Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kagami - Part Two Walkthrough

Story: A Second Beginning

The end of the first walkthrough left you at the end of part one, back at the mall having saved your friend Kasumi. The second begins back at the beginning - walk down the same path as before, but wearing the same HUD. A different set of pictures and information pop up - telling how Kasumi had no memory of what happened on the other side of the mirror, and you weren't sure what to tell her. After a while, she stopped coming to school again - this time telling you that she was afraid of the mirrors. You remembered the lucky charm Luca gave you and looked inside, where there was a lock of Luca's hair. That encouraged you to tell Kasumi about what happened and about Luca. After Kasumi thought about things for a day, she asked you to return to Luca and bring her a lock of Kasumi's hair.

Story: A Second Beginning

Returning to the Spirit Carnival, everything is more cheerful this time, and many of the spirits there remember you. There is also the second half of the Youkai Jars to open, so you can get your completion prize. As you explore and talk to spirits, they mention how sad Luca has become since Kasumi and you left, and when you visit her palace again, she doesn't even open the door - instead saying that she wishes there was a spell so she could talk to her twin - and that there's someone who knows that magic well. On the way back down the hill past the guardian, who greets you kindly this time, you find the shrine where the traveler has been imprisoned.


At the Spirit Carnival there are many more vendors this time, some of them blacked out like the human NPCs and with nothing to say. Others invite you to play games for shards of mirror. If you stop to play they scold you for doing so, while commenting on the weird prize - pieces of a broken mirror. The cave is the same cave as before, and yet different; doll shrines have become lovely, and the buddhas have been replaced by a wide variety of statues in the mist. At the back is Ungaikyo, who is angry that you came to see him without bringing a gift - but what does one give a grumpy Ungaikyo? Clearly, the Tempura Chef's promise to help will come in handy, here.

Mirror Man

Gift given, says that his powers are so weak  he can barely move because his mirror got broken - and now those shards are being given away as prizes. He promises to help if only you win all of the shards and bring him bamboo resin. He gives you a list, so you'll remember. Now Rokurokubi's words about the tools outside the cave which can be used to cut a bamboo make sense - and the glowing bamboo on the little path is the perfect bamboo to cut. All that's left after that is playing all of the games, and winning Ungaikyo's mirror shards. Each game is pretty easy and fun, and you only need to win at three of them!

Game for Mirror Shards

Shards and bamboo resin in hand, return to Ungaikyo's cave. He is thrilled you already have some of Kasumi's hair and a mirror, and pushes you to quickly go back to Luca to get some strands of hers. Luca agrees readily, passing you some strands of her hair as well. At this point, you might want to run as there's a great deal of quick back-and-forth between Ungaikyo and Luca! In very, very short order, the mirror is enchanted and Kasumi and Luca finally get to talk face-to-face. Luca is able to let go of her life and move on down the River Styx to where she should go, and Kasumi is given peace knowing her twin sister loves her and will always look out for her.

Story: Conversation between Twins

Back at the mall, a few words pop up on your HUD, encouraging you to go and talk to the people in that world again - so back to the beginning for a third time. All I found when you do is a lot of comments from the creators - mostly cute ones - which cycle through on everyone.You can also finish the second half of the Youkai-releasing side game and get your prize.


( Full Picture Story here. )


  1. Have you figured out what the spirit jar hunt prize is yet? I rezzed it and clicked it and nothing happened. And I was told to not open it. Which just gives you two notecards and a script anyway.

    1. I honestly didn't look at it? I'll take a look this week, now that I'm back on the 'net.