in Second Life! I spend a short while in the Amazon River area, but found the volcano there impossible to easily find; to be in this area one must wear a HUD which punishes you for camming to other areas, kills you if you follow rivers, and puts you in a cage if you take it off - all of which definitely impede any attempt to find a volcano three sims away! I ended up instead on Orwood Volcano, a Linden build which is complete with occasional events - spouts of flame into the sky, flying lava rocks - as well as the even glow of flowing lava. I love the Protected Land of the grid, all of them little frozen balls of art created ages ago by Linden employees. Sadly they didn't continue their builds, updating them as the tech of Second Life improved, but they are often still lovely areas and good for photography, leaning heavily on legacy textures and Linden trees. Expect to be able to get a lot out of your windlights, and to have to angle sharply to avoid surrounding buildings - de-rezzing them can also work well.

A Dimension Per Finger

The Genre theme this time is the Fifth Dimension - literally items inspired by or drawn from The Twilight Zone. The colors are overwhelmingly black and white, with lots of stripes and swirls, and the occasional flash of red, like my Devlin skin and horns from Sinful Needs. The skin is available for both men and women, and the horns are sized for both. In addition to eyes and a shape not shown here, the skin comes with an omni-hud that covers a wide variety of body additions - check the demo to see if what you own are covered; the list is extensive! In addition to the usual shadows and tinting of a skin, Devlin also has a vein-tracing pattern over the arms and legs, as if the blood within has been corrupted in some manner. I rounded out my physicality with a variety of nails from Dark Passions, using SLink's options of coloring nails independently to mix and match across my fingers. The images are all familiar, representations of moments in the Twilight Zone credits. The hypnosis wheel from those credits also shows up in my necklace from *[Eclat]*, hanging in gold, silver, and black settings to match with any style outfit.


My outfit has the same calling card - bands of black and white across a corseted short top, and a much simpler, layered black skirt. It's Adoness, so it's well cut and fitted with clean textures and substantial lining. The neckline is particularly interesting, with a sweetheart bodice worked into a keyhole opening that is wide on top, held together with only two thin cords. The bottom of the shirt hits just at the bottom curve of the ribs, leaving only a thin patch of skin between that and the wide-waisted skirt. I'm not usually a fan of this style of dress, but in this case the proportions are simply perfect and it fits extremely well. Despite my being a wider-than typical frame in Second Life, I can wear the medium without issue or having to put on a tinier shape - something greatly appreciated! I paired it with a tiny, black and white clutch from ((LovelyAlien)), a new-to-me store which makes a solid mesh. The band is asymmetrical but the clutch itself is rounded and soft - a fun combination of modern and traditional which works very well with the black and white scheme. The only color in my outfit, indeed, shows up in the eyes of my playful shoes from Goth1c0. The corset front matches the corset on my top, offering up a stylistic echo without being too matchy, and the eyes themselves offer up some brightness to balance out an otherwise very monochromatic look. They are solid and well textured, fitting perfectly over SLink high feet.

The Eyes Have It

( More pictures here. )


Skin: Sinful Needs, Miss Devlin (Genre)
Hair: Wasabi Pills, June
Horns: Sinful Needs, Ms Devlin (Genre)
Ears: .:Soul:., High Elf
Eyes: .:Soul:., Roomee
Eyelashes 1: SLink, Mesh Lashes
Eyelashes 2: Flugeln Brise, 05-A
Lipstick: .:Soul:., Pumpkin (Group Gift)
Wings: Deviance, Sidhe
Body: SLink, Hands & Feet
Clutch: ((LovelyAlien)), The Zone (Genre)
Nails: Dark Passons, The 5th Dimension (Genre)
Jewelry: *[Eclat]*, Hypnosis Wheel Necklace (Genre)
Lingerie: katat0nik, Gift Wrapped Set
Outfit: Adoness, Twilight (Genre)
Shoes: Goth1c0, Timeless High Heels (Genre)

Poses: Grafica

Location: Orwood Volcano
Light Settings: TOR, HORROR Castle vain
Water Settings: Second Plague

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping

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