Wednesday, June 13, 2012

All Rights Reserved


I can't seem to comment, since I don't keep facebook logged in on this browser, I don't have a wordpress account, and the last bloody thing I want to do is make another account to try to remember the permissions, password, and associated email of - but Whiskey Shots has an interesting post on the Post of the Day situation with Second Life. Ages ago I had at least one picture lifted (see above).

I still don't really object to the whole thing, since I didn't much mind, but I'm greatly amused and annoyed that the Powers that Be at Second Life has decided the only option is to ask people to release their pictures on limited rights, instead of just contacting people and asking for one time permission. Much like the, "We'll blog for you, might change it, you can't use it elsewhere ever, and we won't pay for you," request for bloggers, this is the sort of thing which leaves a lot unspoken and all of the power in the hands of others.

So it looks like I won't be featured again any time soon.

Oh well.

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