Saturday, August 8, 2015

Realm of Ozryn

The roleplaying sim Realm of Ozryn (Website) is opening on Monday.

Realm of Ozryn: Allkin Crossing

The world is a mix of times and races, all drawn together by a traumatic event eighty years ago called the Chronophage. Now, in the wreckage of many ages and without the technology to ease their lives, a melange of people try to make their way through a dangerous, changeable world, haunted by mysterious figures called Auditors who remove any technology one might find or create. Left with medieval resources, even pampered creatures from the future must work cheek and jowl with their ancestors to grow enough food and build enough of a society for them to survive.

In the absence of technology, though, magic flourishes - both in the bodies of many a fantastical creature, and in the minds and hands of humans. By and large, if you can dream it you can be it - Angels, demons, fairies, elves, beast-kin and mermaids all co-exist mostly peacefully with humans, ruled by an upper council of Humans, Vampires and Celestials with representatives of the other races also attending and voting. Peace largely reigns, but there are always murmurings in the shadows as the different peoples jostle for power.

Realm of Ozryn: Sel'Therin

Character creation is simple and straightforward, with skills baked in for most races and provisions made for half-breeds. Rentals are available in many of the racial areas, from the hidden glens of the mers and Drow, to the sweeping heights of the elves and humans. There is one central town near to where the council meets, and a docks bustling with activity as ships come and go from the other nations in the world. Ozryn is a central location in the ocean, allowing for vast amounts of trade and making it a critical stopping point for ships traveling between the many islands on the planet. People are constantly coming and going, contributing to the ever-changing, energetic feel of the island.

There are also a variety of shops available for the entrepreneurial individual and can serve as a valuable entree into roleplay as well as an excuse to lurk in well-trafficked areas. Even the most marginalized need to manage to find food and shelter, though, whether through begging at the docks or serving some as-yet unidentified purpose underground. Others still might make their way as guides and travelers, learning the most hidden paths to untold wonders and smoothing the way between often antagonistic individuals. A favor can be as good as a handful of coin from the right person, and many races have long lives and longer memories.

Realm of Ozryn: The Keep

What will you find in the Realm of Ozryn?

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Location: Realm of Ozryn
Light Settings: Places, Alirium
Water Settings: Phototools, Ship Light

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping

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