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Kagami - Part One Walkthrough

The Kagami Hunt is HUD based, available in both English and Japanese. The initial landing point is on a bridge in the sales area of the event. On one side there is a spirit gate; it's easy to find - look where the foxes are looking. The sim is checking peoples' script count, so you have to be under 1M to get the HUD. You can also go shopping around the mall there for an outfit which will match the story you're going to explore Some places you may find snacks to munch on but beware - the scripts inside of the snacks may push you over the 1M level if you wear them. At that point, your HUD will give you two warnings then send you home, so be careful.

Kagami HUD Giver

In the middle of the path to the Kagami game is a sign where you can get your HUD. When you put it on it will ask for permission to move and affect you - go ahead and click ok. Walk forward past the HUD sign and a notice will pop up on your screen. Once you've read and closed it (x on the corner) keep walking forward into the darkened gate.

Story: Part A

As you walk forward, a screen will cover your view and you'll be teleported to the story area. Your HUD serves as narrator, giving you some background through words on images. A gorup of students spoke about the "double mirror game" - putting two mirrors facing each other - will show you your future spouse. All of the students agree to try, but nothing happens to you. Kasumi goes missing, though, and her mom asks you to stop by. On the other end of the story, you find yourself near a bus - one which can be taken alone or with a group of friends to the school in the morning.

Bus to School

The bus takes you to your and Kasumi's school, filled with dark bodied children reminiscent of Japanese NPCs who fill you in on Kasumi's absence and talk about how when they tried the double-mirror game nothing happened, or an alternate result from the double mirror game. Everyone seems concerned at her absence, and one mention that she's seemed different lately, as if worried about something, and might have run away. Once you speak with the final group of girls, one saying that she can't go with you in the afternoon, your view fades out again and more of the story is revealed.

Kasumi's Room

Your left in Kasumi's large and cute room, filled with things to explore in order to try to figure out what might have lead to her disappearance. Her diary is central, and in the back of the diary you find a very special key to open a drawer - and discover the mystery of her twin, who didn't survive and remains nameless. The two mirrors she used for hte double mirror game remain in place, and once you pick up the mirror on the floor (click it, then check your HUD), you can click on the full length mirror and follow Kasumi into the mirror world to find her twin.


It's a weird, ghost-filled world at full carnival, with the usual carnival games and foods. Right by the entrance to the carnival is a figure to click who gives you the details on the Youkai-releasing side game you can play as you explore. Small jars hold Youkai inside of them, and if you find and release them all you'll get a prize. Some jars are in full view, while others are tucked out of sight, so remember to look high and low. The neat thing is, as you release each they show up as a card and description on your HUD (click the book on the top, right corner) so you can read about the Akanami, who will eat you if you aren't clean, or the Kappa, who loves to Sumo. Each is accompanied by a picture, and it's a lot of fun to flip through them and read about the different Youkai.


One of the first spirits will tell you that they saw Kasumi heading into town and that she's most likely at the palace, with her sister Luca, by now. If you head that way - up a stone path - you will encounter an enormous creature who bars your way in. No place left to go but back the way you came.

Creature by the River Styx

As you explore, you'll meet the Tempura Chef who needs help finding some spirits and frying up more Spirit Tempura. After talking to her, you get a recipe and can start to pick up the different needed ingredients - a jar, good oil in the jar, and three will-o-the-wisps or hinotama who are hiding around the carnival. The hinotama are the most obvious, being bright lights in dark places, the bottle for the oil is right next to the Tempura Shop in the kitchen, and the oil is a gift from the Rokurokubi. Once you have all of the ingredients, go back to the tempura-maker and cook Spirit Tempura on the stove. It smells so good! if you give it to the tempura cook, she will give you a Kappa Fin to give to the gatekeeper and get into the palace.


The gatekeeper tells you of a traveler who came and gave Luca a spell to cheer her up. Then, reasoning that you look somewhat like Kasumi, it lets you past to a building with a glowing green door. Walking into it gets you to the last section of part one and tells the story of the mysterious traveler, who meant no one any good, and allows you to rescue Kasumi. Poor Luca, though, isolated from those she loves and left behind as we escape through her gift of the mirror.


Ending part one leaves you standing on the platform through the mini-maze in the mall area of Kagami.

( Full Picture Story here. )

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