Tuesday, January 29, 2013

50 Shades of Sexy Challenge: Week 2 - Better Than Chocolate

Worship of Pleasure

I adore chocolate. Milk, Dark, Bitter, Sweet, French, Belgian, even American - chocolate is one of the eternal tastes which seduces and pleasures the senses. One of my favorite forms of chocolate are the aero-style ones, where the chocolate has been mixed with air to form an internal lattice of chocolate bubbles; I love the sensation of melting on my tongue, the odd texturing of bubbles failing against flesh, and how it adds space for really enjoying the chocolate without becoming overpowering. My favorite cocoa is of the salted caramel version, the bit of salt setting off the sweet perfectly. My last batch of chocolate chip cookies I made with large rock salt because I couldn't find the small version, and I liked the hint of it in the cookie as I ate, though I might well be the only one. The chocolate box necklace from Earthstones is the perfect counterpoint to the rich chocolate of my lingerie - a sweet and perfect tiny gift hanging around my neck. The lingerie itself is not purely lingerie, but is rather part of a dress from Wishbox, all of it except for the skirt and this gorgeous gartered corset emerges, complete with ruffled stockings and stylish heeled shoes.

Dance and Strut

It took a while to find a spot sumptuous enough for the look - I really wanted a giant chocolate box, but the grid did not reward me with what I sought and so I returned again to The Garden Game, to the area of the Temptress which is decorated with marble and flowing water, rich with little puffs of bright colors, a few vases of orchids here and there gleaming in the light. It's an area set up for events, with a stage and piano, but Second Life is sadly not the best place to host events. Even under the amount of people a sim can hold, the quality of interaction often degrades so much it seems barely worthwhile. I'm lucky in that while my computer can't manage higher end graphics, like shadows and depth of field, I can cope relatively well with large crowds, so when I actually attend events I'm often the photographer of choice. My way in Second Life is more often solitary, though; for example, while taking these photographs I was approached by half a dozen other avatars, a couple bumping into me, but not a single one replying to my local chat greeting in any way. Even when other people are on the same sim, within chat range, Second Life can be a very solitary place.

Guardian of the Grasses

( More pictures here. )


Skin: De la Soul, Aestali - Cream Rose
Eyes: De La Soul, RooMee Eyes - Rainbow
Eyelashes 1: SLink, Mesh Eyelashes
Eyelashes 2: Flugeln Brise, 05-A
Eyeshadow: Mock, Glitter Pop Eshadow Chocolate
Ears: Illusions, Seelie Ears
Lipstick: Mock, Sahne Bitter Chocolate
Hair: Wasabi Pills, Joy 2 (promotional item)
Wings: Fancy Fairy, Azarelle
Hands: SLink, Mesh Hands
Lingerie: Wishbox, Crush - Chocolate Raspberry
Necklace: Earthstones, Chocolate Box Necklace
Shoes: Wishbox, Crush Shoes

Pose: Adorkable

Location: The Garden Game
Light Settings: Places Astryls Wild

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping, only

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