Saturday, May 2, 2015

Fantasy Faire: Fairlands Junction

The Fairlands Juction was created by Saiyge Lotus, the creator and owner of Balderdash. It has links to the other sims along with one of the stops for the hunt, the Wall of Remembrance, and the Silent Auction. Lotus spoke with Sonya Marmurek about why she returns to Fantasy Faire, her inspiration for the Fairlands Junction, and her long history with fantasy in general.

I'll also take a moment below the fold to highlight sponsors of the Fantasy Faire who do not have stores in this post. Sonya Marmurek has done some wonderful interviews with them about their relationship with the Fairlands and with the cause which brings the Fairlands into existence - Relay for Life's campaign to end Cancer.

Fairlands Junction 4

The Dark Unicorns of Lovelace, represented by Avariel Falcon, talked to Marmurek about her history in the Fairlands, why she decided to sponsor Fantasy Faire this year, and what's she's looking forward to during the faire.

Xavian Starsider gave some insight into the pawsome Pawlice in an interview with Marmurek about the importance of reconnicksauce, the proper flow of catnip and waffles within the Fairlands, and the importance of paying your fines into the nearby kiosks promptly.

Fairlands Junction 3

The Junction is deceptively simple above the waterline - simple pillars half-falling into lovely disarray around a large body of water; two long rows as a pathway, one spreading out into a building to house the Silent Auction. A few boats float serenely on the surface with snacks for those who chose to linger here in velvet opulence. There's also a lovely river of bubbles, butterflies, and ladders into the sky, a gleaming display rising to the heavens to mingle with the floating lanterns which send their light down to the gleaming surface of the lake.

Fairlands Junction 13

It's only when you venture below the surface, following a simple arrow down into the depths, that the true beauty of this sim is revealed. Layered of rocks and large clams line an increasingly indistinct pathway to the sea floor. Here and there jellyfish who have swallowed plants float up and down on the currents, bringing light to the darkness. Ropes of seaweed make an underground jungle under the rims of mushrooms turned sea anemones, and glowing crystals spout from corners and crevices, turning under the waves into a field of starry lights. I simply can't describe the urge I had to remain here, floating among the plants in shimmers of watery light, but soon enough I had to surface again. The Faire ends tomorrow and I've not done half of what I wished to do - it always seems like the last days are like this, a rush to try to fill each day with all of the beauty that these sublime creators bring to their work.

Fairlands Junction 20

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Light Settings: Sim Default
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Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping

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