Saturday, May 2, 2015

Fantasy Faire: Wildehaven Marsh sponsored by Solarium

Wildehaven Marsh is sponsored by Solarium and was created by Rynn Verwood. It contains 17 stores.

Settled at the edge of a lake, the village was created centuries ago, as a safe haven for those who practiced magic. An air of abandonment floats over the town now, however don’t be fooled, its magic is still much alive as one can see in the soft glows shining through the ivy covered windows.

Wildehaven Marsh 2

Vitabela Dubrovna of Boudoir talked to Marmurek about their decision to sponsor Fantasy Faire for the first time, what inspires them to create the fantastical garments they make, and what draws them to fantasy.

Natalie Montagne, the owner of the Lost Unicorn Gallery, spoke with Marmurek about why she began to sponsor the Fantasy Faire, her experiences with running an art gallery, and her favorite faire memory.

Wildehaven Marsh 6

Wildehaven Marsh is a dream of verdant greens and deep purples, a mossy path lined with falling stone walls and winding through a deep forest. The windlight for it is simply perfect - all rich shades and dark shadows, with just enough gold to light the way. Also lighting the way are the multitude of tiny white candles melting over stones and flickering in a charming manner. The shadows stand out for me in particular, as it was late enough in the Fantasy Faire cycle that I was able to wander along enjoying all of the depth Second Life has to offer. The shapes of the leaves, layered over each other, caught my attention multiple times as I paused to enjoy the statues placed all along the path.

Wildehaven Marsh 11

The centerpiece of Wildehaven Marsh is a large body of open water with a single dock stretching into it. I thought the sudden balance after a curling stretch of path was a lovely touch, especially against the ragged edge of the water. Long cattails are everywhere along the edge, offering sanctuary to ducks and swans. I love the giant tumbles of rocks which spill into the water, stretching long fingers into chill reflections. Little rowboats dot the edges of the water, most of them floating freely. The final effect is peaceful and sweet, a wonderful break in the heart of heavy woods, letting some flowers peek through the thick grasses.

Wildehaven Marsh 8

Ivy hangs on every surface, from trees to houses; the latter are layered stone over plaster with dark wood trim and roofs, each of them a separate jewel along the path, with hidden depths for everything that every store has to offer. I really like the sharply peaked tops, perfect for a place known for heavy snows - they would be forced to fall to each side without threatening the integrity of the house. The window boxes are also charming, each filled to the brim with pink tulips. I'm reminded of all of the stories of little towns in the forest full of mysteries and drama, each inhabitant with their own tale to tell.

Wildehaven Marsh 18

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Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
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