Wednesday, January 9, 2013

LEA 9: Core Sim Grant

Seanchai Library "Crazy Eight" Celebration: Created by Caledonia Skytower
Seanchai Library, one of the oldest spoken word programs in Second Life, celebrates eight years of bringing stories and literature to life through live voice presentations
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Dates: January 31st to ???

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Octoberville by Cherub Spectre, Nathan Oddfellow, Kitto Flora, Perplexity Singer, Unwritten Destiny, Lailin Little, and Master Kaos.
"We happily return this year, thanks to the Linden Endowment for the Arts and our fans. The doors will open at 2 PM SLT on the LEA 9 sim. The creepy, dark corners of an odd house that seemed never ending at times, dancing the night away at the always wacky and weird, Crowbar, riding the train through the deep, colorful forest at night, hanging out at the general store to meet new friends over a cup of hot apple cider, running through the cornfields and screaming as a ghost popped out from inside the old barn, finding all the clues and solving the mystery of the devilish Dr. Dalton. Halloween adventure awaits at Octoberville 2015!"
Dates: October 2015
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(Half Sim) Barefoot Wanders by Rosie Renfrew

Landscape sim with areas for viewing artwork in various places, indicated by large, pale yellow arrows. Renfrew requests that people who take pictures there share them with her so that she can display them at the sim.


Dates: April 2015

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(Half Sim) Pimper Puppets by

Location: TBA

Dates: April to September 2015

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