Sunday, August 24, 2014

Genre: Smaller Deos

Meet My Little Friend

This month's Genre is petite based, and gave me an excuse to break out some of my favorite avatars again to snap some shots. When you go to visit you'll be dropped on the cutest tea table ever, so don't be surprised! My base avatar, and the shoulder and stomach details, all come from Fallen Gods and aren't part of Genre - but they meld beautifully with this gorgeous outfit from Kastle Enchanted that comes with hair and textures for modifying a petite avatar to match - you can do so using the default Yabusaka avatar; most other avatars sold are non-modifiable. I love the flowers on the skirt and how they smoothly meld into the chain over my hips, holding the whole thing up, and the staff included is simple but lovely. The best touch is the roots, though; thin and fibrous, they work beautifully even with a skin that's not made for them and add real charm and whimsy into the look. Looking at them, I just want to plant myself somewhere grow toward the sun.

Dangling Above it All

 My hair is a fantastic confection of curls from Alli & Ali that fit perfectly on a petite head. I love how they catch the light puff out like a dandelion head. The hundreds of mini curls are a perfect setting for the flower crown from NSP Florals, which released a ton of different colors for very reasonable prices, and perfect for petite adornment everywhere. The flowers are all individual mesh pieces, which means they can cast lovely, dappled shadows and they fit beautifully in complicated hair.

My poses are all part of the props they come with - either rezzable or wearable - from HopScotch. The flower has extra fun - a floating bee who interacts with you as you move between the six different poses, with a wide variety of moods - from a fairy catching a bee, to a bee guarding a fairy as she sleeps. It's an adorable idea, made all the more fun by the moving bee. The moon is simpler, but still has a variety of playful and serious poses. I love the one which looks like you just got caught on the crescent, butt in the air and looking down over the landscape. It would be a fantastic addition to any sky, with the added bonus of luring petites to your shores. In contrast, the variety of rockets are wearable which means they can be ridden through the landscape even when you don't have rezzing rights. I really adore the surfing pose, but others - like hanging form the nose, or even a relaxed ride - are totally fun as well. These are adorable accessories for any petite, or petite friendly location.

Riding the Rocket

( More pictures here. )


Body: Fallen Gods, Dryad
Hair: Alli & Ali, Melrosa Hair (Genre)
Crown: NSP Florals, Flower Child Daisy (Genre)
Dress: Kastle Enchanted, The Elements - Earth (Genre)

Pose: HopScotch (Genre)

Location: Imagine
Light Settings: Personal Windlight

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping, only

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